Music Lessons Tulsa | Hospitality

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The next time then want to talk about in this podcast is the importance of hospitality at Christian music Academy. We take hospitality incredibly seriously. This has to do with one of our four things that’s on our Curtis music County differentiator sheet that I talk about a ton. But it’s really, really, really important to us here at Curtis music Academy when we teach music lessons Tulsa cause we wanna make sure that everyone that comes in is welcome and warm and they feel like it’s a comfortable space for them to be in. So this is a lot to do with hospitality and how seriously we take that. So one of the ways that we take hospitality incredibly seriously here at Curtis music Academy, Tulsa is by welcoming every single one of our guests.

And we try our best to know them by name. So especially if it’s a student, if a student walks up to the door, we try to know them, them by name in music lessons Tulsa. We have all together, instructors know them by name and we’ve welcomed them with open arms as they walk in the door. We opened the door for them when they come into music lessons Tulsa. That’s another thing that we do. So when a car pulls up to the front of the house, we always are sure to open the door and let them in because we want them to feel like they are welcome and not have to feel weird about walking straight in. Always have the door unlocked.

We want to make sure that everyone feels welcome and can just walk right in, but we know that sometimes it takes that extra step. So that’s what we always, always voice open the door for people that we see them outside or if we hear the doorbell go off. So that’s one of the things that we do primarily and criticism that they had in me to make sure that we are a hospital will make people feel welcome. Next thing that we do is we provide some entertainment for our guests being that we have magazines on the table in the waiting group, so there are two couches out there waiting for music lessons Tulsa.

There’s couches in each of these in each of the studio rooms. We want to make sure that our guests feel incredibly welcome and comfortable while they’re here. It’s one of the really big things is comfort. We don’t want you to walk into a place where you feel like it’s stuffy and gross. You don’t actually want to sit down. Why don’t you just sit on these big comfy couches that are clean and fresh and make you feel welcome and like you’re like, you’re welcome there in music lessons Tulsa. Exactly. So we want to make sure that you feel comfortable and comfortable enough to sit there for a little while while your child, your friend, whatever, whoever it might be plays and their music lessons Tulsa.

So cause fatality is a really big thing to us and we do that through firstly opening the door for people when they walk up knowing them by name. Secondly, thirdly we do it by making sure that they’ve got somewhere comfortable to sit and have magazines to read for entertainment. And then another way that we make sure that people are comfortable when they come in the door and make sure that we are hospitable to them. And the way that we do this is through offering them beverages. So we always have fully stocked coffee, tea and water at Curtis music Academy. So when you come in, all of our instructors should be, they’d been incredibly trained on this.

They should be, you know, welcoming you in asking you if you want a drink first and foremost, make sure that you get a beverage if you want one during your music lessons Tulsa. So we have water that’s, you know, we’ve got the big filtered water so it’s really good. Fresh water and all. That’s what a lot of people will take. But we’ve got coffee too, which is actually really good. It’s some good coffee. We add some pumpkin spice coffee for the holidays and wherever, either coffee and pumpkin right now. That’s usually it. Coconut coffee in there. All of them are really delicious to be honest. So that’s one of the good things that we’ve got here at courtesy music Academy and we also have cream and sugar for it. So it’s not just a gross cup of coffee. You can actually make it taste good.

So the next thing that we’ve got Curtis music Academy is we have tea and we have a ton of flavors of tea. I’m looking at the tea organizer right now and it looks like there are nine flavors of tea and a box of hot chocolate up there. So we have lots of options for everyone to choose from because we know that when you’re here we want you to be able to relax and tea and coffee is our one way to relax and one way that we’re really able to be incredibly hospitable to you as you come into our space because we recognize that a lot of music studios don’t take hospitality as seriously as we do and they don’t make it as comfortable of a space as we do.

So we want to make sure that we are absolutely doing our best to make everyone who comes in and feel really comfortable and really like they belong here. So that’s the only thing that we really work on at courtesies Academy is making sure that we’ve got a comfortable cozy spaces. We do that through hospitality. Another thing that we do is we make sure that it’s incredibly clean. So one of my jobs every single day is to go in there and make sure that there are clean dishes, clean cups for everyone to drink out of. Make sure we don’t run out of those cause we do. I also make sure that the table is cleaned make sure that we’re swept and water all the plants.

Fluff the pillows because like that, it just needs to be a really clean, comfortable space because it’s not super clean. Let me fall, I’m going to feel as comfortable and safe sitting down the furniture. I know that if I walk in somewhere and it feels gross or dingy, I’m not about to sit down on that couch or the seat or whatever it might be because I feel a little bit gross. So we want to make sure that nothing occurred to be scatting these girls and that everyone who walks in the door is able to sit down and relax in our space.

We’ve been told by several students that they love our space. They love how comfortable it is. And I think that’s just incredibly awesome. I can see all of our awesome instructors in the how welcoming and hospitable they are to every single one of our guests, whether it’s their student or not their student, so we try to work on knowing people by name. That’s one of the big things that when you come to take a lesson here, I want to make sure that we greet you by name and that we try to remember that name and the name of your siblings, your parents, whoever comes with you most of the time, two music lessons Tulsa. So that is one thing that’s really important to us. It’s making sure that we’re greeting everyone because it really tells a lot about a place when they invite you as you walk in to music lessons Tulsa.

I know that when I go to the chiropractor, for example, I am always greeted by the woman at the front desk and it makes me feel so much better. I feel so welcome and wanted there. And that’s one of the things that we definitely strive for here at Curtis music Academy is to make sure that everyone who walks in these doors feels welcome and wanted and invited super, super awesome for us to do that for them. Make sure that they’re always comfortable when they come in and make sure it’s a very clean space. And we do all of this through being hospitable.

Each one of our instructors is incredibly hospitable, and they take care of the people who walk in the door, all of them not just be. So it’s really awesome that we’ve trained them to do that. Not we, I didn’t train them to do that, but that, you know, they’ve just, they actually kind of have it innate. It’s pretty innate in them. We’ve got some really, really good instructors who just are willing to take that upon them and take care of it when it needs to be done. So that’s one of the things that we do for the best here at Curtis Academy.