Piano Lessons In Tulsa | Staying the Course

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All right. So this podcast is about how to persevere and stay the course. Now, what we’re talking about when we talk about persevering and staying the course, it’s about enduring and persevering through the pains, through the challenges, through the adversity of learning your said instrument and staying the course, the path setting, you know, reaching the small goals so that you can in turn have the result and have the success of reaching your ultimate goal. That is how we, to you know, we’re going to persevere and stay the course, how we’re going to do that. How do you do that? 


How do you persevere, say the course? Well, first, without further ado, my name is Steven and I’ve been an instructor for six years and I’ve loved every minute of my instructing mini career so far. I love teaching kids. I love teaching people, because teaching is education and education is growth and growth is life and betterment of yourself and others around you. And so I’ve loved what I get to do. It is extremely enjoyable and I have so much fun. I meet new people, meet new students, I meet, I have new experiences, I learn as I teach. I think one of the greatest things that you can do and one of the best ways to learn is actually to teach. 


And so without further ado, how do we persevere and stay the course in our piano lessons in Tulsa? My, in my experience, I’ve had many occasions where I’ve had adversity, I’ve had challenges and circumstances that were difficult to overcome. It was hard to persevere and it was hard to stay the course because of these instances because of these certain circumstances or situations and, but you’ve got to, you know, in order to persevere and to stay the course, I believe that your goal, your why, the reason why you’re doing your purpose for learning, your purpose for learning, the guitar, your purpose for taking piano lessons in Tulsa, you know, the purpose of doing anything has to be strong enough to get you through the pursuit, the, the persecution, so to speak, person, persevere. 


I think perseverance, same words used as persecution, something adversity upon you or what you’re doing. I like to, I like to think that, Hey, my goal’s gotta be strong enough to get me through any adversity it’ll take to get there. So it’s important to know why I’m doing what I’m doing. And when your why is strong, strong enough, it’ll carry you through anything. When your why is strong enough, you can get through almost any how it’s important that we take the time to ask ourselves, you know, why am I doing what I’m doing? Why am I taking piano lessons in Tulsa from this incredible guitar teacher in Tulsa? 


Why am I taking music lessons? Why am I learning piano in piano lessons in Tulsa? Your purpose for learning piano, you would say in the beginning of your lesson is probably, Hey, I just want to be good. It’s just fun. You know?that’s, that’s great. But I’ll tell you what, once it gets hard, you’ll quit. You may just quit once. It gets a little too hard. So you know what is your why. Not to mention, you know you’re spending money on this. You’re spending $30 or more a week on a lesson. You know how much money that is? 120 bucks a month. You know how much that is a year. It’s over $2,000 a year. When you look at it like that, you know, if you’re spending two grand on anything, you want to make sure that a, that thing is gonna last because that thing costs you a lot. Your guitar education costs you a lot. So make sure you know why you’re doing it so that you don’t let that money go down the drain halfway through the year. 


when you know your why, you can endure almost anyhow. How are you getting there? You know, how hard is it? How difficult is it? How painful is it? You know, when you have a strong, when you know your why and your why is strong enough, it’ll carry you and take you and help you persevere through any how, any journey. So understanding your why and having a a strong enough why is I think the key to persevering and staying the course. So you may ask Stephen, what is your why? Why do you teach? Well, I believe that teaching people is bringing glory to God. I’m a Christian. I believe that Jesus Christ is the one and only way the truth and the life and that there is no other way except for him. 


I believe that I am called to set people on fire for God with my gifts and my talents and one of them is to teach, to share, to show, to demonstrate, to show the goodness, the incredible intricate, beautiful creation that music is that God has created. Why is it created? Well, it’s created to glorify him. So anything that I learn with guitar, I’m using as a a tool to be able to build into carve and to paint and to create something amazing for the Lord to lift up a sound that is beautiful and pleasing to his ears. That is why music exists to serve the Lord and to serve it well. I say to serve the Lord as in the chief deity, the only deity, but it is also used in ceremonies like you know, funerals or parties or happy, you know, birthday parties or or maybe just to relax.


 Music is a, is a capsule, music is fluid, music is like water and can be used with power and strength like in a tsunami or with tranquility. Like whenever you’re, you know, just tr whenever you’re next to a waterfall or a nice beautiful river and it’s just peaceful music is like water, it’s neutral. It can be used to fit almost anything that you put it into. So be careful with what and how you use it. And one, one of the things we want to do is use it for the glory of the Lord. We’ve got what we’ve got. So you know, there’s many scriptures on this just talking about, you know, make a joyful noise. 


S play skillfully as unto unto the Lord whatever you do, you know, and the new Testament says whatever you do, do it as unto the Lord. You know, if whatever you do, if whatever your, if whatever gig you’re at, you know, whatever song you play, do it as unto the Lord, whatever, you know, whatever you do, whatever chord you play, whatever you learn, do it as unto the Lord, not as anti-human masters. You know, it is the Lord God you are serving. So that is why I do it. Why? That is my why to set so the people can know the Lord. So to bring glory to God so that see that music, the the, so that they see the Lord and music. You see God and music. Yes. So that is why I do it so that people can see the God, the Lord, the Lord Jesus Christ in music. 


So they can see love in music so they can see the beauty in piano lessons in Tulsa. So they can see the incredible creator who created this thing called music. So that is my why. My my why helps me endure almost anyhow. Is it tough to teach? Is it, is it time consuming? Yeah, a little bit. I create systems to help me be more efficient with my time while teaching piano lessons in Tulsa. And I have got 22 almost 23 students now in piano lessons in Tulsa. And so if that doesn’t tell you, Hey, you know, I’m doing this guy’s doing something or that something is being done right to manage these students. There you go. You know, every, every week I actually set aside time to manage to plan these students.


 And that is how I can still actually execute well and know what it is I’m going to teach. That’s the only way to do it. Really. You’ve got to set aside time to think about it, to plan it, to actually decide on what is it, what is it that you’re going to teach? That’s the key right there. So, you know, that’s how I stay the course is knowing why I do this. You know, I do this to bring glory, glory to God. And I do it through teaching music right now and soon it’ll be through actually making music in piano lessons in Tulsa. And so I’m really excited about that and really looking forward to that music career. and so, you know, that helps me endure, you know, maybe a student that is going through health issues. You know, I’ve had a student who went through cancer, had cancer. So it’s important that, you know, we know our why, because it’ll help us endure almost any how.