Music Lessons Tulsa | Maximizing the Effectiveness of Lessons

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In this edition of the Curtis music Academy podcast, we are discussing how maximizing how you can maximize the effectiveness of your music lessons Tulsa. So without further ado, my name is Steven. I have been a musician for 12 years, almost this March. I’ve loved every single minute of my musician career. I’ve learned many things on how to, you know, play scales, have play chords, play songs, play REM melodies, play harmonies, how to sing harmonies and melodies, how to perform at concerts and coffee shops and bars and the different repertoire needed for those different contexts. Also, how to perform on a professional level. I’ve done, you know, things for American idol. I’ve won three out of out of the four auditions and Tulsa and in Chicago and gotten to sing in front of executive producers who knew large people such as Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and it’s been an awesome, awesome experience getting to do all these things.

Also, I’ve been able to sing on TV for the, my local news station, presenting an original song called Christmas, best time of the year. And so I also had a benefit concert the following a week for this particular concert. And so it’s been awesome thanks to my brother who helped make that possible. He is incredible and a great, great human being, fantastic American as clay Clark would say. And so, we are discussing how to maximize the effectiveness of our music lessons Tulsa. I also wanted to point out, I’ve been a music instructor at the Curtis music Academy for a year now this month and I am going to at the end of this month do an analysis of myself, how I’ve done, how many students have taught, how much fun I’ve had and really just tracking all my numbers for the month or for the year.

And pointing out the pros and the cons of what I’ve, the methods I’ve used and how I can do things better on the systems, how I can implement my system of my method of teaching. I’m also growing in my own knowledge of music and things like that. I’ve been teaching music for five years, going on six years now, this coming March. And, guys, I’ve just learned so much and have, has so much fun teaching and playing. And so after a year, after going on six years of teaching, I believe I am qualified to teach you how to maximize the effectiveness of your music lessons Tulsa. And so without further ado, we are discussing one how you can have a clear goal and a concise goal, how specific times are needed to set for each topic in your lesson.

And then thirdly, my favorite, how using the edge method will help you transfer skill to your student. So without further ado, I’m maximizing the effectiveness of your music lessons Tulsa. My first point is having have a clear goal and a concise goal with your student. You know, if you’re teaching in brand new students and they don’t really know what they want, I want you to create a list of questions to dig and uncover and discover, discover the goals and the, and the aspirations and the influences and the, the, mentors or the types of instruments of the types of music or genres that your student likes or loves. It’s important that you find out how to help your student go from where they are to where they want to be.

Now, if they don’t know where they want to be, help them to know where they want to be if they don’t know and help them know. And so that was only achievable through questions and it’s going to be important and it’s going to be your job to help uncover those, those golden nuggets, how to dig up and through questions. What is your student’s goal, what is, and not only what their goal is, but make it clear and very, very, very concise and precise. And so that is the first foundational move and point and maximizing the effectiveness is having a very clear goal. My second point is have specific times set for each topic of your lesson.

Now this comes down to the, this entails, and this insinuates that you’ve already found out what the goal is. And then from there, break the goal. The goal have broken the goal down into smaller goals. So as an example, if your goal is to, if your student’s goal is to sing at the school talent show or to play and sing at the school talent show, they want to sing at Christmas and play us Christmas song,you know, have yourself a Merry little Christmas and they want to play finger style guitar. That is a very, a very specific goal. And you want to break that goal down into, the amount of time you have until that event happens.

And so if that is, if their goal is in December and your guys are in January, well you want to break that down into 12 months and what do you need to achieve in that, in that first month? What about the second month and the 11th month and then the 12th month, you just want to be polishing everything that you’ve been learning. And so will it take you 12 a month? Tell her in one song, of course not. But I would say this, I would say, you know, try to knock out that goal and within a month so that you can spend the next 11 months going over everything else that they could possibly learn. The faster they learn, the more inspired they become, the faster they learn, the more inspired and I think the more motivated and fun that they begin to have. So it’s important to kind of help them learn quickly and pick things up quickly.

In order to do that, you have to effectively transfer knowledge and skill. And to do that we want to use the edge method. The edge method, thank God was created and taken from the boy, the Cub Scouts or the boy Scouts. And when it comes to transferring knowledge or skill, the edge method is an acronym for explain, demonstrate, guide, and enable. So edge, the edge method. Edge is an acronym for explain, demonstrate, guide, and enable. I use this for every single lesson I have and have used it ever since. I learned about it thanks to Garrett who is one of our amazing instructors at the Curtis music Academy. And now is also a guitar instructor and Tulsa.

And so, the edge method has been just super helpful in effectively, you know, transferring my skill to my students’ skill and I really learned it and I really was, amazed whenever I used this and my students began to learn hard songs like Blackbird by the Beatles or gravity by John Mayer. And then when they began to pick it up quickly, it became very clear that they, I had successfully transferred my knowledge at by skill to them. They played it exactly the way I played it. And so I duplicated myself. And so it was very, very fun. It was very, very helpful. This edge method and it’s been, a true gym and something that you should use whenever pertaining to your, music lessons Tulsa. And so the edge method is an acronym for explain, demonstrate, guide, and enable.

And you want to, in your music lessons Tulsa, you want to explain what it is you want to get across to them. You want to explain what it is that they’re learning too. You want to demonstrate what you’re, they’re learning by you doing it for them, you’re showing them. Thirdly, you want to guide them through. By doing it together, you want to demonstrate together what it is that you guys are learning. You want to guide them.

You want to have them play with you through the entire song, through the all, all of the chords that you’re going to be playing. And then lastly, you want to enable them by letting them play the entire song or all of the chords that you’re, or whatever subject you’re learning play. Let it enable them by letting them do it by themselves. This is how you can use the edge method to have maximized effectiveness and your music lessons Tulsa. So without further ado, we’ve talked about maximizing effectiveness in your music lessons Tulsa by having a clear and concise goal, having specific times set for each topic. And lastly, using the edge method. That is how you do it.