Piano Lessons Tulsa | How You Can Master Practicing the Piano

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It’s just so much more difficult that way. It’s easier for you to get the fingering down and all of that stuff. When you are slowing it down back to normal speed, the next thing that you can do, it’s just again slow to use a metronome when you need to using a metronome. It’s really underrated. It’s definitely an underrated practice tip. When you slowed down to a speed on a metronome, it helps you to keep track of time and it also gives you a sense of rhythm inside of your head. So I really truly think that it kind of works on that and puts it rhythm inside your head where it might not be before. So it’s easier for you to judge the speed of a song based on having a Metro in the background.


 So if you have been listening to it frequently and regularly, you have a really good gauge on what speed song’s supposed to go at and you can kind of mimic that in your head. It gives you a much better sense of rhythm in piano lessons Tulsa. It helps you to master that instrument for sure. So the next thing that I want to talk about is listening to other pianists. So that’s the thing that isn’t really underrated. But as you’ll see in any other hobby, whether it be sports or something like that, if we’ve got a athlete that wants to go professional, he’s going to spend his time, he or she, okay, they’re going to spend their time watching and observing other athletes, you know, seeing what they do and how they can mimic that. 


Because watching people do something is an incredibly effective way to do it yourself in piano lessons Tulsa. So if you watch something over and over again, or for a number of your listening to piano over and over again, you’re listening to the professionals, it’s going to come a lot more naturally to you and it will be able to listen with your ears. It’s kind of a sense of sort of your training in that where if you’re able to hear with your ears and start to, you know, hear that in your head, it’s going to be so much easier for you to focus on the stuff that you’re wanting to do and to continue in your music in piano lessons Tulsa. 


So that’s something that I think is really, really critical. Another thing that you can do is simply just rest. So it’s really easy to get wrapped up and going on a pilot and start to play the piano, sit down and you know, work really, really hard for 45 minutes and then you’re like, Oh man, I’ve done all my stuff. What do I do next? It’s incredibly critical as it is with any other facet of life that you take time to rest when you’re learning the piano. If you’re not taking time to rest, you are going to get burnt out. I think that’s just how it goes and anything in life, truly, if you are focusing solely on working and not focusing on taking time for yourself, whether that just be a mental break. 


Even if it’s just a break and not stopping altogether after you play over and over and over again, it’s really important that you take a minute to rest because you’re not going to be in your proper keenness mental state when you’re exhausted and when you’re worn out. So that’s something that you can do when you’re taking piano lessons Tulsa. It’s just to take a break from practice. At times. Um, it’s not healthy to practice all the time. So it’s something that you can do. It’s really easy. Another thing this article points out is that after you’ve listened to these awesome solos or you’ve been listening to your favorite pianists, it’s really awesome if you’re able to take their solos and their music and start to make it better or find out what you like better. So if they play something and a minor key and you’re like, Oh man, I really liked the way this for like the way the sounds, but it’s a little bit difficult. 


You can take it, take the skill that it’s based on all the things like that and you can mold it and mend it to make it your own. And this not only sharpens your piano playing skills, but it sharpens your, your training skills and sharpens your composition skills. Oh, those things. By doing that, you’re able to imitate and almost begin to create your own music out of someone else’s, which is really awesome in a lot of piano players don’t have that skill. Some of them because they haven’t taken the time to do it. Perhaps if you take the time after you’ve listened to these awesome piano players and then you sit down at the piano and try to see if you could make it even better and it’s going to make you a much better piano player in every single regard. So that’s something that really is really awesome that you can do in your piano lessons Tulsa and at home it’s just a practice.


 Innovate, make it better. And lastly, to end and start with something fun. If you’re not doing fun things while you’re taking piano lessons Tulsa or playing the piano, yeah, you’re going to get bored. It’s really something to be said about instructors who teach their students things that their teachers, their students don’t want to learn. That student is probably going to get burnt out as well. Somewhat because they just, you know, they are not learning what they’re wanting to do. They’re not being fed in that way. And if that’s the case, then it’s going to be really hard for them to keep keep on it and to keep excited about it. So we want to keep all of our students excited by starting and ending their practice with fun. And that’s all I’ve got for this next edition at the Curtis music Academy podcast.