Music Is Important for Guitar Lessons for Children in Tulsa
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For the general music learner, it is awesome that music has different elements of interpretation. While we do tend to talk about a lot of different things on these articles, the topics range from anything you can imagine relating to piano lessons, guitar lessons for children in Tulsa, vocal lessons, music theory or just music principles or music philosophies or just creativity in general. If you haven’t scheduled your first lesson for just $1, sign up today! This article will relate to guitar lessons for children in Tulsa. So today I would like to talk about why it is really awesome when kids get to learn music at a very young age. And so more and more, I’ve actually had a privilege of teaching very young students ages two and a half to four. And I even think I have a five year old.

So normally I was kind of secretly when I started, I was hoping that all my students were like seven and older because that is just how I think it’s easier to teach kids. I think they’re able to understand more in it. But now that I’ve done it for about a year, I’ve kind of got my bearings with teaching very young students. And so I have a list of things I do, games and activities. It’s really a lot of fun. But I have learned and read and done some research on some things that are really important when teaching a young student. So one thing is that when. A child learns how to play the piano even at age two and a half, three years old, four years old. We’re learning very basic things during guitar lessons for children in Tulsa.

And to be honest, they don’t even necessarily realize they’re learning because it’s more just in a game format. And also, to be honest, I know that a lot of pianists, piano teachers would disagree, but I actually don’t give homework at that age. And so if they’re in that age bracket, I don’t require that they go home and practice because I’d want them to slowly and organically want to play the piano at their home. And that’s just my own personal philosophy, because I want it to be very easy for them to grow into the piano. I don’t want it to be something where they’re dreading coming to music or just think it’s boring or they think they have to practice too much.

All of these things. So at this age, it looks like 15 minutes a week at guitar lessons for children in Tulsa or it looks like 30 minutes a week. And we just play certain games that are very intentionally geared to help them learn how to understand the piano, how to understand different notes, how to imitate different sounds and all of these different things. And slowly, I’ve noticed with one particular student, he’s been taking guitar lessons for children in Tulsa about a year now. And I’ve noticed he has just increased in his love for the piano. And he’s learned some songs at home that aren’t a part of the book for guitar lessons that we use. And he likes to just sit down at the piano and play some different songs.

Guitar Lessons for Children in Tulsa
This content was created for Curtis Music Academy

And I’m so happy with that. And so that’s one thing is I believe that he’s not just learning how to play the piano. He’s actually strengthening his ability to process. It is so good for his brain function in multiple areas. It helps later on in life when he’s going to become a reader or a decision maker. And it’s going to help a lot of different aspects like that. And so not just for him, but also for other students who start very young in their guitar lessons for children in Tulsa. And so for no other purpose than to give your child a head start in context with their brain capacity, I think it’s definitely a benefit. And so I actually teach students right now and they’re in diapers, which I never thought I would be teaching piano to somebody in diapers. And you know what? It’s actually fun.

They just come in and they learn and have fun and play around and it’s just a good time. But at the same time, their whole horizon for their whole entire life is expanding not just in the realm of music in multiple areas of life. So I’m just thrilled to be a part of that. And I just think that even just the love of music, their hearts are getting captured at a very young age to just really appreciate music as well. And so even in guitar lessons for children in Tulsa, we do just a lot of singing and enjoying, because that’s another thing that I was so used to working with older kids and adults that I forgot that young children love to sing. And so sometimes we sing or we chant rhymes.

And I just see the love of music in them all and the interest in their eyes as we do it during the guitar lessons for children in Tulsa. And so it’s very, very fulfilling and they love it. We also work at a very slow pace. And so it’s almost predictable. It’s almost like each guitar lesson for young children in Tulsa I usually repeat until I know that they’ve gotten it and we can move on and build on that. So it’s very slow paced. And I usually tell the parents that there’s like zero expectation with these first guitar lessons for children. Like, yeah, obviously if a student is eight years old and they’ve taken guitar lessons for children for a year, you’re going to see some serious fruit from that. They’ll be able to play, you know, several songs from their guitar lesson for young children in Tulsa book and different things like that.

But when it comes to this preschool age, I think that most parents are like this as well. But there’s just no expectations at all. But I mean, ultimately there will be, but probably not within the first few months. But they will understand the piano a lot better. They’ll understand certain things about music. They’ll begin to play songs on the piano and different things like that. So I have changed my perception. I now agree that guitar lessons for children in Tulsa as early as possible is a great benefit for young students just because the studies show that it’s beneficial for them in the long run in their cognitive ability. So thank you for tuning in and learning about things, about teaching. Young students, and I’m sure we’ll continue this discussion at another time, and we will see you then. Thank you for tuning into this article about guitar lessons for children. We will see you at the next article about guitar lessons for children in Tulsa.