Piano Lessons Tulsa | Praising your Students

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it’s really, really awesome. But one of the things that you can do, it’s just praise your student when they start to do things. While it’s one of the things that can be really encouraging to them and will make them want to practice more because they are getting recognition for their hard work, things like that. So the number five, the thing that you can do is talk with your instructor regularly to keep track of what the student is learning in piano lessons Tulsa. So we do make an effort as instructors, we want to make sure that they know that we should involve the parents because the parents are the people who will be home with them. And it’s really important that the parent knows what they’re practicing and working with. But a lot of parents might take a more hands off approach to their student’s learning.

And we found through studies when I was looking to format this article, that it’s really, really important that the parent is involved in their piano lessons Tulsa and is keeping track of what they’re learning and working on.That way they’re able to help them at home. So it’s really difficult for parents to help their student if they’re not, don’t have any idea what they’re learning or what they’re supposed to be working on. So number six, the next thing that you can do is to quiz the student by having them identify common notes on the piano. So fun.

Things like this are just a way for especially beginner students should say, to remember their notes and to keep track of them. I know that even as you progress farther, sometimes it’s easy to forget those notes that you’ve been working on. But if a parent can make it fun by quizzing the student, having them find certain notes, that’s a really way that they can encourage their students and just keep them active. So if they don’t want to practice like a lot of students don’t, you could turn it into a bit of a game. This is what I was talking about earlier about being encouraging and making it a fun activity.

Another thing that you can do, number seven would be having the students practice space somewhere warm and inviting some of that they actually want to be. So I know a lot of parents, like if they’ve got a big piano, they kind of have it at this weird room by itself because there’s big heart, whatever it might be. But you want to make sure that the space that they’re practicing, it is a comfortable place. So this is the same thing that we’ve been emphasizing when we, you know, go over all of our, when we went over creating a new space, our studio space, so we did transition from a home to studio space home and we’ve put a lot of thought and effort and intention and to making it a warm and comfortable inviting place, a place where people actually want to be and not somewhere they have to be.

And that is something that we think we should, that should apply at home as well. So if a student has to go to the basement to study or upstairs by themselves, they’re going to be a lot less motivated to do so. So we want to make sure that at home you have it in somewhere that’s kind of warm somewhere open and comfortable somewhere that the student likes to be is that it doesn’t seem like an uncomfortable place and they’re more willing to practice. So definitely more willing to practice if the practice space is, you know, somewhere that they want to be. The next thing that you can do is have a student play their favorite piece from the previous lesson or any of the previous piano lessons Tulsa for that matter. Because having been played, their favorite piece is another way to be excited and other way to have their piano lessons Tulsa be exciting.

So if they’ve gotten something that they really like to play, they’re going to want to play that for you. And if you ask them about their favorites, it shows that you care, it shows that you’re involved and willing to be involved in their piano lessons Tulsas. So it’s really a big deal that you’re, you know, talking to your students about their favorite pieces and what they like to play and if they want to play it and if they enjoy playing it, they’re going to be a lot more apt to practice it. And even just general contact with the piano is so much better than not touching it all.

So even if instead of learning what they’re working on right now, instead of learning the current pieces, even if they’re just playing old pieces for you, that they really enjoy, just that contact with the piano is really critical for them to be keeping up with their piano lessons Tulsa and keeping up with all their notes and reading music and things of that nature.So number nine is consider a system of rule boards that encouraged the student to keep pushing through when it gets hard. So as some music academies, they do a reward system where they’ve got different tally markers and what you’re learning, things of that nature.

But at the end of the day, parents know their students the best and better than anyone else. So they know is motivating to them. And what kind of rewards would really help them practice. So you can do it a lot more, a lot better at home as a parent than we can at the music Academy because not all students are the same. And we recognize that. But you know exactly what makes your student tick and the things that would motivate them to practice even if they’re struggling with it and are not enjoying it. So number 10 would be if the student struggles with staying on track or you know, keeping keeping on track with what they’re supposed to be doing.

Consider splitting up the practice time into sections. So instead of maybe practicing for 30 minutes a day, maybe your student would do better if you practice for just half, 15 minutes at time or 10 minutes, three times a day. Smaller sessions, especially for younger kids are a lot better because their attention span is a lot less. So that’s one way that you can really just, since you do know your students, I’m going to better, you can really help them through encouraging them to score it out their practice type and make it fun and encouraging for them.

Lastly, one thing that a parent can do that’s really critical is remind the student of their goals and how what they are doing is working to reach their goals. So we want to make sure that our parents are constantly pushing their students to success through the goals that the students themselves set. But that is all that we work on here at Curtis music Academy. We want to make sure that our students are practicing and that we allow our parents to help them breakfast. So that’s why we’ve created this sheet to let the parents help practice so that they can know what they’re supposed to do and what their student is supposed to do.