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And this edition of the Curtis music Academy podcast, we are going to be discussing how you can persevere and stay the course in piano lessons Tulsa. So without further ado, my name is Steven. I have been a musician for going on 12 years now this March and have loved every single minute of my music career, my musicianship career, however you would like to say that it has been incredible. Also I have been a, an instructor for five years going on six years and have worked at the Curtis music Academy for a year now, this December. And so it has been an incredible road. I have learned so much and have so much to teach and so much to learn myself when it comes to music and musicianship and teaching as well.

And the, some of the points we’re going to be discussing today are going to be how celebrating the little wins is crucial to helping you persevere and stay the course. Also, how you can not be so hard on yourself or critical of yourself when playing guitar. And then lastly, how to stay inspired to help you persevere and stay the course in your piano lessons Tulsa. So without further ado, again, my name is Steven and this is a podcast on how to persevere and stay the course in piano lessons Tulsa. So the first point I want to hit is going to be how you can celebrate the little wins or the small wins. However way you’d like to say that when it comes to your piano lessons Tulsa.

So in my experience, it is very, very helpful from the instructor’s position to celebrate the little wins. The small wins, the, the milestones along the way. When your students that accomplish a small milestone, a big milestone, it’s important that you as the instructor celebrate whenever your student has hit a milestone in their piano lessons Tulsa with you. It will encourage them to keep on learning. It will make them happy instead of sad that they accomplished, accomplished to something. It will make them feel good about themselves, a good about their piano lessons Tulsa and encourage them to want to play more, away from the guitar lesson, like when they’re at home or maybe even when they’re on a road trip with their family.

It kind of will help them just enjoy music overall if they see that progress is being made in their life or in their piano lessons Tulsa. So celebrating the small wins is going to be really, really, because little wins lead to big wins, right? Little wins will always lead to big wins. Little yeses will always lead to big yeses. Small nos will lead to big nose, so on and so forth. That concept can go, but it’s really important. I mean, imagine if we didn’t celebrate the little wins. You know, if we just let our students just kind of pass a milestone and their guitar where they, they’ve learned how to play a song and we didn’t celebrate, you know, how, how would that go over? How would that benefit? How would that provide encouragement to the student?

It would not encourage the student. It would discourage the student. If we don’t celebrate the little wins, if we don’t congratulate them for, for getting that scale down, for learning that cord for, you know, reaching the bar, the standard of excellence that you’re, you’re helping them shoot for, you know, there’s many little wins to, to celebrate. So let’s try to make sure we celebrate them all. And then, lastly or secondly, we’re going to be discussing, you know, how you can not be so hard or critical of yourself when, when, when playing guitar. So one way you can not be so hard on yourself. You know, we’re all hard on ourselves, you know, we all, we all want ourselves to be better than we actually are. And sometimes that, that we got to know where to put that in its place, what place to put that in, you know, so, it’s ha, it’s easy to criticize every detail of your performances.

It’s really, it’s really easy to be negative about everything. Right? That’s why so many people are, that’s why so many people are negative and don’t really learn to be positive, you know? That’s why so because it’s easier. It’s easier to be negative, it’s easier to not be good. It’s easier to steal than to work hard for things, right. So we all, oftentimes we take the easy way out, the easy way out of things and when we really should take the hard way. So it’s, sometimes it’s, it’s always actually not just sometimes, but it’s always going to be beneficial when you are positive about your accomplishments and positive with yourself along the way.

Encouraging yourself as a student and also instructors encouraging our students to, to not be so hard on themselves when learning and especially as beginners because in the beginning stages of a, of a baby walking, a parent won’t be mad at the baby for, for falling when they attempt to walk. No. Instead they will say, all right, come on, get back up. Try again. That is what we will do with our babies. Why not with adults who are trying to learn guitar or little students who are trying to learn guitar? It’s the beginning phase of a lifetime of music. So the beginning phases, there should be much grace. There should be a lot of grace, a lot of patience with learning how to do a new skill, how to walk, how to talk, how to play, how to jump, right?

There’s, there’s a grace whenever you don’t know what you’re doing. And so that’s why we have leaders, right? That’s why we have instructors. And so they’re there so that you’re not going to be so hard on yourself to where you discourage yourself from playing the instrument. And then another point I want to hit is not being so critical of yourself. You know, critical, critical is just over kind of like over analyzing every detail in a negative light. And so it’s going to be really important that you are, instead of critical. You know, your, you’re continuously and consistently positive and think on the bright side and, and say, Hey, you know, I may have missed that note, but I’m going to try again.

And this time if I don’t get it, I’m going to try again and again until I get it right. The important thing is that we reached the goal. The important thing is not that we do it perfectly all the time. Perfection isn’t the goal. Progress is the goal. That’s one key point I want you guys to take away is that perfection isn’t the goal, but progress. We want to be progressive musicians, progressive instructors, progressive students, not perfect instructors, not perfect students. Progressive. And my last point, you know how important it is to stay inspired. I want to kind of share with you a few tips of mine and how I’ve stayed inspired throughout my music career. How I have continued to grow and learn and be good at what I do. It’s been a road.

It’s been, it’s been tough. It’s been, it’s taken a lot of diligence. It’s taken, you know, time it’s taken, you know, many different attempts, many, many attempts to, to stay inspired and to continue, to continue learning, to continue growing, to keeping that fire going in my soul, in my heart when it comes to music, because I love music. Right? So a few ways you can stay inspired is, you know, listening to music that you love. You know, I would ask yourself, what music do you love to listen to? Who are your favorite artists?

What are your favorite genres? And also YouTube videos, you know, you know, finding out what does inspire you and pay attention to what kind of lights your fire pertaining to music. Is it seeing a live concert where it music, the musicians are incredible. That’s inspires me. What about watching YouTube videos of live performances? What about listening to really well produced music? All of those things can help you stay inspired. So without further ado, this is how you can stay in, persevere and stay the course with your piano lessons Tulsa. You can celebrate the little wins. Don’t be so hard and critical of yourself. And it’s so, so important to have fun and to stay very inspired.