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In this edition of the Curtis music Academy podcast, I’m going to be discussing how to persevere and stay the course with your music lessons Tulsa. So without further ado, we’re going to be discussing how you need to celebrate the little wins. My second point, how it’s important to not be so hard and critical of yourself while you’re learning. And lastly, how you can stay inspired. And a few tips from your, yours truly Steven Cornetto. So without further ado, we’re discussing how to persevere and stay the course in your music lessons Tulsa. And, my name is Steven, obviously, and I’ve been a musician for 12 years. I have enjoyed every single year of this decade and a quarter. And, it’s been amazing.

It’s been a road. It has been a trail. It has been a journey and I’ve got lots, I’ve learned lots that I have experienced, lots that I have, been able to do and accomplish and people have gotten to play for. Man, it has been a journey. The things I’ve learned along the way, you know, have all to do with, you know, learning songs, persevering until success, how important focus is, how important it is to have competence and how competence helps you to feel confident. And then, you know, just practicing until you can’t get it wrong. It’s important that to develop, you know, when you’re developing skill that you beat into yourself, greatness and excellence, great people practice until they can’t get something wrong.

Great musicians practice until they can’t hit the scale wrong till they can’t play the song incorrectly. Great singers sing until they can’t hit the note wrong. And so good people or average players, you know, they’ll play until they get it right the first time. But remember, great musicians, they, they play, they practice, they rehearse until they can’t get it wrong. And so that is what we are trying to achieve as musicians is greatness. If it’s greatness that you are trying to achieve, I’m your guy. You know, I don’t, I don’t, I don’t mind teaching people who want to be average, but I’m not average. I am an enemy of average. And so my, my, my best students are quick learners and they want to make something out of their c.

They want to be something, they want to become something. They want to, really do this thing. They really want to play well. They want to sound good and they don’t care what work they have to do to get it. Those are the people I love working with. And if that’s you, please come on. I know there’ll be many of you that are, not very happy at what I just said, but that’s okay. I know there’s a good percentage of you, a great number of people who that resonates with. And if that’s you, please contact us at the Curtis music Academy where we can help you reach your incredible musical goals. And so without further ado, we’re talking about how you can persevere and stay the course in your music lessons Tulsa and your music lessons Tulsa. And so my name is Steven. I’ve been a musician for 12 years. I haven’t been a music instructor for five years, going on six years. I’ve worked at the Curtis music cat music Academy for a year and I have loved every single minute of it.

I’ve learned so much from Ron, the boss and other instructors as well and many of you students I have been able to teach. And so we’re talking about how to persevere and stay the course and your music lessons Tulsa. You know, my first point is going to be, you know, celebrating the little wins, the small wins and how important that is. Because when you have encouragement along the way, it goes a long way. You know, when you have encouragement, as you are going through difficulty, it helps you stay, stay encouraged and believing that you can and you will achieve more than what you just achieved. And so hitting my milestones is going to be huge. And that only happens if you’ve broken down your music lessons Tulsa instructors.

Whenever you’ve broken down your music lessons Tulsa to where your students can easily understand, you know, the 30 minute lesson, the 45 or hour long lesson that they’re taking from you, it’s important that you are able to break down the music lessons Tulsa so that they are easily understood. Standable easily digestible and very, very practical. And so that is my first point. My next point is how it’s important to not be so hard on yourself as you are learning, the guitar and taking music lessons Tulsa, you know, it’s important that you are very patient yourself. That you’re not too critical of yourself.

You know, instead of, you know, many people ask themselves why they’re even doing it, why they’re even learning the musical instrument, why they shouldn’t be learning the musical instrument way before they ever asked themselves, well, have I been practicing enough to get good? Have I been practicing enough to be as good as I want to be? You know, it really comes down to, action. It comes down to what are you doing? How are you practicing? Is it quality practice or is it lousy practice? And it’s very, it’s a very needed aspect of music. It’s a very needed aspect as you’re learning.

And if you want to be good, then you will need to not be so hard on yourself. But instead be patient instead of being critical of yourself. Be positive, be encouraging. Tell yourself, Hey, I, I might’ve might’ve done that wrong, but I did at least do this. Right? It’s important that you encourage yourself along the way. You know, celebrating the little wins is all about your instructor encouraging you, you know, and your achievements along the, along the way to reach your, your destination. You know, not being so hard on yourself or critical of yourself is all has all to do with you and you encouraging yourself and understanding that, Hey, you know, you’re not where you want to be, but that’s why we’re starting this journey.

So you’ve agreed to the journey. So let’s finish it now. This is how you can also stay inspired. And this is my last point and my own experience. I have many different inspirations from many different places when it comes to teaching guitar lessons. I look at other instructors or other, you know, music schools such as Berkeley college in California or you know, Julliard in New York. You know, I look to, you know, these amazing, amazing and well-established music schools. And I look at and study how those instructors, how those, teachers or professors teach the methods that they use, you know, things that help, things that help me become the best instructor for you. Also that, that, that, that definitely keeps me inspired. Another thing that keeps me inspired is seeing people, be excellent at what they’ve, their instrument, you know, the instrument that they’ve learned.

It’s inspiring to see people play with excellence. And so one of those people is Sean Mendez. For me, Sean Mendez is an incredible guitar player. He’s a young guy. He’s about my age and he is where I want to be in life. He’s, you know, playing guitar for amazing stadiums and, and playing huge venues and making lots of money. That’s what I want to be doing, you know? And really making a name for himself, but not only, you know, I’m not here to make a name for myself, making a name for the Lord and bring glory to God. But it’s fun.

You know, it’s fun for people to know who you are. It’s fun when many people know who you are, because that’s power. You know? That’s power, that’s influence and influence can be used in a very, very good way, as well as other, not so good ways, but I would most certainly use it for the best ways that I could get my hands on. And so without further ado, you want to celebrate the little wins. Don’t be so critical or harder than yourself. And stay inspired by watching YouTube videos of Sean Mendez.