PIano Lessons In Tulsa | Comfortable Space

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Alrighty. This next point is about having a comfortable space for learning an instrument. It is very imperative actually that your environment is conducive to assist with learning in piano lessons in Tulsa. And what I mean is if your environment is working against the learning experience, then you are not being effective. You are losing effectiveness because,you can’t teach or you know, you can’t be as effective as you would be. So it’s ineffective actually. So you know, your environment assists. Think of everything as assisting you with helping to bring the student to their potential or their goal. You know, even down to, you know, do you have beverages, do you have a bathroom? 


You know, if your student is wiggling in the chair, they’re not going to be as focused as when they are. If, if they’ve got a bathroom, they can run to the restroom before the lesson so they’re not wiggling around just having resources and, you know, just ways for the student to help you and help themselves stay focused and stay, you know, engaged throughout the entire 45, 30, you know, one hour piano lessons in Tulsa. And so, environment is key is one of the keys. It’s not just the key, it’s one of the keys.


 And so anyways, without further ado, my name is Steven. I’ve been an instructor for six years going on six years now. And, I’ve loved every minute of it. It has been a very, very fun and enjoyable experience getting to teach kids of all ages, of all different, you know, backgrounds and experiences. And I’ve gotten to teach so many of them from so many different ages to ethnicities to, backgrounds and different States, you know, just all around. I’ve loved it. It’s been very, very fun and I don’t regret any of it whatsoever. And so,we are talking about how and why a comfortable space for learning an instrument is important. So having a comfortable space for learning an instrument. Like I said, you know, it’s key to piano lessons in Tulsa. 


It’s one of the keys. It’s one of the things that will either make or break or assist or a desist you with,or hinder or work against you when it comes to helping your students reach their goals longterm in piano lessons in Tulsa. You never want your space or anything else to interfere with the learning experience and the effectiveness of your learning experience. You know, it’s so important that we are in space where we feel comfortable. Because when you’re comfortable, you know, a student who isn’t comfortable, they have a hard time wanting to maybe even ask questions, maybe why, maybe because they’re so, you know, their mind is so occupied with the uncomfortability, uncomfortability with the environment. 


And also maybe just it’s on their mind. And so when they would have asked the question, this is maybe a time where they would not ask a question, why? Because they simply, they got, they feel like they have too much on their mind until they just don’t ask it, you know, or maybe, you know, they’re not as engaged, or really kind of being engaging with you during the lesson because they’re thinking about, Oh man, there’s a leak on the roof, you know, or, you know, they’re, they’ve gotta use the restroom and there’s no bathroom.


 And so they’ve got to hold it. And so that, that, that’s all they can think about the entire lesson. And then, you know, they’re paying sometimes 30, 45 to even 55 bucks for one lesson, depending on how long the time is. And they end up, you know, leaving because they feel like, man, the environment is just not conducive. You know, I’ve got to make sure I’ve got to use the bathroom beforehand and go to the Rondo quick trip or something else, go before I go. 


Don’t, you know, go to the restroom before I leave home. And sometimes they don’t do that, you know? So if you’ve got a bathroom, if you’ve got area for people to wash their hands, maybe you even have, you know, better things like beverages, things like that. You know, you’ve got air conditioning, you know, you’ve got a fan. If it’s hot in the room, you’ve even got a, you know, even when it comes to cold and heat, it’s important to have an air conditioning, air conditioner or even a fan in the room so that in, during the summers, during those hot seasons, they can, stay cool and they’re not occupied with how hot they are so that they can pay attention in piano lessons in Tulsa. 


Likewise the opposite, you know if it’s cold in there, you know we’re in the winter season now here in Tulsa, Oklahoma and it’s very cold. It’s in the 40 degrees and so that means that in the houses in our, in the Academy it’s going to get colder naturally. And as their guitar teacher, I want them to be at their best all the time. And so we have heating and air, we have heaters, we have even space heaters if we need to. So make sure that the students are comfortable and so because we realize how important it is, you know also when it comes to having a comfortable space for learning guitar, not only for the is this important but for the parent is this important? 


You know the student is the one taking the lesson but the parent is the one sitting outside in the car or in our lobby where there are comfortable sofas and hot drinks during the winter and cold drinks during the summer and refreshing tea and water if they need it. And a restroom when when needed. That is a comfortable environment for piano lessons in Tulsa, not only for the student but also for the teacher or guardian who is there, you know, waiting on the student to finish their lesson however long it may be. 


And so as we can see, you know, having a comfortable space for learning guitar is very important. And as an example, you know, for my own life or for my own guitar experience, I’ve been in, you know, environments where giving, getting a guitar lesson, I was at someone’s home and it was loud, there were other kids and it was the mother was teaching me and the kids kept coming out and asking the mom questions and crying and yelling and screaming and it was interrupting the lesson. And you know, if you’re paying for that, thankfully I was not paying for that at the time, but if I was paying for that, I would feel like getting gypped a little bit. 


And I would be immediately, probably at that very time thinking of how else can I spend my money where I am not being distracted by this person. And you know, she was a friend of mine and you know, the last thing I want to do is have to look for someone else because of a non assisting environment. How about another example where I was taking piano lessons in Tulsa from who is now my brother in law who is an amazing guitar player and he had tons of tons of instruments around his in his house. He actually lived, he actually turned his home into a home studio where he helped bands and himself even recorded music. 


And so he had a drum set, he had bass guitars, electric guitars. He had a big cool computer with a music mixing console and you know, a booth where he could sing and play guitar. And he had glass where you could see inside of the singing booth with a guitar. And the mixing keyboards were, and that was a very great environment for music. It encouraged me and it inspired me to see, Oh man, look, you know, if I learn guitar I can do some of these things and myself when I get older. And so that was, I would say is a more conducive environment. And is a more, effective environment. Why? 


Because it has to do with music. You know, an environment that is about what you’re actually learning is going to be very helpful because why? You’re surrounding yourself with what you’re learning. You know, I want to learn in an environment where, you know, it, my environment also teaches me piano lessons in Tulsa. I think that’s actually kind of a profound statement right there. You know, when I’m learning a lesson, I want my environment to teach me the piano lessons in Tulsa as well. If you’re in the woods trying to hunt, you know, you’re outdoors. That is your environment and you’re trying to hunt. You don’t want to be indoors trying to hunt deer, you know, learn how to shoot a deer. You want to be outside in the environment. Learning how to shoot deer. That is one way and how important it is to have a comfortable space of learning and learning piano lessons in Tulsa.