Piano Lessons in Tulsa | No Brain Offer

This content was created for Curtis Music Academy

Right now we will be talking and discussing and conversing about why it is very important to provide a $1 lesson for anyone to walk in the door and take a lesson for just $1. Why is that important? Why do we do that and what is the importance for the $1 lesson for anybody that wants to take piano lessons in Tulsa or perhaps even just to guitar lessons in Tulsa or even vocal lessons in Tulsa. All of these things that somebody might be interested in doing is going to help tremendously for anyone that wants to take lessons. 


Now, the reason that we provide a $1 lesson for anyone to come and try us out is for a very specific purpose. The reason is so that anyone can come and give us a try and that they can learn a tremendous amount in just 30 minutes and that they would be so blown away at the awesome structure of the lessons that they would be hard pressed not to continue taking lessons because of the value that they received on that first lesson. 


And I mean the value of the lesson, not the value of what they learned for $1. Although that is certainly very true. How could you not feel like $1 is going to go a long way, but the whole reason that we provide your first piano lesson in Tulsa for just $1 is so that you can come and explain what it is that you’re looking to accomplish. For instance, some people are looking to play music on their worship team. Some people are looking to master the instrument and learn to play Chopin or perhaps even Mozart or Beethoven. 


All of those things are going to provide the way that we structure our lessons. We are very conscious about the things that our students want to learn and we want to provide a awesome experience for them regardless of what it is that their goals are. So if they are looking to play Justin Bieber, then we’re going to structure our piano lessons in Tulsa  a little bit differently than someone that is looking to play Mozart or Beethoven. 


And for that reason that’s we provide a $1 lesson so that our students can come in. Explain what it is that they are looking to accomplish and then help them understand that there is a specific pathway for those students to come and learn and understand everything that it is that they can accomplish through taking lessons. 


With that being the case, many students are unaware at first what it is that piano lessons in Tulsa even entails. So in that first lesson, not only will they receive a foundation for understanding a instrument, they will also move forward with understanding the concepts that go into taking lessons and they will understand the new adventure that is awaiting them. 


So some students are kind of intrigued in what lessons might be like perhaps they’ve always wanted to play the piano, but they never seriously thought about taking piano lessons in Tulsa or they never seriously thought of themselves as a piano player until they see that they can take a lesson for just $1. And when they’re able to see that they can take a lesson for that specific purpose, it’s a no brainer. It totally fits within what they’re looking to accomplish, which is just understanding what piano lessons are all about. 


And so because of that, it provides them with the opportunity to do that. Whereas some people may never decide to take lesson simply because they just don’t know what to expect and that intimidates them and we want to take the intimidation factor completely out of the piano lessons in Tulsa. We don’t want our students to feel intimidated. We want them to feel empowered and encouraged and the truth is anyone can learn to play the piano. 


Anyone can learn to sing, anyone can learn the guitar. The only thing that prevents people from learning is the longevity in which they are willing to stick with it and continue through and persevere through the hard times so that they continue learning. If you think of any athlete, especially baseball, baseball comes to my mind because anyone who’s ever played in a major league game once started in a minor league farm system. 


If you’re unfamiliar with how Major League Baseball teams work, it’s really interesting because they’re, it doesn’t matter how good a player is, they actually never throw them right into major league. They always start them in minor league and then they have to work themselves up through the system and so because of this, it’s kind of this parallel with playing an instrument because a lot of times someone that’s learning an instrument is so close to reaching the success that they’re looking for. 


That all that it takes is just to persevere a little bit longer and they will be able to make that happen but if they don’t stick through it, a lot of minor league baseball players actually make barely any money which causes quite a few of them them to give up and face reality I suppose you could say and that causes them to move forward with what they’re trying to accomplish. But with learning an instrument, it’s very similar situation because as you are persevering, as you are continuing with what it is that you’re looking to achieve, you stick with it and you continue on learning to play the piano. 


It’s very important for you as a musician to continue to buckle down, to stick with it to practice and that is what it takes. Now we have had many students that are on the extremes of perhaps both ends. The first extreme is the fact that some students are gung ho about learning and then they practice for one week and then life catches up with them and then they stopped practicing and they never learned the piano. 


They quit taking piano lessons in Tulsa because they’re simply unable to continue the consistency of learning an instrument. Whereas the other extreme is some people dive in and they just never stop practicing. They sit down for their first $1 lesson and then all throughout the course of every single week they just stopped practicing. 


They continue through it and they don’t ever stop practicing. So this is what is required to learn an instrument. If you think of children that are learning an instrument versus adults, it’s a very common misconception that adults are unable to learn an instrument or perhaps they’re unable to learn it at the same rate as a child. And that is absolutely false. 


It’s absolutely false. We have seen many success stories of many adult students that take piano lessons in Tulsa with us and they are absolutely successful with learning an instrument. So if you have any concerns about being an adult that is unable to achieve, being able to play a instrument, sign up for your first $1 lesson, it’s a no brainer. And we would love to provide you piano lessons in Tulsa.