Guitar Lessons Tulsa | A Typical Day

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Today, I want to talk about what a typical day looks like here at Curtis music Academy. So I’ve mentioned before that in my job, no day looks the same. In the same goes for all of our instructors. So all of her instructors teach different students on different days. Obviously most of our students take 30 minute guitar lessons Tulsa once a week, but we’ve got a couple odd students who maybe takes guitar lessons Tulsa like once a week and they do an hour lesson and the next week they do 30 minute lessons. That gets a little bit more complicated, a little more complicated than we would prefer to do. But accredited music Academy, we want to be really flexible and help all of our students succeed.


 If that means taking an hour or less and one weekend, 30 minute lesson, the next, if that’s what their attention span requires, then we’re happy to help them out and do that.But it does make it a little bit more complicated in our end logistically and administratively. But,  whatever they want to talk about today is how important it is to keep on top of logistic things. And what each day looks like. So first is it, for instance, today has looked a little bit odd. It’s been a little bit calmer around here than most days are. So I came in and there was a student here, a student and the student’s sister. 


We’re both taking guitar lessons Tulsa at the same time. That’s a really big benefit of having two studio rooms available. So Steven was teaching one of the students guitar and Brian was teaching the other student piano I should say. So they were in separate studio rooms and they were able to take guitar lessons Tulsa at the same time, which was really good for their mom who only asked to drive out here once and they’re, she’s in and out in 30 minutes, which I think is really fantastic because we are really respectful of our students’ time and their parents time in our instructors time.


So we always starting in our guitar lessons Tulsa exactly on time. And if we don’t, then we really believe that we’ve had a problem when we’ve kind of failed as instructors. So we want to make sure that we’re respecting everyone’s time and getting all of our students out here in the time that they’re allotted. We want to make sure that we also don’t spend most of our guitar lessons Tulsa. I’m talking because that is also not fair to the student who came to learn, but it is really important to get to know your student at the beginning of the lesson. 


That’s why it’s important to spend a minute or two chatting about the day, asking them how they are because like we talk about a lot in the differentiator sheet, we want to be our students coach and their friend. Make sure that we are being nice and kind and want to be friendly to them. It’s that does require getting to know them in the beginning of the lesson and talking to them a lot. So while we don’t spend the whole lesson talking, we do spend a good chunk of it because we want to make sure that we’re connecting and bonding with a student because that’s what they learn the best. It’s a lot less fun for students to learn from someone that they don’t really enjoy someone whose presence they don’t like, things like that. 


So we want to make sure that we’re always being awesome instructors, really good role models, people for our students to look up to. So Curtis music Academy, what we do is each day, like I talked about today, looked really odd cause it was really quiet. So I came in and there was two students were taking lessons and then I came back to the office area and started doing podcasts.Actually I should say the first thing that I did I think was washing dishes because they’ve kind of piled up in the sink area and we needed some water cups clean. 


So I went in there and cleanse the cups real fast so we could have drinks to offer to people, make sure we have enough classes to keep them in, want to make sure that the glasses are always fully stocked so they don’t feel like they’re burdened by getting a drink and having to ask for a cup. So I try to keep on top of those and make sure that they’re always clean and picked up. So I came in and washed the dishes at hello did the people on the couch who were waiting. And then Ron came back here when his also was over and we got to chat for a little bit and he was working on some stuff.


And so I came back here and got set up on my laptop and send all that stuff and made sure that I could do some podcasts. So that’s what I’ve been doing ever since for a couple of now. I’ve just been constantly doing podcast since one o’clock this afternoon. But it’s fine. And these are really important for helping us out at Curtis music Academy. We want to make sure we’re always growing and getting new students. And this is one really effective way. Did you say is here? These pockets? Incredibly valuable, but that’s kind of what my day has looked like today. But let’s say for example, Stephen’s day days looked at 10 different than my day and Haley’s day is looked even different than Steven’s day. So all of our days look really different. And I think it’s awesome that way because it’s really exciting around here.


Every day the weeks looks different. It’s not like a boring desk job where you’re just stuck at the same desk or the same office building for all day long. At Curtis music Academy there are gaps and breaks and you leave and teach different students on different days. And so you’re not teaching the same student every day. You’re not even teaching them twice a day. So you’re teaching them just once a week usually. And I think that’s really cool because it gives you enough time with them. It gives them plenty time to practice in you enough time to prepare for the next lesson. So created needs Academy definitely no day looks the same and we want to kind of keep it that way cause I think that’s what’s really special about us.


 Another thing that I really like about Curtis music Academy today, another day to day tasks that we kind of look at is just when students come in, we want to make sure that we greet them and say hello and things of that nature.Want to make sure that we’re always being kind and hospitable to them. Making sure we’re helping them enjoy the lessons to the best of our ability. So that is the same for me today. Introducing myself, talking to students and their parents, trying to remember their names. That does come with every single day. 


But a typical day occurred the music Academy and looks like a bunch of people in and out, maybe a little bit of parking struggle, lots of coffee, lots of copycats to wash, lots of lessons to teach. We do teach a ton of lessons every day. If you can’t tell, we have over a hundred students at Curtis music Academy. So if you do the math divide that by six days a week, there’s a lot of students per day. So there are always people in and out, new people and new faces to see and say hi to. And I think that is really awesome. And that’s probably one of the best parts of my job. And every day here at Curtis music Academy.