Online Piano Lessons | Making the transition to Online Lessons

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The next thing that I want to talk about here, a Curtis music academy, is how you’re dealing with this global pandemic. Now, I’m sure that we get that question a lot. And yeah, because to be honest, it is a little bit weird for all of us here at Curtis Music Academy. It’s really difficult to transition suddenly to doing all of your music lessons online. So a couple weeks ago, I had to call all of our students and say, “hey, you know what? Because of this craziness happening, all the virus, the pandemic and everything. All these guidelines that we’ve been given, we are having to transition to online piano lessons exclusively. We are not able to have people in a studio at this time.” So that’s been really odd for us here.

But thankfully, we have such a great team with us here at Curtis Music Academy that we can still teach online piano lessons like nothing happened. It is obviously a transition and it’s taken a little bit of a grace period. But I think by this point I just got off the phone with all the students again. Things are going really well, remarkably well, honestly. So I’m very, thankful for that. It’s really awesome to see and that we’ve been able to get that all worked out. So our students are doing well accurately, the music academy in terms of teaching these lessons. So that’s really good. As far as the lessons are concerned, I guess I want to talk a little bit about the platforms that we’re using, that what seems to be working the best.

So when I was talking to all of our students, like I said a couple weeks ago, I gave them essentially the complete and total open option of which platform they wanted to use. So that we have a ton of availability. We want to be incredibly flexible. That’s one of the things that we really focus on here. Curtis Music Academy is being flexible and in tune with our students. We want to make sure that we are giving them a good opportunity and a good experience every time. And that means that we need to be flexible with what works for them. We can’t force them to adapt to whatever we want to use. We need to be flexible because they are being awesome. It’s still taking online piano lessons from us, even though things are a little bit weird and everything is slowing down and kind of stalling out, to be honest. So we want to be incredibly flexible with all of our students. I think we have done a really good job at that so far. So with that being said, I gave them basically every option.

Let them choose what would work best for them. But again, we have amazing students and they are being incredibly flexible with us, which is just totally, totally awesome. So the options that I gave all of our students when I talked to them few weeks ago, I gave them the option to do music lessons over Skype, to do online lessons over Zoom, which is all my meetings, to do online piano lessons over Google Hangout, to do music classes over face time or to do music classes over Facebook Messenger.

I’m sure there are even options that I missed, but those are all the ones that I gave to our students. And then what we did as a music academy is we had our instructors be flexible and our instructors were to adapt to whichever platform the student wanted. So, yes, some of our chuckers are using literally every single platform to talk to their students because all the students chose different platforms. But thankfully, they’re really good at rolling with the punches and working with us.

So that’s been really awesome to see. Again, that’s another thing about our instructors is they are incredibly flexible and they are always willing to do whatever it takes. That’s one of the things that’s really different about us. Curtis Music Academy. You know, I’ve talked a ton about making our online piano lessons for our students specific. That is something that we want to do for sure, because that is super important for our students and we want to make sure that everyone is getting a personalized, tailored lesson specifically to the needs and words and all of that. Good stuff.

That’s what we want to focus on here at Curtis Music Academy, because our students deserve the best. We want to give them the best. So that’s why we have kind of taught their instructors, particularly that requirements teaching day that they need to be flexible. They always, always, always pull through and are incredibly flexible with their students. And that’s been awesome to see.

So this is, of course, no different. These are my lessons that Curtis music have been going really well so far. And I’m really excited to see where we will be able to go from here. I know that it will be an odd transition for everyone. And we are looking back to getting back to normal at some point as soon as we possibly can. But we do know that this is the new normal and we’re working on transitioning to that as we speak.

So other online piano lessons have a case had been really interesting, but I’ve got a lot of positive feedback when I talk to all of our students today. Now, I had several students that, you know, well, it’s not ideal, but you guys are doing a great job in terms of adapting. That was something that was so refreshing to hear. It was just so good to hear that our students really did think that we were doing a good job because it is scary as a business to jump into something like this and not really know what it’s going to look like or what platform you’re going to be on or anything like that.

So I’ve been really pleasantly surprised and very glad to see that our students are responding so well and that this has not been too bad of a doubt offer our business. So that’s been really awesome Curtis music academy where you’re so thankful for all of our amazing students who are so flexible and kind and are sticking with us throughout all of the craziness so that Curtis Music Academy, you can see this is how we have handled online music lessons.