Piano Lessons Tulsa | Staying the Course

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In this edition of the Curtis music Academy podcast, we’re going to be test discussing how you can not give up whenever you are in your piano lessons Tulsa This is really my advice to all musicians around the world, all musicians in Tulsa, taking piano lessons Tulsa. It’s important that you not give up when taking piano lessons Tulsa. It’s important that you stay the course and persevere through your piano lessons Tulsa and through your journey as a musician. And so without further ado, we’re going to be discussing how you can know your why, when doing anything to how to stay positive and how this is important to you not giving up.

And thirdly, how you can stay focused, which will help you to not give up. And lastly, you can stay focused by eliminating the distractions around you. So without further ado, my name is Steven. I have been a musician going on 12 years this March. And I have loved every single minute of my musician career. It has been the funnest thing in the world to play one thing for so long and to still love it after 12 years. And so without further ado, I’ve been a musician for 12 years. I have been teaching music going on five going on six years now. And I’ve loved every minute of it. I’ve learned so much about teaching students and the ways that students learn.

And there are many different types of students out there, many different people from many different backgrounds, many different walks of life, many different situations, many different learning styles, many different preferences. People gotta love people. People are the reason why we’re here. And so, my point today is going to be to help you to not give up in your music career as a musician, as a guitar player, As you’re taking piano lessons Tulsa. And so, one point that I wanted to hit was know your why in piano lessons Tulsa. Know why you’re doing something. And this is how you can not give up now and partner Primerica financial services, millionaire says you want a why that makes you cry.

You want to, if you know your why, you can almost endure any how. So knowing your why is super crucial to you giving up or not giving up. It’s, it’s the bullseye and it’s your thoughts about the bullseye. Is that, is that target enough for you? Do you know why you’re doing it? And just because you know why you’re doing it doesn’t mean that you’re going to continue to do it. I mean, we know why we eat sleep and use the restroom. Do we always want to eat, sleep and use the restroom? Actually the answer to that is yes, I always want to eat, sleep and use the restroom, but we may know why we pay our bills, but that doesn’t mean we want to pay our bills. We may know why we need to exercise, but that doesn’t mean we want to exercise.

So in that case, knowing your why isn’t enough, knowing having a why that is compelling to you is enough. A why that makes you cry. And so why do you do what you do? Why are you learning? Why are you taking piano lessons Tulsa? And Tulsa would be my question for you as an instructor and as in me fellow musician, I’m a musician first and then I teach second in piano lessons Tulsa. I’m a student as well as a teacher. And I think that one of the best ways to learn is to teach actually. And so, my question for you is, does your why make you cry? And if so, what is your why and is it compelling enough to take you through anyhow? You want to develop a why that can endure any how? Why do I play guitar? Well, because I believe it’s what I’m called on this earth to do this music and ministry through music.

And so if I discontinued music, I would be discontinuing half of who I am and my purpose for living. So, you know, I, and I don’t want to do that. I don’t want to stop my purpose, you know, so it’s important to me to play and why do I play? I play to bring glory to the Lord and that doesn’t necessarily make me cry, but I’m trying to find out a way to word it or another reason on top of that. Maybe a better descriptive. Why so that it makes me almost tear up because that will me through anyhow. And I guess, you know, bring glory to God has, has been enough of a why for me, my own life because it’s what I’m created for in teaching piano lessons Tulsa. It’s what I believe I’m here to do here to serve on earth.

And so, you want why that makes you cry. So I want you to guys today to take a piece of paper, preferably in a wire bound notebook or a bound notebook, not a yellow sheet note pad, but a note book. So I want you guys to write down reasons, you know, why you do what you do now and then think about why am I continuing this at all? Or what’s one way that would keep me just locked into this forever? You know, falling in love with it. You know, whether that’s an instrument, whether it’s something else you want to, why and to create a why that makes you cry. B, or my second point, you want to stay positive. Staying positive is going to definitely help you not give up ever.

I love how Justin Bieber said pause. It’s all about positivity. You know, you go through lots of work dancing classes, you go through lots of trials, lots of you know, paparazzi, you go through lots of people telling you what you should and shouldn’t do and who you should and shouldn’t be and what you shouldn’t, shouldn’t wear what you should and shouldn’t say. Everyone’s trying to be your parents tell you what to do with your life. But at the end of the day, you just gotta stay positive in your end. It’s a mental battle of what am I going to focus on, what am I going to choose to look at? And I think that’s the mental toughness is trying to still stay positive in the midst of much, much adversity.

And so that is my second point. Thanks to the words from Justin Bieber. Stay positive and it’s all about positivity. So staying focused is my third point. Which is crucial to helping you never give up because if you stay focused, laser focused, as my dad says, Steven, you have to be laser focused. It’s important to, stay the course, know why you’re staying. Of course stay positive along that course and not let things take away your attention from achieving the why. And so that is called staying focused. You know, we’ve got to be laser focused as my dad says, Steven, if you want to go to college, well there’s one way to do that. There’s many ways to do it, but there’s a long way. And then there’s a short way.

But he said, you have to be laser focused on your goals or else you will never reach them. And so you have to ask yourself, what is, what is my goal? Am I laser focused right now? Or another question would be, what is distracting me from being 100% devoted to my goal? And I’m going to do this myself today, actually tonight, since I can’t, I can’t just preach to the choir since I am preaching to the choir. So I’m staying focused. It’s important to stay focused because if we’re not focused, we are drifting. You know, as my dad says, if you’re on your way to California and someone tells you how good Florida is, will you go to Florida? If you know why you’re going to California, not at all. You will stay focused on your goal, on your plan, and you will stay focused, but you’ve got to eliminate all distractions.