Piano Lessons Tulsa | Interesting Space

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At Curtis Music Academy, we are very conscious of how parents may feel while their child is taking a music lesson. That is why we have cameras in each of our lesson rooms, and if the parent chooses to not go into the lesson with the student, we always offer them the ipad with the livestream of their students lesson on it. The other thing that we have in there that makes it really comfortable for parents, I should say, is that we’ve got cameras in both of our studio rooms, so we always know what’s going on in there.

Even, you know, behind closed doors, we always have record of that. And if the student is in the room that’s not the one that the beautiful French glass doors but isn’t the one that is in the back with a little couch in there. If this parent doesn’t want to sit in a lit room, we always want to offer them the video stream so we can pull out the iPad with the video stream on it and they can see what their students learning just like they were in the lesson themselves. But they can be, you know, on the couch leaving the student their privacy.

But watch what’s happening to learn what the student is working on. So learning what the student is working on is really critical to your student being successful in piano lessons Tulsa. If they’re yelling, especially, it’s a really awesome way to keep track of that and learn what they’re doing so that you can help them while they’re at home and practicing, just like I talked about earlier. So this comfortable space is really needs to be comfortable for everyone but with a particular emphasis on the students. So at each of these pianos we always have, you know, pins in sticky notes for the students to have an Orion on throughout the lesson and we just want to make them cozy.

So I think we really did that here guys. Music had me, we really made it a cozy place for piano lessons Tulsa. So in both the studio rooms, there’s a beautiful rug on the floor, there’s wood floors, so it’s firstly just feels like home because it is a home. It really technically is house that we converted into a studio space. And this house is really comforting and it’s inviting. So just as if you’d want to, you know, play music at your home because it’s comfortable. We tried to, you know, channel home through this space that we’ve created.

So there’s rugs and there are table lamps for staff, warm lighting. I think that warm lighting is something that’s really underrated, especially when you’re taking piano lessons Tulsa. A lot of music academies have this harsh fluorescent led lights that are kind of blew it in your face and no one really likes them. They’re not very flattering and they’re just, they’re harsh slides. That’s the best way to put it. But at Curtis music Academy, we’ve made really assure that we have soft, warm, comforting lights, lights that remind you of home. Cause, like I said, it’s really important that we’ve created this space curated at all to make it feel like home because then you’re going to be much more comfortable practicing and much more comfortable playing there.

So it’s just a comfortable space for learning. Another way that we do that is through having the rooms fully stocked. So we have these new flashcards that I’ve talked about in a couple of different podcasts. We’re going to start putting these flashcards in each deuterium tents at the beach so that we can always have access to them and the students in there. So if they forget something, we can whip out a pack of flashcards and show them exactly where that note is and then show where it is on the piano. Cause these flash grads are specifically for piano. We don’t have guitar flash cards yet because it’s a little more difficult to do that, but we definitely have piano flashcards and they are in each of the studio spaces that I’ve talked about.

So this comfortable space is really good for parents and students like it. It’s also good for young siblings. I know we have a ton of students. Like I mentioned, you have younger siblings and we always want to make sure that there’s space for them. So in that little living room area where there’s two couches, these two caches actually see the lot of people, so people, parents can, you know, be confident that they’re able to bring their kids and have somewhere for them to sit. It’s not just standing room only and it’s, it’s just a lot more comfortable then I would say a lot of other music schools especially that I’ve been to, it’s so warm and inviting and that’s just the biggest difference is that when I took piano lessons Tulsa it was not warm and it was not inviting and I felt like I was a child.

So there were things like rules on the walls and the walls were concrete and weird posters that I didn’t really like. I just, it made me feel like a kid because it was tailored towards kids and I Curtis music Academy, we kind of tailor it to everybody. We want to make sure that our kids don’t have to feel like kids. We’ve obviously got young kids and we play games with them and we have fun with them. But for some of our older kids who are, you know, eight nine, 10 years old, we want them to feel mature in the space that they’re in and feel like they’re doing something really awesome with all of these adults.

And I think that’s also one of the best things about having both kid and adult students is that they get to work with one another and see these kids can see how far the adults have come and the adults can see how far the kids have come. And it really just plays off of each other to where everyone wants be successful in all this happens under the same roof or do the same Academy and it is the same instructors. And I think that it’s just incredibly awesome. One of the best things that we do at Curtis music Academy, but we don’t want to treat the kids like kids.

We want to treat them like mature human beings. And I think our space really reflects that. And then it’s sophisticated. It’s a little bit elegant, but it also feels like home and it’s really comfortable place for them to do their piano lessons Tulsa, to take lessons, to play music of all kinds. Because there’s also a lot of fun that happens in there. We used to have team meetings in there. We would jam out in the little dining room area. We would have so much fun together. So that’s really awesome thing that we do. We, we have fun, but we also balance it with seriousness and we teach piano lessons Tulsa and just places that are incredibly comfortable, warm, inviting, and feel like home.