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The next thing that I want to talk about and do a podcast on this deletion to her versus a happier person. It has been a long time since I’ve done the delusion to rivers. Just happy, hope, a podcast. But I think it’s really critical to doing all kinds of stuff. So the docent do, like I talked about before, is someone who is constantly, you know, doing what they should do. They’ve got musical goals in mind to keeping track of these things and they’re always, you don’t have a lot of the forefront of their mind. She said they’re writing the goals down and they’re always looking at them and watching out for them and you know, things of that nature. So it’s really important that you did delusion to her. It’s always practicing.

That’s one thing they said, consistent practice times for themselves so that they’re always, you know, working towards something big, something they’re doing and they know they’re not, why they’re practicing and they know good comes from parents and keeping track of their goals. They’re also really good at keeping track of what they’re supposed to practice. So after every single lesson you don’t want to. Truckers I talked about before, there’ll be really adamant about making sure that we’re very clear about our practice.

Trinity’s how long you to practice and what you’re supposed to practice the diligent do or we’ll actually do these things. They’ll follow through during the week. They’ll keep on top of the practice schedules and make sure that they’re always, you know, doing what they’re supposed to do in that regards of that they are succeeding in piano lessons Tulsa and getting the most out of them. I want to make sure that the diligent Dewar is actually listening to the instructor and always, you know, doing what they should be doing is exceeding music classes. They don’t have to do or doesn’t, you know, escape practicing. They do the consistent practice times every time.

You can set an alarm, you can put it in your calendar, you can write it down into your planner, all of the thing. These are probably ways that the diligent do keeps track of when to practice and make sure that they practice at the same time when they’re supposed to. Number five, the diligent doer asks questions when confused. So like I talked about in the piano lessons Tulsa where the diligent doer is always using the lesson time for learning the hard stuff. They’re also asking plenty of questions. So I know a lot of times people are taking a music lesson and they’re just sit there and they remain confused because the too embarrassed to ask question.

Well, if you don’t ask questions, you’re not going to get a better grasp on what you’re trying to learn. And the instructors are there to ask questions. That’s what their whole job is, is to answer your questions and make sure that we are teaching you in the most effective way for you in piano lessons Tulsa. I talked about that in my last podcast on how parent can help practice in piano lessons Tulsa. It’s really critical that students, especially the ocean doers load P B people who set a practice time every day or three times a week or so, and the actually stick to it because once you start skipping it, once you start skipping the practice and not actually doing it, it really gets iffy and it’s several slippery slope in the fence that you, you know, are you so much more willing to skip again.

So the next thing that a diligent doer would do is someone who uses the practice time to take advantage of the things that they’re really struggling with. So they use the lesson to actually work on then difficult parts of this hung technically hard things, stuff like that. They’re not going to use the lesson to go over old material. That’s what they’re going to be doing in practice. So if there’s just like weird little tiny nickel errors where they miss a note or snuff that they keep skipping part of the song, that is stuff that can all be done in practice. They don’t need their instructor to be there to guide them through that.

That’s really easy to do at home on their own. So they use the, in the instruction time during the week, we only get once a week with her instructor. They use that time to go over their actually hard things that they don’t understand. So the docent dirt is really good at keeping really strict practice times part of scribbles and staying motivated on that. And then they’re also doing things like making sure that they’re using the instruction time that they get during the week, not to learn a punch, a new stuff, or not to work on all the old stuff, but to keep onto the difficult things with the Delta.

Never doesn’t do the diligence is not a person who is constantly trying to learn new things all the time. Jumping around to a mind, different songs, willing to learn like six songs I want. That’s something that the delusion do or cannot do because I recognize the not going to be successful at any of them. They’ll just be mediocre at all of them. So diligent do her as someone who is going to be willing to work on one song at a time, even if it takes a while and a lot of songs do. I’ve had several students that have heard of Curtis music Academy that you know are learning the same song and have been learning it for six months now because it’s a hard song and um, happy hopers are people who are just going to be jumping all over the place and are going to be the ones who don’t want to put in the time and effort to work one song and to actually master it in piano lessons Tulsa.