Piano Lessons in Tulsa | Purchasing A Piano

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And today’s topic of piano lessons in Tulsa. We will be discussing all of the amazing things that are available to musicians worldwide and these things are ancient. They are the most satisfying of all different types of opportunities for and instrumentalists like you. If you are reading this, chances are you are a piano player and you are digging through our website. Just trying to get a better idea of what Curtis Music Academy is all about and the thing about it is today we will be discussing the ancient and historic idea of the piano. 


Now you may be sitting there and thinking, well wait a second, everyone knows about the piano. It’s not ancient. Well, we live in a day where pianos, especially when people do not take lessons in Tulsa, are becoming more and more rare. We are living in a day where people would much rather purchase a keyboard that is about 20 pounds that they can haul around from one place to another without having to hire he ano movers. 


So through this, you may actually find yourself realizing that pianos are quite inexpensive if you purchase them used, if you purchase them new, they are usually just about as expensive as they always are unless you get a cheaper brand like Pearl River, which is a very affordable brand new piano. You would love having one of those if you take piano lessons in Tulsa. I In fact, I have one myself and I love it. Not the best sounding piano, not the best action on a piano, but you know what? It works and it looks great and I enjoy it quite a lot. 


So because of that you have many different options that you can use to utilize a piano or a keyboard. So if you are interested in purchasing a piano and you are just looking for a brand new hobby, well here is what I would recommend to you. You can think about this in many different ways, but whenever someone begins a new hobby, typically this individual does not go out and splurge thousands upon thousands of dollars to get started on a new hobby. This is why taking piano lessons in Tulsa is a great idea.


No, you would not do that. So because of that, there are quite a few different options for you as a beginner. That is looking to get started with piano lessons in Tulsa. And the thing that I typically recommend is either looking for a used piano online or another way that you could do it is to purchase a low end weighted keyboard. And if you purchase a weighted keyboard, it essentially functions the same way as a piano. It requires you to push a little bit harder on the keys than it would on an unweighted keyboard, but it’s still not the exact same feel as a piano. And so because of that, there are quite a few different ways to maximize the you fullness in your piano playing and through your fingers. But that is what I recommend. Either get a cheap used piano or a weighted keyboard, either of those options will help you not have to spend thousands of dollars. 


And if you go on the Facebook marketplace here in 2019, you will likely find that there are many different people selling pianos and that they are simply just trying to get rid of a piano. And so they’re selling it for rather cheap or inexpensive. And you also have the other people who have a junk piano who literally just, it’s not worth anything. They’re not taking piano lessons in Tulsa, so they’re not interested in keeping their piano in great condition. And of course they can’t sell it because nobody wants to buy it. 


Nobody wants to move it because it’s chunk. So you have to be careful. You have to figure out what it is that you’re looking for. When it comes to a piano, you have to kind of have an idea of what is junk and what is not junk. And so that is what we will be discussing right now. How do you know whether a used piano is junk or whether or not it’s worth the small amount of money that they’re requesting? So here’s how I recommend going through and figuring out if a piano is worth it. 


If you’re playing the piano and you play a few different notes and the notes sound very strange to an untrained ear, if you just play one note and it sounds like it’s out of tune, that is actually very, very easily fixed. It’s usually not a big deal. Uh, that just takes a tuner to come out to your house and tune the piano. Typically a tuner will tune a piano for somewhere a hundred and 150 depending on where you are located. 


And if you’re thinking about piano lessons in Tulsa, I have a long list of awesome and excellent piano tuners, so feel free to reach out to us for a few contact if that’s what you need, regardless if it sounds out of tune. When you play one individual note, it’s usually not a big deal. The worst thing that could happen is that the piano is so old and it hasn’t been tuned in so long that if a piano tuner comes out to tune it, he literally cannot tighten the strings because if he does, it will be, again, breaking the strings. 


So a piano, the tension on the strings will decrease in tightness over time. And a piano needs to be tuned to periodically so that the tightness continues to hold. And once it goes pretty far down, it’s really hard to tune it back up because then you’re going to get into broken strings all throughout. So because of that, you gotta be careful. 


You really want your piano to be tuned. But all of that to say, assuming it’s just a few notes here and there, that sounded a little bit out of tune. It’s really not a difficult fence. Your piano tuner shouldn’t have any problem tuning it, so don’t worry about that. Here’s what you have to look out for. Play all 88 keys on the piano. You can play them one by one. You don’t have to be a master piano player in order to go through and play every single note and just make sure that they’re all working. Or, if you taking piano lessons in Tulsa at Curtis Music Academy, we would love to help you pick out a piano.


Basically, there’s quite a few different mechanics to ensure that a piano is playing correctly. There is the actual act of pressing down a key on the piano and then that lever hits another mechanism, which in turn allows the hammer on the piano lessons in Tulsa to strike the strings. Depending on whether this is an upright piano, a spinet piano, or a grand piano, it is going to change the way that the mechanics are used in the piano and you just want to make sure that the mechanics are all moving correctly. 


So I would recommend just playing each and every note on the piano from the bottom to the top and typically for whatever reason, and I actually don’t know the answer to this, but typically the very bottom note and that very top note, there are many times where those two notes just don’t work. I personally have a piano right now where the bottom note and the top note are no longer working and that is perfectly fine. 


You’re just never going to use those two notes in a song. I shouldn’t say never. There are songs but it’s, it’s not a big deal. You’re not going to be sacrificing a lot to get a cheap piano lessons in Tulsa that doesn’t have the bottom and top notes working. It’s perfectly fine if there’s a lot of notes in the middle or around the piano that are not working. It’s probably not one that you would want to get first of all because if a note isn’t working, it’s much more difficult to play a song that uses that note for obvious reasons, but also it kind of gives you, gives you an indication of where the piano is headed. 


As far as maintenance is concerned, there’s going to be more keys that are going to break a, it requires either you getting fixed for the piano lessons in Tulsa or it would require you to simply work around using that specific note, which is not something you want to do as a beginning student. So I recommend just playing every single note. If all of the notes are playing, they’re all moving, go to the pedals, make sure that pedals are working, and then from there you should have a very good indication of whether or not this piano is a good piano to purchase or not.