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What do I want to talk about in this podcast? The rest of this article for a little bit a while, about 10 minutes and now is the importance of making musical goals for yourself. So a lot of our students are really don’t have musical goals, but musical goals are one of the best things that you can do for yourself when taking music lessons, whether you’re taking piano lessons or vocal lessons, guitar lessons, setting these musical goals is really, really critical to success at these because it always gives you something to look forward to and something that you’re working towards. And not my life if I’m not working towards something actively, if not constantly working towards a specific goal, it’s really hard for me to be motivated to get anything done because I don’t know where I’m headed.

So that’s why in that first lesson, like I talked about in a previous podcast, it’s critical that would, the instructor spends time talking to the students about their goals, whether they’re a kid or when they’re an adult, but especially if they’re an adult. There is a lot of students who are children who don’t really know what they want. So we’ll ask them about their goals. But weirdly it’s just a conversation about what their favorite songs are and how we can make lessons exciting for them. Because for a lot of kids, they’re just having to take lessons because their parents want them to take lessons because they have to, not because they actually want to.

Why kids have to take them for school or whatever it might be. So it’s good to talk to the students about what they liked to do in lessons and what their favorite song is, what music they like to play and listen to because then it gives them something to look forward to and then to be excited about. So for a lot of younger kids, something that’s like a specific song would be really a great example of a goal for them. And one of the best things that their parents can do is to help them reach that goal by reminding them of it.

So the purpose of that first lesson when you get in there is to bring your instructor to get to know you as a person, develop bubble around it, relationship with you so that they can help you accomplish your goals and get to know your goals. Because we want to be sure that occurs. Music Academy, we are constantly working towards those things that you enjoy your lessons like actually enjoy them. We know a lot of people are just kind of going through the motions, but we don’t want it to be going through the motions. We want you to be working towards something that you’re actively excited and pumped up about because that is when you do your best work and that’s when you’re the most successful and you actually get the most out of your lessons, the most bang for your buck.

So as far as kids are concerned, the most that we talk about them goals would be learning the specifics long as they come along. But for adults it’s a little bit different. So adults are choosing making an actual choice to spend their money and time and effort on taking music lessons. And for a lot of them it’s a really big commitment because you know, you’re driving there and taking off work, things of that nature, spending a good chunk of money on these lessons every week. So for adults who want to really get to know why they’re taking piano lessons Tulsa and why they’re willing to make such a big commitment, tell us why they’re doing that.

Because by doing that and by learning why they’re doing what they are doing, we can get a much better idea of how we can help them in the future. So for a lot of adult students, everyone’s goals look different.Kids look different as well, but in much a different way. So as far as adults are concerned, every adult wants to learn something different, whether it’s a different song or wants to learn the taking piano lessons Tulsa for different reasons. And we recognize that a Curtis music Academy, so what we like to do is definitely make sure that we get to know the student and get to know what their goals are as the adults.

So we’ve got some students who only want to learn a song to play for the significant other, or learning a song to play at a family reunion or a song to play for the parents. Some of our adult students want to become actual musicians. So we found one that wants to become a jazz musician and one phone that wants to become a vocalist for opera and things of that nature. So every adult’s goal is different and everyone has different passions and desires and they also learn differently. So it’s really important that we are helping our students as adult students learn in the way that they learn the best so that we are indeed maximizing what they’re getting out of these piano lessons Tulsa. I think that’s actually one of the most important things that we need to learn in that first lesson is how they are.

So setting musical goals can be as simple as looking back at why you started taking piano lessons Tulsa in the first place and going forward from there. So if you look back at why you decided to sign up to take that first $1 lesson with us, it’s really critical to look back at that and see why you did it. That can be a goal in itself. I know that when tuned, you’re pretty far along in piano lessons Tulsa. I start to kind of lose track of their goals. So easier to have goals at the very beginning, but then once you’ve been taking lpiano lessons Tulsa for a year, two years, three years, it’s a lot easier to forget what the goals were and forget why you’re doing what you’re doing.