A common question the we get from people is who is going to be teaching to play the instruments that they wish to become masters in? After signing up to receive Guitar Lessons Tulsa from us you will quickly realize that we only employ the absolute best music teachers in the industry. We take highly skilled musicians that have great morals and ethics and teach them to be amazing instructors. this is because we require all of our employees to implement are for core values. This ensures the you’re going to receive a quality and consistent instruction, across all instructors and instruments.

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If you would like us to help you overcome your performance anxiety we are absolute experts in this area. We’ve help many musicians overcome the anxiety of performing their music sickle instruments in front of large or small groups. Performance anxiety is not something that is only for people being scared of playing in front of large groups such as sold-out crowds and arenas. It is also something that affects millions of people when it comes to playing in front of small groups of friends and family. This often times can be crippling towards a physician’s growth and development.

The matter what skill you are wanting to learn the pastor we got you covered. We offer a variety of musical services and skills in if you like to take advantage of one of them all you have to do is give us a call. You can reach our main office by dialing (918) 361-7641. To learn more about all the products and services that we offer you can simply visit our website curtismusicacademy.com.

Would you like to receive your guitar lessons from the absolute best guitar lessons Tulsa? Would you like to receive guitar lessons but you’re not sure who the premier provider of them is in your area? Are you hesitant to begin your education before you know that you are going to receive nothing but the absolute best? If any of these apply to you that we are happy to let you know that Curtis Music Academy is Tulsa’s highest and most reviewed music lessons provider. That means that we have consistently received not only high-quality reviews, but a large quantity of them as well. There are several different reasons why we are the highest and most reviewed, but number one has to be our consistency.

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Whenever we provide guitar lessons Tulsa we focus on our for core values. Each core value is just as important as the other. The key to successful musical education is by employing all of them. The first one that we are going to make sure every student receives is our dedication to patients. This is a two-sided principle. The student must show patients and often frustrating progression. The coach must be able to have patient with the student as they sometimes struggle with different concepts. The next principle is passion, which must be shown by both the instructor in having a passion to teach the student, and the student displaying a passion for the instrument they are learning. The third principle is musical growth which is important to foster throughout the process we want to make sure that all of our customers achieve their musical goals regardless of instrument or mastery level. The final principle that we stress is mentorship not only on our customers musical journey, but also through life. We are is committed to you as a person is we are is a musician.

Regardless of what instrument you are trying to learn, dedication is key. It is statistically proven that 45 minutes of practice five times a week greatly improves your ability to retain and recall information. Making Sure That You stay dedicated to your craft is one thing the you will have to stay on top of it. Because lessons are only 45 minutes to an hour of instructional time a week, the key to your success is the work you put in outside of lessons. You must practice outside of your scheduled lesson time, or your results and progress are going to be exceptionally slow.

Are you convinced learning guitar is the right move for you? You would be old to shred the entire song Freebird? if so let’s get the process started in sign you up for your first lesson for just one dollar. Taking advantage of this deal is going to require you to log on to our website and fill out the form on the front page by visiting curtismusicacademy.com. If you like call and speak with one of our customer service representatives feel free dial-up (918) 361-7641.