Interview for Creative Guitar Lessons in Tulsa Part 2
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Hello! Here at Curtis Music Academy, we’re here with another article about music and about piano lessons and vocal lessons and guitar lessons. This particular article is about creative guitar lessons in Tulsa. So this is part two of an interview that I’m having with an amazing musician of 20 plus years. Her name is McKayla Lunsford. And we’re just going to be talking today about some things that are just really integral to music. So, Mikhaila. Tell me about all of your musical experience and times with creative guitar lessons in Tulsa. Have you ever had an experience, whether it’s in a group setting or just a personal setting, where the performance isn’t going well? Oh, yes. Can you expound on that? Well, I have several. What kind would you like? Let’s do like a group setting.

Performance feel. A group setting? Well, I was thinking more of my individual part of it. Ok, we were in a band for a chapel and my drums are just falling apart. I was just not having it and. Yeah, it was kind of rocky, we got through it, but it was pretty rocky and I can’t find that on anybody else but myself. So your drums were literally falling apart. You know what? Oh, you mean like you’re playing my plane, my plane going so well, what I was thinking in my head was not being executed through my hands. Interesting. And. It works by the fact that we got through the song. It’s not so bad the song was stopped or anything, but it was rough and you could tell it was being executed. The same can be applied to creative guitar players taking piano lessons; it’s the same principle as creative guitar lessons in Tulsa.

Well, that is interesting. Yeah. So serious questions. Do you think that now as a musician, you’re better off for that experience or worse off? Oh, I think it’s just as a musician, those kinds of things have to happen 10 years later when I’m playing for a better band and we do more intimate, intimate, more excellent sounding stuff. And the same thing happened. I think just sometimes you’re off right on it, right? Trying to get back on the best you can or you just have a bad night. Sometimes that happens. Ok, so that’s fair. And I feel like every musician has experienced that, even guitar players taking creative guitar lessons in Tulsa. Here’s another question.

What is the most memorable drum experience you have ever had in your life?
Ok, um, so with my most recent brand, what can I possibly do there? So how many bands have you been a part of in your life? Oh, let’s count. Well, are you talking about like, for instance? Like the choir FCA, it’s definitely not if we don’t. Ok, well, the one, two, three, four. So many others, I think, for four bands who also took creative guitar lessons in Tulsa. Wow, that’s interesting because there’s a but one of the most memorable drumming experiences I had was with my most recent band. It was my first week actually on the drums and it was a spontaneous kind of play. They like to do that quite often. Just, you know, we practice songs and we rehearse those, but we also do a lot of spontaneous stuff.

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This content was created for Curtis Music Academy

I didn’t realize it would turn into a 20 minute drum solo, which is a little intimidating your first week, but a very good memory, because that is a time where everything was executed. You can even do the same thing with a guitar solo taking creative guitar lessons in Tulsa. Amazingly, everything came out the way with it and better. So you have those moments, too? Yeah, absolutely. So what kind of drum beat were you using during that drum solo? Oh, I used a lot of time, so it was kind of a jungle beat. The crowd was kind of dancing and they were doing a flat line dance off a train, a train, a train. Well, there’s another band for a fun crowd. And then, you know, we build it back up and bring it back over to the high road. And, you know, inevitably, for some reason, the crowd was feeling the jungle beat.

And so it kept going back to that side taking creative guitar lessons in Tulsa. Yeah, I love it. Sometimes you have to read the crowd, read what they want. I love it. Yeah. So let’s shift gears for a second. Let’s just start talking about vocal music, because I know you’re an amazing vocal performer as well. And just a quick question. Would you consider yourself more a lead vocalist or a background vocalist? That’s a good question, because in my mind, it’s always been read like in my experience, I’ve always been background. But you’re always Beyonce in your head, of course, who is now I can see that they’re experiences where I’ve lived. However, I would say to be really good with E3 and Kingdom Rain.

I was back up, uh, praise to you just depended on the week at the Christian school. Sometimes I was late, sometimes I wasn’t. That one was more uh I feel like, uh, not voluntary. What’s the word? I’m looking for participation. It was more participation. Yeah. So everybody got a chance. So anyway, but that’s a good question. I constantly have this fight in my head about when Calli who invited me into her band. Uh, but she always got the lead vocals. I always kind of felt ripped off because I thought I had a pretty good song, too. And so I never really changed. That was kind of one of those things. You just kind of feel alive. The same thing applies to creative guitar lessons in Tulsa.

That is true, but in previous years, with Choir and the more classical years, I sang a lot more solos during those times. So maybe in the classical area, I have a better voice. Who knows that it’s cool. Now, were you a soprano or an alto? I was both. Were you really? Yeah. He was just Mr. Romney the choir director, probably where he needed me for something. I did not know that. I thought you were like the soprano all the way. That was my name. But I needed him outside. So that’s very generous of you. Very kind. Well, thank you. My next music teacher. Thank you for joining us today, Mikhaila, and thank you for sharing your interesting tidbits. We appreciate you all joining in for this podcast about guitar lessons, we will see you at the next podcast featuring more information about creative guitar lessons in Tulsa.