Piano Lessons in Tulsa | What Will My First Lesson Be Like?


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What happens when you schedule your first $1 lesson at Curtis Music Academy? That is a great question and we hear it very frequently. What happens when I book a $1 lesson? What can I be expecting? Who will be my instructor? Well, I learn a lot of information for just $1 or will I just sit there and you guys will talk about all of your policies and all of your requirements for taking piano lessons in Tulsa? The answer is a solid no. You will not be sitting on a couch hearing a lecture about all of Curtis Music Academy’s achievements, awards, and details. No, of course not. When you come we will discuss briefly about what it is that Curtis Music Academy offers. 


However, once we have a solid foundation of your goals and what it is that you, you are looking to accomplish, then we will go through and help you to begin taking the first step toward mastering your goals. So if you are looking to play music and your goal for instance is to be a composer that writes music like Chopin. 


Then what we are going to do is we are going to lay out a pathway to help you to achieve your goal in the shortest amount possible so that you can be out of the door and you can feel encouraged about what it is that you have learned in your first lesson so that you can be on the right trajectory of accomplishing your goals and being an awesome musician that composers music just like Chopin. So if that is your goal, that’s what we would do. But perhaps your goal is a little bit different. Let’s pretend that your goal is to play music and be on Justin Timberlake’s band when he performs live. These are great goals and this is something that we would love to help you achieve. 


So because of that, what we would do is we would simply begin explaining music through the Lens of Pop music and going through and we would focus on all of the things that would be pertinent to the things that you are looking to achieve. Like being on Justin Timberlake’s band. So because of that, there’s all sorts of different things that allow students to take different pathways when learning and music musical instrument, but that’s what we would want to focus on. We would want to figure out what it is that we can do to maximize the effectiveness of our piano lessons in Tulsa with you. And that’s what the first lesson is for. 


We are setting you up for success by hearing about your goals so that we can maximize your experience and give you the most efficient route to learning an instrument. And this is great. It is so much fun to hear what it is that a student is looking to achieve and move forward with accomplishing their goals. And all of those things are incredibly important when you take piano lessons in Tulsa very frequently, and I cannot express this enough from my own experiences of taking lessons so many times when I was starting out and wanting to take lessons, the instructor wouldn’t even ask me what it is that I’m looking to learn or what it is that is motivating me to take piano lessons in Tulsa. A lot of times we would just get there into the lesson and then he would ask me what do you want to learn today? 


And it was a very frustrating experience for myself because if I knew what I wanted to learn,thenI’m essentially preparing for my own piano lessons in Tulsa as opposed to the instructor doing the work to prepare for that same lesson. Whereas what we do at Curtis Music Academy, we have the end goal in mind, not the immediate goal because of course if you’re a guitar and if you’re a guitar player then perhaps you know you might be interested in learning about soloing. 


But perhaps where you’re at right now isn’t where we would want to be for Halloween. We would first want to talk about the pentatonic scale or the major scale prior to talking about soloing. So even though there are certain things that will help us to step by step, go through the things that you’re wanting to learn, we have the end goal in mind and we know exactly what it is that we should be doing to get you to accomplish that goal. Many times. That is the biggest thing that is missing from other instructors. The thing that is missing is the hard work that it takes to prepare for the piano lessons in Tulsa and also the half the way of success for our students to grow in a way that makes the most logical sense for them to receive the instruction that they are looking to achieve. 


So all of these things will help you to maximize your experience with your piano lessons in Tulsa at Curtis Music Academy or elsewhere. Your goals are so important. The reason that you are walking in the door for the first time is a very important factor for your musicianship. Everybody has a reason that they’re walking in the door of our studio. It could be because they want to impress the girl that is across the room in their English class. Hey, if that’s your case, come on down. We’d love to help you impress that girl. 


It could be simply because you are just looking for something that you can do by closing your door, enjoying an experience of playing music all by yourself with no one around and just being able to be expressive and creative and enjoy the moment and we could absolutely make that happen. And so these reasons that you’re walking in the door are so huge because it helps us to move forward with helping you achieve the maximum potential of your goals. There’s no reason to talk about working up a song so that you can perform it in front of hundreds of people that also take piano lessons in Tulsa with us because you don’t even want to play in front of people if that’s you. You can come on out and you can be confident that we will not force you to perform if that’s something that you’re not looking to achieve. 


However, I will say by working up a song to be able to perform it in front of others is one of the most rewarding accomplishments that you will ever achieve by learning an instrument. If you’re not performing in front of people, then you are holding onto the gift and benefiting yourself, of course. But if you have anxiety about playing in front of others, it has every single musician has ever had then sign up for that first $1 lesson and tell us that you have no interest in performing. And then we will figure out a pathway to help you to get the full maximum potential during your piano lessons in Tulsa. You should have the ability to be able to enjoy music all by yourself and in your room. That’s a great opportunity for you to play music.