Piano Lessons Tulsa | When You’re Ending a Lesson

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But does she, it’s just really critical to what we do here at critical music Academy because it shows, you know, it shows all the things that we do differently then music Academy. So we want to make sure that we’re always working towards the things on the shade, making sure it’s almost a benchmark of sorts where we can look at it and say, wow, this is what we do. This is why we do it. This is why we teach Piano lessons Tulsa and how I do it differently if we’re not sticking to things and that sheath and we’ve got a problem and we need to talk about it probably at the team meeting. So anyways, I give them that she and I say, I just want to take a second to talk about one that particular thing on here because it is a lot of information at once and I want to make sure that they have time to digest it all. 


So I point to just one specific thing and then tell them that they’re fully, you know, able to read through the rest of it on their own time without me having to walk their hand on their hand and walk through it with them like they’re a child. Cause they’re definitely not. So I want to make sure that they know they can, you look through it and open it on their own time when they’re not in Piano lessons Tulsa. But that’s something that we do. We just talked to them briefly about what we do differently to kind of set the stage for what they’re going to receive in their lesson. 


So after I go over that, usually with the parent, unless the student is an older student, which they are sometimes, but I’ll go over that with the differences and then we will talk about, you know, we’ll take a few minutes and I’ll say, all right, are you already figured lesson? And then they’ll walk into the lesson room with their instructor and have an awesome lesson. Now after that Piano lessons Tulsa are over, here’s the part that we do differently than everywhere else. I believe. Now, one of the first things that I do when I go into close the lesson is I just ask them. I want to make small talk with them, but not just small talk. I want to genuinely ask them a question because I genuinely care. 


So I’m going to ask them, you know, Hey, such and such, whatever your name is, how has your lesson with Steven or with Haley or with Andrea, how did you like it? What was the best part? What did you learn? I’m going to ask them just these questions to kind of get a feel for if they truly did enjoy their lesson. Because if they didn’t, we want to know that we can improve on it for sure. So that’s something awesome that I do, but another small, but I think really important. Part of my job here at Curtis music Academy is writing a little cards. So after every first lesson that shows up, I write them a little card and I just say, Hey, such and such, thank you so much for taking a lesson with us today. 


We genuinely and sincerely appreciate it. We cannot wait to help you achieve your goal in music, whatever that might be. I’ll usually restate their specific goal if they tell me one. But that’s something super sweet that we do. And yeah, it’s, it’s actually really kind and awesome and I think it’s a really meaningful gesture for most people. And I’ve never gotten a handwritten card from another music school before, so I think that’s kind of a big deal. So in that sense, that’s one of the first things I do is I give him a card just to show that they mean a ton to us. And these Piano lessons Tulsa really do make a big impact on each and every one of our lives here at Curtis music Academy, we definitely do not take it lightly. 


So one thing that we do after that is we’ll just kind of go over, you know, some of the things that we need to. So we’ll go over all the boring stuff, the things that people truly want to know about, but we don’t really like to talk about. So I kind of start off by asking them if this time that they were at work like, Hey, Sophia does three 30 on Monday, does that work for you? Was it easy for you to get here, give you plenty of time for Piano lessons Tulsa? Typically they’ll say yes if they say no, I’ll say, all right, I’m going to have to take a look at the schedule and I’ll give you a call back soon so we can schedule something because it’s really hard to schedule them on the spot right there. 


It usually takes some maneuvering and looking at the schedule, looking at everyone’s availability, finding the best spot for them because it just takes way too long to stand there and try to schedule it all at once. So if that’s the case then I’ll just move on and tell them I’ll give him a call about scheduling but then don’t go into, you know, the cost and this part obviously is one of the hardest parts, but we’ll talk about how it’s actually good news that it causes budge because it really doesn’t cost that much thing. Piano lessons Tulsa with us, we’d charge a pretty low rate is what is going to all that stuff with a student or their parents and really say that we’re so excited to have them normally. All right. I’ll go over the charging schedule and all of that fun, boring stuff, but I just think that the way that we approach it is a lot different than other music academies. In closing a lesson.