Importance of Growing Up with Music and Taking Online Guitar Lessons in Tulsa


Hi, guys, this is Andrea with Curtis Music Academy, and I’m here with another amazing podcast about music and about what we do and about some of our cornerstone philosophies at Curtis Music Academy. As you may know, we do offer online guitar lessons in Tulsa, piano lessons and vocal lessons in Tulsa, as well as music lessons of any kind. And today, I would like to talk about the importance of growing up around music. And so I think it’s really important for kids, even if they never really pursue music, to grow up in a home that has that warmth and love of music being played via CD player or on the phone, just an appreciation for really good music. 

Also, I just think it’s important for me, for my kids just to grow up singing on the way to school. I think it’s fine just singing with songs on the radio. Nothing planned. It’s all impromptu. It’s all just fun and spontaneous. But I just think that kind of style is very cool. Another thing that I think about when I think about raising kids around music is just being able to play simple chords at Christmas time to be able to play songs that the whole group of people can sing with and enjoy and feel connected with. And I just think that that kind of environment is really ideal. And so I think it’s really a great idea to send your kids to music lessons, specifically online guitar lessons in Tulsa. 

I think it grows their brain capacity and their cognitive ability in multiple ways, not just in artistic ways, but also in developing language skills and learning how to understand other languages, learning how to make decisions, recognizing patterns and all of these different kinds of things. Who knew that online guitar lessons in Tulsa could be that beneficial? And I know that there’s multiple other ones besides just those. But all of those play a really important key and also an ability to express yourself, also an ability to make mistakes and realize it’s actually OK. It’s not a huge deal. That’s something that’s so valuable with any young child as they’re learning life and learning how to navigate through things like that. 

And so that’s this is a side note. This is kind of a tangent, but we are really good about that. At Curtis Music Academy. We’re just always on the encouraging side, especially during online guitar lessons in Tulsa. Whenever that stern music teacher that’s in a bad mood, that’s not who we are. So we like to encourage our students when they make mistakes because everybody makes mistakes at the piano. We encourage them. You know, you just keep going. It’s not really the end of the world. Even if you make a mistake in a performance, you just pick yourself up and you just keep on going throughout the rest of the song. 

The Best Online Guitar Lessons in Tulsa 

And the likelihood is people might not even notice, to be honest, because usually the people listening don’t have an idea of what the song sounds like. So some of my favorite memories growing up was just being at home and dinner being cooked and there is chatter and laughter going on in the background. And there’s somebody practicing the piano and whether they’re in second grade and they’re just plunking out a song in their online guitar lesson book or, you know, another person in the family, another child is learning maybe Mozart’s Sonata. You know, I just think it adds so much warmth and care to the home. And I’ve seen it firsthand. 

And I just think it really makes people come together, just appreciate life a little bit more than just being cold and boring and no life or no laughter and just different things like that. So I just think it adds an element to family life that is so crucial and so important. When I was young and taking online guitar lessons in Tulsa, I was actually playing in a band one time and there’s a person there and she was playing the bass and she was a great bass player. In fact, she was trained as a cellist and so later on picked up the bass and took online guitar lessons in Tulsa because it’s kind of sort of similar. And she loved it and was a great addition to the band. 

And one time she said that she really wants to learn the piano because when she has kids, she wants that kind of a setting that she had when she was a kid because her mom was a great piano player and also a piano teacher. And so during the holidays, the mom would sit down and they would sing carols and different things. And it was just a really great memory. And so this person expressed that she wanted that one. Ultimately, she had kids as well. And it just got me thinking how important that kind of stuff really is to a family. And so often where quick to turn on the TV we’re quick to turn on different things like that. But this is. Online guitar lessons in Tulsa are a valuable way to do this. 

Something so much more special when it’s just everybody is chipping in and singing and playing an instrument and just having a good time being together, it doesn’t have to just be around Christmas. It could be any time of year as well. It could be during an online guitar lesson. And it could be in the car with the radio. It could just be having a presence of music and a love for music and developing that at a young age where music excites them. So I think that is really key. A lot of times and I think sports are a really great tool as well with children just to teach them about reaching your goals and trying your hardest and being a part of a team and enjoying and having the best time of your life and all of these things and much more. 

And but I also see the aspect of playing music. So for me, it’s not one or the other. It’s not soccer versus piano. You have to pick one. I think you can actually do both of them and really have a well-rounded experience growing up. So ultimately, even if the children who are taking  online guitar lessons in Tulsa never really take their instruments into adulthood, I still think it adds benefits to their life because it just creates that warmth in the family that is just so special. But hopefully they do continue into their adulthood because that’s one huge positive thing about music, is that you can have it your whole life, which is a really awesome thing. 

Oftentimes with sports, people are very serious when they’re younger, but when they’re older, it just kind of wanes a little bit. But with music, you can stay at the same level for your entire life, which is really awesome. Thank you for tuning in to this awesome podcast. We will see you at the next one.