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In this edition of the Curtis music Academy podcast, we are going to be discussing how important it is to have a comfortable space for your students taking guitar lessons. So without further ado, my name is Steven. I am a, I’ve been a musician for 12, 11 years, going on 12 years now and I’ve loved every bit of my musicianship career and has been a long road and I’ve enjoyed every single minute of it, every single second of it. I’ve learned so much. I’ve also been a music teacher for five years, going on six years now and have loved every minute of that. I’ve learned many things on how to teach different age groups and I also had a cater towards, students with disabilities in its various forms. And then thirdly, you know, I’ve been a musician or an instructor at the Curtis music Academy for going on one year and I am coming up on my one year anniversary with the Curtis music Academy.

And so I’m going to be soon doing an analysis of myself, of my students, of my teaching. How many students I’ve taught in the last year. Man, just kind of charting and marking down and tracking everything that’s been happening. Because it’s important to do that. It’s important to see where you’ve come, how many students you’ve taught, you know, just creating a trail of what you’ve done. That way you can know what to do better and how to be better. You know, I’m ex, I get excited about bettering myself. It’s, it’s one of my favorite things to do and it’s something I’m going to be even more intentional about in the years to come in this new decade that we are getting ready to step into, which is 2020.

And so without further ado, we are talking about how important it is to have a comfortable space when teaching music lessons Tulsa. And so one thing I wanted to bring up was the Curtis music Academy is different than all immunities music academies in the U S currently. And tell me if I’m wrong, but I don’t know anyone else who has their music studio in a house, in an actual home, kind of like the one you go to every night, right? That is the Curtis music Academy. So, it is a home guys. We teach our students outside. Inside of a home studio, we call it our home studio. And so in this home studio, we’ve got a very comfortable space.

You know, the home itself is a symbol of, of comfort, a place of refuge where you feel like you can be yourself and you can do what you do and, and feel right at home and not feel like you have to be something else. Or I put on a face or a mask, but you can learn and be yourself and you know, be human. Secondly, you know about this house, you know, we, we basically have a house in Midtown Tulsa in a neighborhood in front of the TCU campus in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the Tulsa university campus college, Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Now Ron himself actually went to to you. And so he’s got lots of connections when it comes to that. However, you know, we, we teach out of a home. And so when people drive through the neighborhood looking for us, we actually have a big blue door that is really, really hard to miss whenever you are driving past. And so we also have a driveway where our instructors will drive in there and can begin to park the cars further music lessons Tulsa. We also have, you know, a front, uh, enough, it’s a very long driveway. And so a lot of our parents or students who drive up to their music lessons Tulsa can also park in the driveway if needed. And then we have a front curb. And so, you know, two people can can park there as well. And so it’s very, very awesome to be able to teach out of a house because when I go to someone’s house, I feel comfortable and welcomed, you know, 99.9% of the time. And I believe that many of our students feel the same.

And so that I think is one, one key, to having comfortability is man teach from a house if I fell, if at all possible and make it your business or something. Because it’s, it definitely works. And so you know, another point, you know, when it comes to our student arrives, we actually as the instructor getting ready to teach them, we step out of the door. You know, we, we walk out onto the front porch and we wave at our students as they begin parking and we have a big smile on our face, before they walk in. And we really just welcome them and invite them in to the house with a big smile. And then my next point is how we have beverages. It’s important that we create this environment where people feel welcomed, not only welcomed but taken care of to the max. One thing that we offer is beverages for our students and parents coming in for their guitar for music lessons Tulsa.

So right when they walk in the door, you know, we greet them, say, Hey, how’s it going? Good. Good. Before we get started, can I offer you guys anything to drink? You know, some coffee, maybe tea, some, some water, and then, you know, they’ll usually pick water or tea, sometimes coffee because it’s hot. And right now the season’s cold, which brings me to my next point, how we actually throughout the seasons have seasonal drinks. So right now we’re in the winter season and one of the seasonal drinks that we have is hot chocolate. And so that is gonna. That is something that we can kind of customize when it comes to having things for our students having beverages for our students in music lessons Tulsa.

We know that everyone loves hot chocolate for the most part I’d say 90 80% of people like hot chocolate. And so we’ve got our students, our young young people who love hot chocolate and so they will go and make themselves and hot chocolate with our hot water dispenser. And that creates a little win for us. We were able to provide hot chocolate when they wanted it and we always have it stocked for the season so that they never feel like they missed out on anything whenever they come to us at Curtis music Academy in music music lessons Tulsa. And then my last point is really just how we have comfortable furniture. It’s important to have comfortable furniture, at your music studio, especially in a home.

Now, hopefully most people at their homes have comfortable furniture. I know that my couch right now that we, my wife and I just purchased will need to be a little bit more comfortable in the near future. And so it’s going to be important that, you know, when it, when it comes to being hospitable or you know, experiencing or trying to give hospitality to others, it’s important that we can provide comfortable furniture for people to sit on, relax on in music lessons Tulsa. Because if we, if if they’re not relaxed, then it creates an uncomfortable well situation for them literally. And we don’t want that. We want to, it’s a subconscious thing.

If they subconsciously enjoy their experience, it’s all part of the experience. If they enjoy their experience at Curtis music Academy, then they enjoy music, Curtis music Academy, and if they’re enjoying music, Curtis music Academy, they want to invite and be advertisements for Curtis music Academy. It’s all psychological and it’s all, but it’s all being intentional. If it’s, if you don’t know what, how you’re succeeding, how can you ever repeat it? How can you ever scale it? How can you ever, you know, do anything different? You know, it’s important that you can scale. You can nail it so that you can scale it. Right? Awesome.

So we have comfortable furniture. We’ve got these big fluffy couches in our living room with a large coffee table in a nice rug underneath the coffee table where people can sit their feet on the comfortable rug and they can also put their drinks that we just gave them their coffee, tea or water or hot chocolate on the coffee table. And then on top of the coffee table, there are all also magazines, musical magazines, TV magazines, marriage magazines for the season. We have food magazines and designer, you know, designer foods and things that you can make for Thanksgiving and Christmas for the parents and mothers that are here giving their students to music lessons Tulsa. And as they’re waiting, they’re comfortable and entertained, in the slightest way. So it’s how you do it, guys in music lessons Tulsa.