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The next thing that I’m going to talk about is one of the most awesome things that we’ve done recently. It’s kind of why we haven’t been doing these podcasts as frequently, but we’ve been working on these awesome flashcards too. For the past week or two weeks, I’ve been working on flashcards basically every week until Ron and I finally perfected the best flashcards that we could possibly prefer. So I made several rounds and the first day and cut them all out and did all the things that, the whole punch protector on there and things like that, and then turned out we didn’t like those as much. 


So we created some new ones and I spent the next couple of days cutting them all out and stuff like that. But these flashcards are in a super amazing tool that we created at Curtis music Academy to help our piano students get punished. So for right now, these flash cards are just for piano because I thought harder to make flashcards for guitar, really only need to know our tabs and cords and things like that. And that can’t really go on a flashcard as well as it can for piano. So all of these flash cards, I want to go through some of the things that we talk about on them at guitar lessons Tulsa. 


So the front of flashcard has a note weather on the trouble card for the base class and then you flip it over and I’m looking in a car right now and this is for the note D in trouble class. So it’s obviously to the right of middle C and it’s the note D and we’ve got it pointed out exactly on the keyboard. So we have all the keys on the keyboard, we’ve got the one that we’re looking at how I did it, and then it zooms into the closeup of those keys. And that’s where the key of G is. So these flash cards are a really awesome way for our piano students to get up to date on notes, especially for kids.


 I think these are most important for kids because it really helps them to study the notes and actually focus on them. Whereas when you’re in, it’s typically a lot easier to remember things like this. And flashcards are a little pedantic. You can just write it all on a piece of paper. The kids thrive when they use flashcards. It’s really good learning tool for a lot of students, especially if they’re visual learners. So the Fockers are really good way to do that with our, with our kids, students who are taking piano because they are able to see all the notes and learn them one by one as they go. Especially as beginners. If you’re a kid and you’ve never touched the piano or seen one, the piano looks like red music before. 


It’s really hard to keep all the notes and track. But if you can write them down and we’ve got flash cards that show where all of them are, it’s really, really helpful resource tool for them. I believe. So these flashcards of what we’ve been working on for a long time now, but they’re not for every student. That is, cause I said at mission a while back that they are really helpful for child children, I should say. Not child, but children. You’ll have older children because they’re really good for visual learners, but some people aren’t visual learners and some people don’t learn the best by doing these flashcards by using the flashcards, they learn better by either hearing it or doing it themselves. They thought it’s probably wouldn’t be good for them. But it is really awesome for a lot of our students and that’s why we made them. 


But we don’t really have them for guitar yet because it’s not nearly as easy to make them for guitar. But for our penis students, we really have them covered on that since there isn’t much. I think that the other thing we do really well with the piano students are at the moment is that Ron has been really doing good at adapting songs for our piano students. So he is working on and crafting songs for them and like I mentioned in the previous content podcasts I should say, he’s really good at making them look awesome. So I’m staring into star Wars. So right now that he just, Dan really cool because he has all this fun stuff at the top of the paper. It makes it look like a really fun song to learn.


Even me who doesn’t even the biggest star Wars fan, it’s really fun song to learn in guitar lessons Tulsa. Just looking at the paper makes be really motivated to do so. So that’s one of the best things about to music Academy is that we do tailor these songs and these flatbreads pacifically to our students. So back to the flashcards, we did a lot of work on the student backgrounds and we have full sets that have 26 cards in them, but not all of our students need all 26 cards. For example, we’ve got one student who just started and they’ve only learned one page of notes and their book tour. 


We’re not going to give them all 26 cards at once and kind of overwhelmed them. That would be a little bit of overwhelming and probably too much for them to handle that once because they are just a child. So what we’ll actually do is just pull off the cars that they do now and put them on a ring for the student. And when the students learned more notes and becomes more familiar with them, then we’ll add those other notes to their rate of flashcards. So we’ll always be adding to, and as long as they’re learning new notes, I think that’s a really good way to do it. It shows really good intention on the part of our instructors and on part of Ron to make sure that we are tailoring all of our guitar lessons Tulsa to the students’ needs and exactly what their skill level is. 


So that’s what these flashcards are able to do, is tailored to their skill level by showing them only the notes that they learn only than those that they know at the moment, so that they’re not overwhelmed and daunted by all the, the big 26 flashcards. Yep. The only thing that we can do is, is then those writing love songs around for doing the really awesome one. Well, he’s really good at doing is making sure that we can Aranda song to the student’s specific skill levels. So a lot of songs are really difficult. And the thing about difficult songs is if you just start taking guitar lessons Tulsa and you’re not going to be able to learn a song till you’ve been taking guitar lessons Tulsa for, you know, six months or so, you have to learn out in the book till then. 


And a lot of students get bored with that. But one of our big things at critic music Academy is making sure that our students from a and on top of it, make sure that they remain excited and fun and wanting to learn more music. And so one way that we could do that is by giving them songs, teaching them all of the things Megan. Sure that they, you know, are doing awesome things. So I created muse get me, one of the best things that we do is we arrange songs and big flashcards cards for students to big too. We tailor all of the guitar lessons Tulsa to the students specific in awesome groups.