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Whether you are looking into the 440hz conspiracy or just interested in musical sound waves, this idea is fascinating. But before we dive in, our studio does offer lessons and especially focus on how to find guitar lessons in Tulsa. We offer piano lessons, guitar lessons in Tulsa and vocal lessons and a variety of other lessons as well. So today’s particular podcast, I would love to share with you guys one of my all time favorite books written by Michael Tyrell called The Sound of Healing, and it’s about how music is actually a science. It’s actually a sound. It can actually be boiled down to something that can be measured. So it can be measured in Hertz, it can be measured in megahertz. 

And so it’s actually in some ways, it’s a substance. When you are creating music, you are actually releasing a sound wave into the atmosphere. This can add a whole dimension in find guitar lessons in Tulsa. There are certain sound waves that produce peace, healing, and positive aspects. This is a revolution in how we think about music. It can be very healing and therapeutic. It can even heal on a physiological level. It can heal diseases and restore broken telomeres and DNA. It is truly an incredible phenomenon. If you search youtube about healing sound waves, you will find a variety of long videos with the healing sound waves. They sometimes sound very simple, but have a profound impact on our bodies and environment. 

So this really, really is interesting for me, and I have just some tidbits that I would like to share with you from his book, and I’m just going to go to one of the pages here. And there’s seven different sound waves that he speaks about in his book, The First One. It is three ninety six hertz and on the piano, it’s in between G and G sharp, directly above middle C, and so this offers a sense of peace, well-being and openness. And it has amazing side effects, especially when focusing on how to find guitar lessons in Tulsa. Defense mechanisms are arrested and feelings of guilt, fear and shame subside. So on a physiological level, the sound wave has a positive effect on the blood, liver functions, bone, brain functions, neuro transmissions and kidney functions, so that is pretty cool. 

So it actually makes sense because we are created as a masterpiece and we respond to nature, even when looking to find guitar lessons in Tulsa. And so that just really makes sense to me. A second healing frequency is for 17 hertz and this particular one is found a little under G, sharp above middle C. So the sentence that starts off this little paragraph describing it is due to our frenzied schedules and overworking. We often find ourselves stuck in negative cycles. This sound wave can help break the negative cycles as well as sluggishness and lethargy, so physiologically this helps the large intestine enzyme production in the digestive process. Stomach metabolism, prostate gall bladder weakness, headache due to diet in lower back problems, so that’s pretty cool. 

Using New Sounds while Taking Guitar Lessons

So the next one is called Transformation, which is perfect to find guitar lessons in Tulsa. It’s five twenty eight hertz. It’s in between C and C sharp an octave above middle C. So this one restores broken DNA, the source of disease. It also improves telomere length, which has become a hot topic to find guitar lessons in Tulsa. If your telomeres get longer than your life is probably going to get longer and you’re going to have a longer risk, a lower risk of developing a wider variety of conditions physiologically, it helps balance hormones, pelvis issues, premenstrual syndrome, premenopausal muscle tension, pericardium, heart muscle weight problems, lymphatic and circulation issues. It is called the miracle sound wave or the transformation tone. 

It’s really cool. So the next one is called the bridge, it says, Have you ever found yourself at odds with a friend or loved one? No matter what you said, there is still a chasm of indifference between you and that this one is six three nine hertz, and it’s in between E flat and E, which is above treble clef. On a physiological level, it has a positive effect on the endocrine system, especially the adrenal glands and gallbladder. All right, so the next one is 741 HCN and it’s in between F and Sharp, which is a tiny bit just like a tiny bit under F sharp, so. This is ideal for fostering how to find guitar lessons in Tulsa.

This one awakens us to transcend our preoccupation with our body and soul and allows us to focus on our spirit from a physiological standpoint, seven for one agency may improve thymus function, bolster the immune system, clean from infection, soothe an upset stomach and improve function of pancreas, heart, blood and circulatory system. OK, the last one, eight five two hertz, the Majestic. It’s a tiny bit under the G Sharp, which is five steps above Trabelsi. So this particular description says it’s a celebration of the king of kings, his love for mankind, his return for those who wait for him, it’s the Majestic which is perfect way to find guitar lessons in Tulsa. I always imagine the art of seeing Jesus face to face. 

So it says this sound wave appears to be purely spiritual. The author has no knowledge of the physiological effect, only its ability to connect us to Jesus. Pretty interesting. So thanks for listening to all of those different descriptions of the different frequency. I do find them interesting. I play them at night when I’m sleeping. I start at the lower sound wave and that I work higher and it just loops throughout the night. And many times I find myself just in a wonderful mood when I wake up. And so I know that’s not the case for every single person. So if you’re waking up with negative emotions, I would definitely recommend trying these healing sound waves, or if you want to find guitar lessons in Tulsa. And they’re not just in CD form, they’re actually on YouTube as well. So you can just type in healing sound waves. And usually they last for eight hours, which is perfect for sleeping. So thank you for tuning into this podcast from Curtis Music Academy about find guitar lessons in Tulsa. We will see you next time.