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Did you know that when you’re receiving guitar lessons Tulsa from us the you’re going to be closer to playing the songs that you’ve always dreamed of anything? What songs do you think you would like to learn to play first? There are some very common songs that her desire to learn how to play by our customers that are achievable within a few months. Sounds like Brown a girl, sweet home Alabama, good riddance, and she will be loved among others are all songs that you will have a chance to learn how to play in full within just a couple of months of being a student. Most people assume that learning the skills to play these basic songs take years and years of development.

As a student with us that is receiving guitar lessons Tulsa you will have other unique opportunities. One of these comes in the form of seeing can’t songs around the fire. Every Wednesday we take some of the best guitarist in Tulsa and provide a awesome musical setting by grilling great food and having great tunes. This is a great place to learn and experience some of the best guitar playing anywhere in Tulsa. This is an extremely eye-opening experience for many of our students in allows them to see that their goals and dreams are absolutely attainable.

Among the many things we will be old to help you become better at while at Curtis Music Academy one that is very common for us to have to deal with his performance anxiety. No matter if you are worried about standing up on a stage in front of thousands of people, were just busting out the guitar in your living room Thanksgiving we will help you overcome your performance anxiety. Do know what this make you feel bad as it is a very common issue among customers. We have tackled this issue for many other students, and we will be able to help you overcome yours! no Hill for climber is a model that we love to embrace here at Curtis Music Academy.

If you’re convinced the guitar lessons are the right Avenue for you please let us know. We would love to hear from you as to how we can hope you either way a foundation for musical success, or build upon an existing knowledge base. No matter your current skill level we believe that we can help you improve and become a better musician. If you like to learn more about the skills and techniques that we are going to implement in your training feel free to check out our website by visiting curtismusicacademy.com. When on this website if you encounter anything you are wondering about feel free to request more information from us by contacting us at the office. All you have to do is dial (918) 361-7641 to reach one of our customer service represents.

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What better place to receive guitar lessons Tulsa and around the campfire? That is why we provide the opportunity to join in our event every Wednesday called guitars grill and chill. This is unique learning opportunity for our students to experience. Some of the very top guitar figures from Tulsa are going to gather around the campfire what we enjoy delicious grilled meats and experience some of the greatest tunes you’re ever going to have heard come from acoustic guitar! This often sets the bar for our students musical goals. Once they experience the majestic sounds coming out of these guitars there sold wanting to achieve a higher level of musical competence than they ever did before!

Are you suffering from performance anxiety? Is he your goal to kick this issue and be able to perform in front of if not hundreds of thousands of people, at least your family at Thanksgiving? If so let us help you overcome a very common issue that plagues many of the top musicians in the world. That’s right this is not exclusive to beginning and middle the road musicians just beginning their musical journey. Some of the top musicians who of ever played their instruments suffered through the insecurities and anxieties forming in front of others.

We encourage all of our students to impress our four core pillars of musical learning. So that we can ensure that your government receive a quality musical education we require all of our instructors to implement these four pillars they include patients passion musical growth and mentorship. If you like to learn more about these pillars visit our website curtismusicacademy.com and go to the about tab on the top of our page. This will bring down each pillar what they are and why they are important. If you have any questions you’d like answered about these pillars feel free to gives a call (918) 361-7641.