Piano Lessons Tulsa | Celebrations

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The next thing that I want to talk about in this podcast is our celebrations. So I know I’ve done a ton of podcasts in the past about our celebrations and I’ll find they are, but we’re doing one that’s upcoming that we’ve been talking a lot about. Maybe I haven’t done a podcast on it yet, but we’re going to have one soon and I’m really excited about it and kind of what I’ve been doing for the last couple of weeks is prepping for that. Kelly and I both are doing a lot of work to prep for this new celebration and so I just want to go over, you know, what celebrations are, how we treat them, and how they’re different from other music academies that teach piano lessons Tulsa.

So you do know, I talked a ton about the Curtis music Academy differentiator sheet. This is what kind of distinguishes us from all the other music academies in the area, no matter, you know, what they’re, where they are, whether they’re in Tulsa or elsewhere, but it’s really just what we found that we’d do better than most other music schools. And we kind of pride ourselves on these couple of things. One of those things is our celebration. So a lot of music academies call them recitals and that kind of has a negative connotation, at least in my mind, in line of a lot of our students.

When I think of a recital, I think of some hot stuffy church somewhere that I don’t really want to be, smells a little weird and it’s kind of, you know, not comfortable. It’s not a comfortable place to learn and it’s certainly not a comfortable place to play. So you know, recital has a really negative connotation a lot of times to a lot of our students who take piano lessons Tulsa. So we call them celebrations because we want to celebrate the hard work of the students. That’s what they’re really for is to celebrate how hard our students I’ve worked in all the progress that they’ve made so that they can have a space to perform after piano lessons Tulsa.

We also just want us students have opportunities to perform, to share what they have learned with their family members, close friends. So celebrations for piano lessons Tulsa are a ton of fun. At Curtis music Academy, we make them so much more about just, it’s a fun party as opposed to some sort of boring thing that no one wants to be out. We want to just make it more fun than it is a performance. So some of our last celebrations, the first one that I remember before I even worked for Curtis music Academy was at the Tulsa zoo.

So you know anything about the zoo? I had no idea that even had, you know, theaters for first things like this, but they do apparently. So we had our celebration at the zoo. All of our students and their family’s gotten to come. You’ve got to walk around the zoo and see the animals and everyone got admission into the zoo with the ticket to that, to the venue. So super awesome for all of our students of piano lessons Tulsa. Our students got to play at the zoo and one of the theaters there, and then they got to go see all their favorite animals. So obviously it was just such a good way to draw number one to draw the students in.

They’re gonna actually want to come because they get to go to the zoo and that’s really awesome. And number two, it just might make them more comfortable to play. So if there is somewhere that they really want to be that kind of be a lot more apt to play. I know in my last podcast I talked about the importance of how some more comfortable, exciting to play, not somewhere boring and lame. So the zoom is definitely similar, really exciting and some are that our students wanted to eat. So I think that was super helpful for them to get to, you know, have that desire to, to play and things like that in piano lessons Tulsa.

So our celebrations are so much better than most of their celebrations in that way and that we try to do them at places that are fun and exciting and awesome. The next celebration that I remember, it was actually back in February and this was when we opened up our studio space for the first time because we had been using the studio space for about a week or so after we had opened it up. And it was so much fun. We had everyone over for an open house so that the parents could see this new space and we could have everyone over in it.

And it was a ton of fun. So what we did for that one was we had everyone over were outdoor games and chalk and bubbles. We’ve had a bouncy house in the front yard, which is just so awesome. So all of our students in their families, again got to come and have a good time. We also know the importance of being accepting about families and things of that nature. Out sends, a lot of, our students are young, they have a lot of younger siblings and it’s pretty important that we are, you know, taking the time to include the siblings and let the parents come in if they have things that can entertain the kids.

The parents are a lot more likely to come and have a good time, which means that the student can come and perform as well. So we want to be really accommodating to those families to make sure that everyone’s able to come. Because we really do want, we want everyone to come when everyone to come have a good time. So that’s one way that we can do that. And at that open house, we definitely did. There was lots of fun. We had coloring contest and they were just snacks in a photo booth and students got to perform in the living room in the same space that they’re used to playing in.

So I think that was actually really good for our students in the sense that they were used to playing in it. They were comfortable there. This is where they did all their practicing and things like that. So they were used to it and it was [inaudible] just a lot more comfortable for them than some sort of random venue that they’ve never actually been into. So that little celebration that we had at our house, the open house was so much fun for our students. Everyone really had a good time and it was just so casual and innocent in the best sense of the word. It was casual and that there was not a ton of pressure on the students, wasn’t a lot of pressure to perform.