Guitar Lessons Tulsa | Always Being Prepared for Lessons

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So today in this podcast, I want to talk about the importance of being prepared instructor as an instructor at Curtis music Academy and Tulsa, or heard any other music Academy in the area, whether it’s in Tulsa or around the world. It’s really important that as an instructor, whether you’re teaching guitar lessons Tulsa or vocal lessons or piano lessons, that you stay on top of your work and you’re always prepared to take lessons. So Steven always tells me about this thing that he uses. Brake keeps track of all of those lessons and in those lessons he can make notes and see what they learned in the last lesson. Just like being a teacher. 


So teachers have to be prepared because they’re teaching a bunch of students for eight hours a day and you never know when what you’re going to need and you have to stay on top of it and great homework and things of that nature. Well, the same thing applies to guitar lesson. I think a lot of instructors tend to Slack off when they’re prepping for guitar lessons because it’s like, Oh, it’s just a 30 minute lesson. It’d be fine. I can just wing it. But really in all reality equities, music Academy, we have instructors that are incredibly prepared because we can’t wait and we recognize that. We recognize that to do our growth pillar destruction. 


So the lessons that are tailored towards each individual student, that takes a lot more work than being lessons that are just meant for one student at a time. So since we do focus individually on every single student, it takes a little bit more work on the part of the instructors. But I think that they don’t even mind because we know that we’re doing a really good work here at Curtis music Academy. So when our instructors have to prepare for the lesson, they have to pray for each individual student. So for example, one student might want to learn a specific song and then the next student might want to learn a different song. It just, you never really know when it comes to students and what they’re wanting to learn. 


So each student has their own individual goals, desires, needs, and wants, thinks they want to play and things they don’t want to play. And the instructor to be repressed, to be prepared so that they can teach them all of those things and you have to just take really detailed notes when you’re probing for guitar lessons Tulsa and told them whether they be guitar lessons Tulsa or vocal lessons or piano lessons, I should say. It takes a lot of prep work when you do growth tailored instruction because like I said, everyone wants to learn a different thing, so it’s really important that you are taking detailed notes on all of your lessons. 


For example, if your lesson, if your student has learned this specific song but he’s showing with this one part, write down the measures that he’s struggling with. Write down those specific chords. That way you can follow him up up with him at the next lesson and point specifically what you ended on and how that’s going. It shows a lot of detail to ask your students how they’re doing and remember things about their last lesson. That’s another thing that instructors could take notes on is what the student did in that last week and asked them about it in the upcoming week. 


So, for example, if one of the students went to the gathering place for the weekend, you could ask them the next week, Hey, did you get to go to the gathering place to speak? Or was that just last weekend? She thinks like that. Remembering personal details about your students of guitar lessons Tulsa really allow for a personal connection and they really helped the lessons go even smoother because that student begins to trust the instructor, cared for the instructor, and really just want to be there and one of you are part of that. That’s the other thing. Without us, we want to make sure that we are very friendly to other students because we want to be mentors and their friends. We don’t just want to teach them be mean, whatever it might be. 


We really want to actually be their friend and be there for them when they need us. We’ll then be able to talk to us about their week and things of that nature and make sure that they always know that we care about them and that we want to know, get to know them as people, not just as students. So it’s really important that your members specific details about your students. That way you can be prepared to talk to them about those things in the next lesson, whether that be tie vocal or piano lesson or guitar lessons Tulsa. But the other thing that’s really important in prepping for lessons and making sure that you have all the music prepared, so we’re on this pin creating a ton of new sheet music for different songs, but the thing is that dove students and always want to learn the same song. 


Sometimes they do and we get lucky, but most of the time Ron has to create a new song for every student when they want to, but these new songs are super awesome looking. There’s this song for star Wars that has the Battlestar and all that stuff on the top of it. It looks really cool. There’s brushstrokes and stars and it looks like the star Wars heading is a really awesome way to do music and I think that it really spices up a kid’s binder when they come in to take music lessons and Tulsa. I think it really shows a lot of detail that was put in a lot of fun. It makes them maybe motivated to continue to do their music and work on it because they see how awesome it looks and how much effort someone put just in decree. 


The sheet music itself, so if you’re a star Wars fanatic at Curtis music Academy, we have music for you, which I think is really awesome and something that most music videos don’t do. They don’t take the time to arrange and presented specific songs for each individual student. This, there’s something really awesome that we do here at Curtis music Academy, so the songs that we put a ton of work in at critical music Academy, really important because they’re awesome and exciting and want to make kids excited about music. That’s why we focused so much on arranging music, have good for the students so that they can be excited to play it, excited to learn all of the things because it’s really a board that you teach the things that think things that they want to know and things that they want to learn. 


Because if you’re just teaching them the same old boring music, whether it be classical or whatever, it might be. Any music that the district just wants to teach the student, that’s typically pretty lame and it’s something that the student does not want to learn. If it’s something that a student does not want to learn, then they’re not going to be motivated to learn it. They’re not going to be focused on the lessons and the problem. We’re not going to succeed in music. Kids look at burden really on board, so that’s something that we strive to do the opposite of a curtain. You’ve got me, we never want to make our students bore. We always want to make sure we’ve got up and coming music, new songs for them to learn. They’re staying on top of all of that because it’s really important for us, Curtis music Academy to do that.