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This content was created for Curtis Music Academy


As Curtis Music Academy continues to grow, we have found many ways to make a wonderful experience for our students. Through years of trial and error and giving amazing piano lessons in the Tulsa area, we have decided to create our own piano curriculum. It is with great joy that we will be able to provide students with an experience that is tailored to their desires and goals for learning the piano. Many curriculum’s that are created that you can purchase have only one “student” in mind – and that is themselves!


Many instructors teach through the lens of how they were taught, themselves. With many different opportunities to learn an instrument and take piano lessons in the Tulsa area, you can be sure that there are many different ways to learn an instrument. This is specifically why we want to teach our students in a way that interested them to learn. This is also why we want to provide an amazing experience for them.


The first step in creating content is to explain all of the different ways that someone can learn the piano. If you are taking piano lessons in the Tulsa area, then you know that your path for mastery is tailored to you. Unless, of course, your lessons are not with a great instructor. If this is the case, feel free to give Curtis Music Academy a call at 918-361-7641 so that you can continue to learn at an organized and accelerated rate. Throughout the course of your piano lessons, you will find many strides towards reaching your goal.


Continue to dive into the possibility of finding an amazing instructor. We would love to help you find that piece of the puzzle. With that being said, our curriculum for reading sheet music is phenomenal. We have wrapped up all of the things that are essential to learn the piano, all in an easy to understand way. In fact, most piano curriculum’s are written and geared towards children. While we do have a curriculum for children as well, we actually created the very first lesson book specifically designed to help adults take piano lessons in the Tulsa area. We wanted to get rid of the fluff, and get straight to the point, while also giving a wonderful visual experience as well.


Many times, people cut out key information or content that is very important for learning. However, we have found that, on the flip side, some students also have felt overwhelmed by all of the information that is presented all at once. We took the best of both worlds and moved our adult piano course into a way that you will enjoy learning, and enjoy finding your love for the piano.


While some students learn to play the piano at a young age, there are others who are just diving into the experience as an adult or as a teenager. We want you to feel empowered with your piano lessons in the Tulsa area. We do not want your students to be discouraged by seeing others that are much younger than them. We try to make sure that our adult students are taken care of and treated with utmost respect for the accomplishments that they are pursuing. If you have any thoughts that are discouraging, then it can absolutely be a difficult thing to stay motivated.


With all of that information, I would love to discuss what our curriculum is going through. It teaches our students to play some of their favorite songs. From Jeff Buckley, which is a great artist for playing songs on the piano, to Elton John. These are key artists that have helped many people enjoy piano music. We want every student to have a wonderful time with their piano lessons in the Tulsa area. Whether you are a beginner or a master that is looking for a different approach to what they are currently stuck in, we can make that happen for you.


There are many different ways to bring the curriculum into guidance. Some people want to learn chords and understand how chords can help them to play songs that they enjoy hearing. There is also the approach of finding lead sheet music which has the chord written above the staff, that way they can see the chords. There are many different ways to enjoy your piano lessons in the Tulsa area, and we would love to make that happen for anyone that is willing.


Don’t forget to read your sheet music. Sheet music is the type of music that has the piano notes written inside the staff. These staves include the bass clef and the treble clef. Each one of those are ways that you can understand where the notes are in conjunction with the piano keys. If you are having trouble, then our curriculum will push you in the right direction. 


Whenever you are ready to see just what it is that we can do for you, go ahead and fill out the form on our website. What this will allow you to do is begin taking piano lessons in the tulsa area, which is a great way to start. If you don’t know anyone that has been successful like you, we can give you many different testimonials. Everyone wants to have a great time learning the piano, and that is what we will do for you.


If you don’t know much about Curtis Music Academy and what separates us from other music studios, I would recommend checking out our differentiators which is a document specifically for how you can understand what we do. Rather than just providing you with a 30 minute lesson each week, we will help you to master your goals in between your weekly lessons. We want you to be successful and to master the piano in the quickest possible time. Go ahead and check us out for yourself, so that you can be mind blown.


If you have never experienced piano lessons in the Tulsa area, or you are looking to begin learning a new instrument, we have got the right team for you to be successful. Keep up the amazing practice and I am so thankful that you have taken the time to see your success with the piano grow.