Piano Lessons Tulsa | Maximizing the Effectiveness of Lessons

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And this edition of the Curtis music Academy podcast, I’m going to be talking about maximizing the effectiveness of our piano lessons Tulsa. Without further ado, my name is Steven Coronado. I have been an instructor at the Curtis music Academy for one year now and I have loved every single minute of it. It has been a joy to work with other instructors and students of all ages from five years old to 50 years old and I’ve learned a lot in the meantime of how to teach students in different approaches, different methods, different techniques. And so we will go into some of those things as we discuss Maxim maximizing effectiveness. And then I’ve also been a musician for 12 years coming this March and have enjoyed every year I’ve played music.

I’ve only grown in my skill, fallen, grown in my knowledge and ability and it’s something that you can do as well. And so without further ado, we’re discussing maximizing the effectiveness of piano lessons Tulsa. And my first point is going to be having clear goals and concise goals. My next point is going to be settings. Having an specific times set for each topic and thirdly, how you can use the edge method to help you increase the effectiveness of your piano lessons Tulsa. And so my name is Steven and my first point is going to be how you can have a clear goal and a concise goal. It’s important to have a clear and concise goal because without it you will be confused about where you’re going.

If you don’t have a clear and concise goal, it will bring up issues with yourself as the instructor and the student. As you begin to develop the piano lessons Tulsa moving forward and go through each lesson, you will start to sense that there is no end to the journey whenever you do not have a clear and concise goal. Having a clear and concise goal is going to be helpful to the the time limit of the the goal. It’s important to have this clear and concise goal because it will tell you when you’ve reached your destination, when you’ve stopped at the right place. It will also tell you when you’re done with the goal.

Next is having specific times set for each topic that you want to talk about in your lesson as an instructor, it’s important that you have monetized the set amount of time for your student on their lesson day. I understand that some instructors have 30 minutes students, 45 minutes students or hour long piano lessons Tulsa. I’ve got a few of all types in my own life and I teach about 1830 minute students about to 45 minutes students and two hour students. So about 22 students right now. And it’s really, really important to me to know where the time goes in that lesson, whether it’s 30 minutes, 45 minutes or an hour. I want to make sure that I am maximizing the effectiveness of every minute of the lesson time with my student.

And so to do that, I need to have specific times set for each topic that I want to discuss or talk about. And it just as a brief synopsis of what I actually do personally in my own piano lessons Tulsa is one, I have a specific time set for rapport building with the student. The number one thing you want to do at the beginning of your lesson is talk to your student. Candidly. You want to discuss their week by asking questions like how was your week? Or another question, what was the most exciting thing that happened this week for you? And you can go from there. It opens the door for conversation and it kind of relaxes your student and reminds them that they are not at an office building that is uptight or business-y, but they are at a very comfortable environment and gives them a sense of relaxation which will help them in the remaining time of their lesson.

Not only does this help them to relax, but it also increases the, uh, their ability to be effective, memorize things and have fun in their lesson with their instructor. And so that first section which lasts two minutes will be your rapport section. The section after that you will go into previewing what you will be discussing in your remaining lesson time, such as something that you guys will review your next, your content, what you want to discuss, whether that’s an old topic or a new topic. And then lastly how you’ll want to kind of wrap up by talking about any last tips, any last techniques that you can share to help them during the next following week in their practice. Lastly, you will discuss practicing, practicing at home and how in specific guidance on how they can practice most effectively at home during the week. And then you will stand up and leave the lesson room.

That is the way it will go. So having specific times set for each one of those sections is very, very, very important to your success in your piano lessons Tulsa. And if you have successful LEF lessons, successful piano lessons Tulsacompounded equals a successful month to a successful year to a successful student. And so it’s very important that we are good stewards of the time we have with our students. And so moving forward we, I personally set two minutes for the report section, about three to five minutes for the actually two minutes for the preview and then two to three minutes for review. I will then go into about 15 to 20 minutes for really about 15 minutes for the content of the, of the lesson, whether that’s new or old content. And also that section of content really does vary when it comes to a 30 minute, a 45 minute or an hour long lesson.

That’s the part that will and so, you know, two minutes of rapport, two minutes of preview and about three minutes of review will always stay the same, but mainly the content section of your lesson will either grow or diminish with the type of lesson that you are encountering. Then lastly, you’ll have actually double. Lastly, you’ll have the wrap up. Will you for two minutes talk about ways they can kind of be more specific. Whenever practicing at home, you’ll go, you’ll take about three to five minutes discussing the wrapup and practice tips.

This begins five minutes before the lesson ends. So you have five minutes to talk about what you want them to practice. giving them tips on how effective, how they can more effectively practice at home. And then also, last thing you want to do in the last two minutes is have them dim, have have them demonstrate for you what that looks like, what that practice should look like at home. First you’ll demonstrate it, and then you will have them repeat or recap what you’ve just done, kind of mirror what you’ve just done. And that is the ways that you can maximize the effectiveness of your lessons. we didn’t cover the use of the edge method, but it’s an acronym.