Piano Lessons Tulsa | Remembering Musical Goals

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So one of the best things you can do for yourself is to take, is to, you know, make those goals for yourself at the very beginning and try to stick with them. So when things start to get difficult, after you’ve been taking lessons for a couple of years, that you run into really hard parts at the instrument that you’re playing, you’re playing piano or guitar, you’re doing vocal essence, you start to hit hard parts because learning music is actually really difficult walking. But on top of hot difficult it is. But it is a really big undertaking. If you run into things that are difficult and you don’t know how to practice it, you don’t want to practice, you kind of get burnt out and lose that desire.

It’s really critical that you look back on the goals that you did set for yourself and how important they were to you back then. Because if you have something that you can constantly be looking back at looking at why you started taking music lessons, things, then you’re going to be much more apt to push through this difficult things because you can see why you did it in the first place and why it is important to you even if it doesn’t feel important to you now. So just having something, something foundational is really critical to getting the most out of your piano lessons Tulsa.

And as far as adults are concerned as well, we want to make sure that they are Stena spending their money and time and effort on something that is really worthwhile and it’s our job as instructors to make sure that we’re getting to know them so that we can make sure that we’re doing everything in our power to make their piano lessons Tulsa the most productive use of their time, effort and money, and if you’re really prone to forgetting what your goals are, you can do a number of things, from writing it down to putting it in your planner to even putting it in your calendar.

For example, if you have a bunch of different goals in your world, then just not sure what you should be doing or anything like that. If you’re just really don’t know why, why or what you want to do or how to make go, one of the best things that you can do, like I said, this look back at to why you did it in the first place, then maybe you could look forward to maybe one of your favorite socks. You can tell that to your instructor and we’ll make an effort and we’ll actually get you a song that you could actually play. Maybe you need to switch things up. Maybe you need to try a different instrument or something like that.

There’s a bajillion things that you can do if you start to get burnt out on your instrument. I started to be wondering why you’re actually taking piano lessons Tulsa, the reasons why you committed to doing it in the first place. They had to be pretty strong convictions and pretty compelling reasons for you to have been willing to drive to piano lessons Tulsa every single week and to keep up with practicing and maintaining everything. The best thing that you can do actually is to have your goal always with you. If that, so was to make it a smaller goal. You don’t want to bite off a really big chunk. It makes this really big overarching goal that you’re going to learn a hundred songs or something silly like that.

Make it a small goal. Like you want to learn half of this one song to play for someone that you love. Just small goals like that are really important and why that you could do this is by writing and on a mirror somewhere. I used to write things on mirrors when I was a kid. I was in middle school. You know, I would go into my bathroom and write something on my mirrors that I could see it every day. Every time I got up and click that. You can also put it on a sticky note or something like that. For piano students, we recommend having it on a paper or something that always sits on your piano at home, so that you are able to see it every single time that you practice.

So at Curtis music Academy, we actually have sticky notes, let’s say diligent do in, they’re supposed to put your goals on there so you can always be reminded of what those goals are and be working towards how to achieve them. So having these goals listed clearly and always present in front of you is one really important way that you can keep tracking goals and stay motivated and on top of them. It’s one thing that I don’t think is, you know, done enough, but if you’re always looking at them by writing it down and have it present in your head, it’s really easy to, you know, stick to it and keep pressing forward through the difficult times. Wouldn’t always, is that what you wanna do?

Setting strict goals is by far the best way to remain successful at music and to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of your piano lessons Tulsa in general. It keeps you motivated, and always has you heading towards something important. Keeping track of these goals and the progress that you have made is the other most important thing that you can do to remain motivated in taking piano lessons Tulsa. It is amazing to see just how much progress you made over the weeks. If you look back through your book, if you are one of the students who uses a piano book for example, its so great to see how far you have come and how much more difficult the songs became.