Music Lessons Tulsa | Goal Setting

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In this edition of the Curtis music Academy podcast, we’re going to be talking about how to set musical goals and also guitar setting or goal setting, one Oh one and how you can set smart goals. And smart is not just the word I’m using, but it’s actually an acronym. And so without further ado, we’re going to be talking about how smart goals is an acronym for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant time, limited goals in music lessons Tulsa. And we’re also in a later discussion going to be talking about how we can reach our musical goals. But right now we’re just going to be discussing how you can set musical goals for yourself in music lessons Tulsa. So without further ado, my name is Steven.

I have been a musician for 12 years and I have enjoyed every single minute of it. It has been a joy, I believe it’s been a life calling to play music, to play guitar, to sing and also to teach. I love teaching music to students and adults and children. It has been grand. I’ve learned so many things about age groups and teaching age groups. I’ve learned so many things about teaching adults, children and teenagers. And the differences that those come with. Also in my musician career, I’ve gotten to play for big stages such as American idol. I’ve gotten to travel to places like West Virginia or Idaho or Kansas city or Arkansas to play music. It’s been a blast.

I’ve been able to go to places like Kentucky and Amarillo, Texas to lead a praise and worship at churches who are huge and have thousand members every weekend. I’ve been on TV, I’ve gotten to play for the news on six in Tulsa, Oklahoma playing my own Christmas song that I had written for a benefit concert. And it’s been an incredible time. I’ve enjoyed every single minute, every single day of being a musician. There’s so much to learn and there’s so much I have to teach you. So thought further ado, we are talking about setting musical volts. And so whenever we’re setting musical goals, it’s important to know one where you’re going in music lessons Tulsa. Goal setting one Oh one says start with the end in mind.

That is also going to be something that you’ll hear a lot in strategic planning. Whenever you want to accomplish something, whenever you want to reach a goal, you will start with the end first. It’s kind of funny and it’s kind of ironic. You know, you’re using the word start in the word end, in the same sentence. You want to start with the end in mind while in music lessons Tulsa. When we start with the end in mind, we no longer, we don’t question the next the end anymore. You know, so you know, if we know what the end looks like, we can kind of reverse engineer our way forwards. And so what you have to start with is what do you want at the end of your music lessons Tulsa? What is the goal you’re trying to achieve?

Is it you want to play for a school talent show? You want to win the school talent show? Well, you know, we don’t really have control over you winning, but we can help you get, become as skilled as possible. And usually with him, the person with the most skill cause the most or conditional gets gets to win. I tried to play for family, maybe a family reunion, maybe, school play. Maybe you just want to play for a family and friends, baby, you want to try out for American idol like I did. Maybe you want to win American idol. Well tell you what, I don’t have control over those things, but we can make you as skilled as possible and teach you what it takes to win the show. So without further ado, we are talking about setting musical goals. So my first point, a really my second point, the first point was setting goals one-on-one and how you have to start with the end in mind.

Second point is, what is your goal? Define, describe and envision your goal. And then we can begin vision. Nearing a, which is my third point. Visioneering. Visioneering is when you have a vision and then you begin to engineer it, you begin to reverse engineer it. So you start with the vision, make it plain, right, make it clear, concise, very descriptive, as descriptive as possible, yet as simple as possible so that when someone reads it, they can easily understand what it is that you are trying to achieve in music lessons Tulsa. And then my next point is going to be setting smart goals and smart isn’t just the word that I’m using to, you know, insult intellect at all for anyone. But it is actually an acronym that is force, a specific measurable, achievable, relevant and time limited or time bound.

So again, that is a smart goal is an acronym for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time limited. It’s important that first we have a very specific goal and the specific goal comes whenever you are writing down that in describing and explaining what it is, the G, the goal, the target is. And so that is the first point for music lessons Tulsa. You want to make it a specific, very detailed, you know, I like to explain it like this. If you want a car, if you want your dream car, I would ask the person what is the color of the the seats, what’s the color of the interior? You know, what’s the color of the rims? What’s the color of the car itself? What’s the color of the paint on the exterior?

How fast does it go? What brand is it? What does it sound like? What does it smell like? What does it feel like? You know, whenever you push the gas pedal, do you jolt back? Things like that. What does it sound like? You know, do you have music playing? And so those are all senses, you know? So making it specific, it’s all about making it concise, precise and real. And then secondly, measurable. You want it to be measurable. You know, you can’t manage what you can’t measure. Quote from Chuck Coggins my father in law, you cannot manage what you can’t measure. And so you want to be able to have a measurable goal and how many days and how many weeks and how many months and how many years would you like to achieve your goal and plan accordingly.

Thirdly, you want to make it achievable. Is it actually, you know, a part of your gift set or skill set? Or will you have to learn some skills in order to become good at this? You know, we’re just talking setting musical goals so you know, is your musical goal achievable? Are you trying to, you know, sound like Mariah Carey in a year? If you haven’t ever sang before, that’s not very achievable. You know, it’s, it’s going to take a little while. Some takes an exercise, you know, you know, things like that. So it asks yourself, is this an achievable goal?

And so lastly, a second or third, fourthly is relevant. Is it, you know, something that you can do? Is it something that pertains to you or is it not? Is it relevant to your gifts, your talents, your skillset? And lastly, time bound or time limited. Tme-bound is going to be, it has a time stamp on it. Time limited is you only have a certain amount of time to do it. You know, the clock is ticking. So either or, it’s kind of the same thing, but you want to have a time bound goal. You want to set a good time limit where it gives you plenty of time to actually achieve that goal to where you don’t feel overwhelmed or pressured or you can’t achieve it in the set amount of time and therefore get discouraged. So that is setting smart goals.