Piano Lessons Tulsa | Christmas Celebration

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They just got to hang out and if they wanted to, you know, step up to the piano and practice, they were super able to do that. And yeah, so super fun for our students. The next liberation that we’re going to have though, I’m sorry, we had one more after that one in February, we had one in may. I talked a little bit about this one and it was what’s called fuel 66 so this was really cool outdoor venue. So before we’d done all of our celebrations inside, we did the one at the zoo, which was inside and one at our open house. What is inside, but this one was outside, so it was in may. The weather was still pretty nice. It wasn’t raining. It was nice and sunshiny. But at this venue there were food trucks in. The family’s got to come.

There were yard games, lifts, even a little dog park that was open on this, all in this one little venue. So this was again, a really good way to be accommodating to all of our guests. Our students really were excited about this as well because they got to perform on outdoor stage with all their friends and they got to eat some good food and play games all at the same time. So it’s really critical that we’re giving students the opportunity to perform because if they’re not performing, then I think that they don’t really feel like they’re actually learning anything, if that makes sense.

It’s a good way for them to showcase their skills and just prove that they’ve been working on hard stuff. I know kids really love to show the things that they love to their parents, into their relatives, and I think performances are such a good and critical way to do that for all of our students. Make sure that they’re comfortable playing it also. Yeah, look, I just mentioned it makes them more comfortable in playing. It makes them more comfortable in their last sentence. If they recognize that they’re capable of getting up on a stage in front of a bunch of people and performing, then they’re going to be a lot more apt form in the future.

I’m more comfortable with what they’re doing and a lot more comfortable in their lessons probably. So one thing that we do at the next celebration that I’m gonna talk to them for the rest of the podcast I guess would be this one that we’re having on December 1st this is our Christmas celebration, not quite Christmas, but it’s going to be Christmas theme too because everyone loves Christmas and it’s on December 1st so it’s pretty much acceptable at that point. But this celebration is again going to be a little bit different than all of our other ones.

We really like to have a wide variety of venues and locations and activities that we do at these celebrations so that our students don’t ever get bored. It’s never the same. It’s also just so much more exciting for them, gets them getting something new each time someone’s got, again, going to be a little bit different than all the ones before. And then this one is actually at a coffee shop. So a lot of coffee shops in the area have live music on the weekends and local performance get to go and play. This is one chance for our students to actually be able to do that. While they won’t be playing for strangers, there’ll be playing for their friends and family cause we rented out the place.

It’s going to be a really sweet way for them to do that. And there’s also gonna be a free coffee bar so all of their parents can go and get a coffee and hang out with us at this coffee shops. It’s a super cool intimate venue that I think not a lot of students get to perform at. So for a young kid getting to perform in this actual venue, it’s going to be really exciting for them. Giving, kind of give them fives of, you know, playing and having fun and maybe even playing for an audience. Sir. I think having it at this coffee shop is really awesome.

Way to have a celebration and it’s going to be so much fun because while it will be a little a bit cold, we’re going to have some games on the patio for kids. So we do know, like I talked about earlier, we’re going to be super accommodating families since we have so many families who take music lessons and with young kids. So we’re going to have some games outside. Things like Christmas tree tosses and candy cane making.

It’s actually one of the things we’re going to do. So we did it in that kids get a little bit antsy during these performances, especially if they’re going to go on for a couple of hours. So we have actually crafted these little kits that our students, siblings can play with while they have siblings playing songs and things like that so that their parents don’t have to get frustrated at them for making a lot of noise. One of the, give them something to keep it a little hand busy during their performance. So that’s actually what we did. So we’re gonna have two different activities for the little kids to choose from while they are, you know, doing during that performance.

So we’re going to have one, they’re going to be able to decorate a little sugar cookie. This was a super awesome idea. And so we’re gonna make sugar cookies for them, put them in a little and have a little tiny bag of sprinkles and a little bag of icing with a stick to, you know, spread it around so they get to decorate their own cookie and eat that while their siblings are performing. I think that’s going to be really exciting for them. It’s also going to keep them busy and keep them occupied while they might have yet something that they want they want to be at. It’s one way to keep them super occupied in that they have a really good time while doing it so accurate to music economy.

We really pride ourselves and have an awesome celebrations that are fun for the whole family, not just for the students or the performers or their parents, but fun for everyone. So with the second craft that we’re going to have the students siblings do or said, the small kids do wild. They have people who are performing on stage so they can sit there and they can make a little candy cane. So there’s these little candy cane ornaments the most people have from when they’re younger. You get to make them with a pipe cleaner and red and white and try ended beads. So it’s going to be really fun for the students and students, siblings, we want to make sure that we are super combinating of everyone. It makes it that everyone is occupied and has a good time, and all of our celebrations.