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In this edition of the Curtis music Academy podcast, I’m going to be discussing some life lessons I have learned from learning an instrument. And I hope that this is a very, very helpful for you. So without further ado, my name is Steven. I have been a musician for 12 years and have learned so, so, so, so much in these 12 years of playing the acoustic and electric and bass guitar. And so if you’re taking guitar lessons and Tulsa, this is going to be very, very helpful to help you start taking music lessons Tulsa and help you to start off on the best foot possible in your guitar lessons in Tulsa. And so we’re going to be discussing things like learning at the pace of no mistakes and how that is crucial to your skill in music lessons Tulsa.

The second point, you are better than you think you are. And my third point is how you can never give up. So without further ado, my name is Steven and like I said, I’ve been a musician for 12 years. I have been able to play in various contexts such as concerts, competitions, restaurants, coffee shops. I have played in multiple coffee shops where I’ve gotten to share my own writtens handwritten songs and also covers of songs that I love from artists that I love. And sometimes those gigs were anywhere from one hour to three hours. I’ve also gotten to play in bars where very similar.

Similarly the gig was anywhere from one hour to three hours and my songs will be different at a bar than they would at a coffee shop. Sometimes your coffee shops will be a little bit more low key. Typically at coffee shops people are trying to read books, study, chat with friends, you know, it’s a little bit more relaxed and casual and chill and low key. So for those types of gigs at coffee shops, I will have a repertoire of some more pop songs that are just very acoustic and finger style, very low key, very mid tempo to low tempo because it fits the mood of that place. It fits the mood of the coffee shop.

And that’s typical with any coffee shop that you’ll pretty much go to unless you’re at Starbucks. And even if you’re at Starbucks, I’d say the same is still true to the day. Secondly, you know, you’ll have, you know, bars that you’ll go to. Now bars, the bar context is a little bit more edgy. It’s a little bit more grungy. You’re dealing with people, typically men who are loud and have big beards and are, have a big beer belly. And also they’re just very just rough, you know, very rough environment as well as the women that go in there as well. So it’s more high class, usually a nicer occasion where you’ll deal with at bars and for bars. I typically throw out mini, old rock songs or Beatles songs, mid tempo to more high tempo things, but very iconic songs.

That’s what people like to hear when they are at a bar. Bars have this more old school type feel to them. And so that is a much better repertoire than your more, you know, finger style, jazzy bluesy types type or even poppy type songs. I think a good rule of thumb is go to the more acoustical styles when you’re more at coffee shops and then go for more of the Rocky and grungy feel and vibe when you’re at bars. And then at restaurants, you know, I’ve gotten to play for multiple different restaurants in the Tulsa area, some of which were more high class than others. But mainly that’s what it is. It’s a special occasion for music lessons Tulsa. Typically if you go to a restaurant, it’s a sit down and eat type of family friendly environment and you want to make sure that your music is anywhere from, you know, classical and very, very special and very classical and very uppity.

It’s another slang word, but very orchestral almost or very just for nice occasions. Use a classical music, something you’d hear on, you know, your 88.7 radio in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which is more, orchestras and symphonies. That higher class type of feel is what you’re shooting for with restaurants. depending on the type of restaurant, sometimes it’s, it’s a Mexican restaurant. So you’re going to go for more like the flamenco classical style, which would work great. And then you’re going to have some mid tempo to upper mid Tippo to upper tempo music for that type of scenario.

Now those are just the three contexts that I’ve been able to play in. I’ve also gotten to do some competitions such as American idol, and even school competitions and things like that. But I think the highlight has definitely been the American idol, which I’ve done three to three years in a row. And the first year that I did it, you know, I went, I won the first round, second round, one past the second round, and the third round I passed the third round. When I went to the fourth round, it took two weeks for them to get back to me about it. And, did not pass the fourth round. And so it was, but it was an incredible and very incredible and eye opening and encouraging and validating experience that I’ve had during American idol. So without further ado, let’s talk about learning at the pace of no mistakes.

Learning at the pace of no mistakes is one of my life lessons for learning an instrument in music lessons Tulsa. And with any instrument you want to give yourself a plenty of time, but not only plenty of time, but plenty of tempo, plenty of you know, timing to learn the, the pieces in the, the parts that you want to play. You want to learn at a very low, at a very slow, moderate tempo so that you are not rushing through your scales or your chords or your transitions in your songs. You want to make sure that you’re from anywhere from 20 beats per minute to 45 or 50 beats per minute when starting off on a song or scale or core transitions.

Secondly, I want to talk about how you’re actually better than you think you are in music lessons Tulsa. Now, of course, this goes after your first lesson. After you start learning the principles, the fundamentals in music lessons Tulsa, the basics of your instrument, you want to lean on what you know. If you don’t know what to do, do what you know and you’ll know what to do. A lot of people seek knowledge and knowledge and knowledge and their knowledge junkies, like myself, I’m a knowledge junkie, but what I have to remind myself as a musician and in all of life to do is to apply what I do know already. And I think the more you apply what you know already, the more skilled you can become at what you know. You know they say knowledge is power.

Well that is not 100% true. It’s more of like 50% true because they’ve missed out a piece. And that is the action knowledge plus application equals power. But knowledge in itself is not powerful in music lessons Tulsa. It is just a K it is what is going to equip you. But you know, you can have tools and never used them. The tools themselves or have a lots of potential when you use them. But if you don’t use the tools, you don’t get anything fixed, you don’t work on anything, you don’t build anything. And so the tools won’t use themselves guys. So you use the tools. And lastly, I wanted to talk about never giving up and how important it is to never, ever, ever give up. It’s important that you persevere and stay the course.

And one way to do this is to encourage yourself and instructors, encourage your students. It’s important to, tend to never, in order to never give up. You must celebrate the little wins and have many little wins to win along the way of your journey and on your destination, on the way to your destination. So without further ado, we have discussed the life lessons I’ve learned learning an instrument in music lessons Tulsa. And that is for you to learn at the pace of no mistakes. You know, I want to say, you know, you must go slow to go fast. And then secondly, you’re better than you think you are. You know, give yourself credit and lean on the tools that you’ve learned. Use the tools you’ve learned. Lastly, never give up. And to do this, you must celebrate the little wins. So go ahead and win.