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In this edition of the Curtis music Academy podcast. I’m going to be giving you guys advice for my beginner students taking music lessons Tulsa. We’re going to be discussing how learning at the pace of no mistakes is key to becoming excellent and very, very skilled at your guitar. How practicing a ton on the front end as a beginner is going to be huge and detrimental to your success as a musician. And thirdly, how important, how crucial it is to have fun. And so without further ado, my name is Steven Cornetto. I have been a music musician for 12 years. I have learned so many things. I’ve been able to play for venues such as coffee shops, you know, multiple coffee shops around the Tulsa area, multiple bars around the Tulsa area.

And also I’m holding my own concerts at a coffee shop or a hair salon where there was plenty of room to, you know, be able to have a show. I’ve held my own concerts, my own benefit concerts to help homeless, you know, to do homeless outreach, outreaches, to do things that are further community through music lessons Tulsa. And I’ve also gotten to do things for myself, such as American idol or you know, worship, lead at and, and track for different churches, who are broadcasted on TV every weekend. Huge churches also have gotten to play on national television on you know, the news, the channels, well, local, I guess it’s not necessarily necessarily national, but it is local.

I’ve gotten to play my own Christmas song on news channel six and Tulsa, Oklahoma in music lessons Tulsa where I get to perform my new song and I got to sell my new song as well as hold a benefit concert for the homeless at NoDoz Yahoo’s coffee shop in Tulsa, Oklahoma near O you. And so it has been quite a journey. I’ve gotten lots of experience in the church. I’ve been a worship leader for 10 years, going on 12 years now actually, and have learned, I’ve, I’ve enjoyed every single year of my worship leading career. It is the one thing I want to do for the very, for the rest of my life. It is something I feel called to.

And I hope that I inspire you to go and play more and also experience more with your instrument to play more venues, to try out for more talent shows, to win talent shows, to be able to play on a recording for someone, you know, to able to sing for Steven Curtis Chapman to be able to sing for Colton Dixon to be able to sing for Justin Bieber, Sean Mendez, you know, Katy Perry, any one of those people, you know, it’s important to be able to do that. And so take yourself seriously. And if you could take yourself seriously, I believe you can take this instrument seriously in music lessons Tulsa. And so without further ado, this is my advice for beginning students learning guitar. My first point is going to be for you to learn at the pace of no mistakes.

This is the key to becoming very, very, very, very highly skilled and for people to be willing to, to even pay you money, throw money at you to play for them. So you want to learn at the pace of no mistakes in music lessons Tulsa. What is learning at the pace of no mistakes mean? Well, learning at the pace of no mistakes means that you are learning something at a pace where you don’t have to stumble over your fingers on the guitar, but it is slow enough to where you can actually hit the goal in music lessons Tulsa, hit the fingers, hit the notes on time to a metronome. The metronome is the key to playing at the pace of no mistakes. All professionals use a metronome, whether they’re Sean Mendez, Justin Bieber, Jimmy Hendrix, James Taylor, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, Johnny Cash, any one of them. You know, there’s, there’s a metronome needed.

There’s a perfect timekeeper needed to, develop the skill of, you know, when it comes to recording music, getting used to it, you know, consistency, consistent beat timing. You can get very skilled at something. And so I’m usually, I suggest that my students start at anywhere from, you know, 30 beats per minute to 40 beats per minute and that they run scales on their guitar, you know, such as the G major scale in music lessons Tulsa. Which is a very, very helpful tool to use to begin understanding how to solo, to riff, to play along when you don’t know what to play. And it’s going to be very important to your success as a musician, as a singer. And it’s important that you, you know, become the very best that you can be.

That’s important that you can, play fast and play well. And so go ahead and do your best with the metronome. You want to pick a pace, pick a time, pick a, a tempo that is slow enough to where you can hit all the notes comfortably without having to, you know, go too fast and stumble and learn with multiple mistakes happening. You want to learn with the least amount of mistakes happening possible in music lessons Tulsa. My second point is to be practicing a ton. As a beginner, you want to practice tons. Why? Because you want to build those callouses as fast as possible. You want to build them until you can play for an hour, two hours, three hours without your fingers hurting.

At this point in my life, I can play for three to four hours without my fingers actually hurting at all. It’s because the calluses I built up enable me to allow me to, you know, I don’t feel any pain if I’ve been playing for two hours, I don’t feel any pain. If I’ve been playing for three hours now, if I’d been playing for about three and a half hours to four hours, I start to feel, the soreness in my fingers, you know? So it’s important that you play lots so that you can build up those callouses as fast as possible so that you can play and start having the most fun as fast as possible. So lots of practice on the front end. I would suggest anywhere from 30 to 30 minutes to an hour practice a day. So high levels of practice every day. And I would suggest doing it early in the morning or late at night.

However, I know many of you have schedules that vary, you know, when you have school. So I would do it. I’d make it a part of your homework. I would make it a part of your schooling. If you’re in school, I would make it a part of your chores or maybe a, not a chore, but just something that, a goal, you know, you know, if you, if you complete a task at home and errand, go and play your guitar, pick up your guitar. This will kind of give you the whole reward feeling where you feel like you’re, you’re rewarding yourself by doing something that you enjoy or purchasing something that you love. So the whole reward thing helps as well. Lastly, you want to have fun and you know, if you, if you learn at the pace of no mistakes and get really skilled and if you practice a ton, you know, 30 minutes to an hour a day and you build those calluses to where you now you can play for as long as you want to, you know, you’re going to start having the most amount of fun.

It starts off not necessarily being incredibly fun because it hurts, you know, it’s painful. It’s, you don’t enjoy the soreness of your fingers at first, but it starts to get fun. Once you develop that, then you don’t even have to think about your fingers anymore after a period of time. And then you just begin to have just tons of fun. You have to play the songs you want to play, you get to kind of hit the strings the way you want to hit them, kind of come up with the rhythms that you want to come up with and really have a grand old time playing your instrument.

So without further ado, we were discussing, and I was offering my advice for you beginners students as you’re having guitar lessons in Tulsa. It’s important that you one, learn at the pace of no mistakes. And my practical tip for you in doing that would be to use a metronome and take it down to the slowest speed possible before so that you can reach all the notes possible on your guitar chords and transitions to practice a ton, 32 minutes to an hour a day. And lastly, have incredible amounts of fun because when you have those calluses, you can play as long as you want. And that my friend is where the fun really begins.