Piano Lessons Tulsa | Confidence While Performing

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And this edition of the Curtis music Academy podcast, we’re going to be discussing how you can have confidence when performing, performing. Performing could be anything in piano lessons Tulsa. It could be performing opera, could be vocally, you know, it could be performing an instrument, it could be dancing, it can be performing. May, you know, maybe you’re a NASCAR race or, or you’re a football player. No matter what you’re performing, you’re putting on a performance you’re performing in piano lessons Tulsa. And so we’re going to be discussing a few topics today and the main one is confidence when performing and how you can have competence through repetition.

Secondly, how does confidence come? And there’s a secret that I want to reveal for you. Thirdly, how having more fun is going to help you have more confidence when performing. And so without further ado, my name is Steven. I have been a music instructor at the Curtis music Academy for one year now. And I have enjoyed every single minute, every single hour, every single lesson that I have had. And also, I must say every single meeting that we have ever had. I have the best music school in the country. I work for the best music school in the country at the moment and it will only get better from here guys. And so, I’ve got much experience in helping people get to where they are to where they want to be as well as performing myself in piano lessons Tulsa.

I’ve done a lot of performances myself. I’ve been a musician for 12 years now, this coming March. And so I’ve gotten to perform lots. I’ve performed my own concerts at coffee shops. I performed at bars, I performed, coffee shops. I performed in restaurants. I’ve performed, the national Anthem singing for, you know, hockey stadiums. I performed on American idol. I’ve performed on TV. I performed in different contexts with different pressure points and I believe that anyone can, anyone good at music can do it. And anyone who wants to learn how to do it can do it. It’s not meant for everyone, but there is a place for everyone. We just got to find out what that is.

And so, you know, this is going to be without further ado, we’re discussing confidence when performing. Now I’m going to hit performing one-on-one confidence when performing one-on-one. This isn’t strictly piano lessons Tulsa. This isn’t strictly anything else. It’s just the way it is. So my first point is going to be, in order for you to have confidence when performing, you’ll need to establish competence, which comes through repetition. So how do you get good at driving? You drive more. How do you become good at selling products? You sell more. How do you become good at singing? You sing more. How do you become good at playing guitar? You play more, you learn more as well. How do you become good at anything? You do it more often, right? So competence will come through.

Repetition. Repetition is something that we control. It’s something that takes time in piano lessons Tulsa. Something that takes intentionality, attention, and it takes dedication or takes consistency. Repetition is consistently hitting the same thing over and over and over again in piano lessons Tulsa. So, but that is the way that is the path to competence. So, you know, for instance, I’m a musician. I’ve been playing guitar, bass, drums, keyboard for five to 10 years. I’ve played the acoustic guitar the longest I’ve been playing for 12 years. And so, this coming up March, that is, I’ve been playing for 12 years. However, I’ve had to do many repetitious things with, with in order to become competent at the instrument, I’ve had to repeat scales, I’ve had to repeat chords, I’ve had to repeat, you know, repeating, picking up the guitar.

I’ve had to do no do a lot of repeating, you know, which is just doing it over and over and over again until you can’t get it wrong basically. Which brings up a good point. Whenever you want to become good at something, just do it once and then move on. But if you want to become great at something, do it over and over and over again until you can’t get it wrong in piano lessons Tulsa. So that is what separates good from great the goods from the grades. And in order to become great, it takes a greater sacrifice. And so always remember that. And so competence, the repetition. That is my first point. My second point is how do we gain confidence? There’s a confidence issue. Where do we get confidence? Where does confidence come from? What is confidence?

Is confidence? Does confidence have correct characteristics? Just confidence have come through repetition in essence, yes. I would say the hierarchy or the, the process by which we become confident starts with knowledge or understanding then comes knowledge or let me rephrase this. Knowledge usually comes first, then second understanding in piano lessons Tulsa. Then thirdly we will repeat what we know and understand and then depending on how many times we repeated, we grow and mature into having competence. And then from competence, competence leads to confidence. So competence is the ability to kind of skillfully, it’s, it’s really just being good at something.

And then when you’re good at something, do you tend to have more confidence or less confidence? More confidence. Right? So I would say competence leads to confidence. So confidence will take, you know, knowledge. It’ll take understanding. It’ll take, you know, repetition when it comes to learning an instrument such as the voice or guitar or piano or drums. And the more you do that, the more you play the drums, the more you drive the car, the more you understand what you’re doing, the more confident you can be. Confidence is really trust. I think at the end of the day, confidence is a level of trust in one’s ability in piano lessons Tulsa. So establish some confidence and which is really just trusting in ability, the ability of yourself or someone else.

So thirdly is going to be having more fun. How do we have confidence when we’re performing well? I think when we’re competent, we become more confident. When we come become more confident, we start to have a little bit more fun. So I think, you know, these things are connected and they’re byproducts of each other and they kind of just happen in a process. And so it starts with understanding. It starts with knowledge, with knowledge comes understanding from understanding comes wisdom. And you know, repetition. Repetition builds competence. Competence leads to confidence. Confidence allows you to enjoy what you’re doing more, you know, having more fun. Why?

Because you’re good at it and you probably efficient at it, and you can kind of have fun. When you can do whatever you want to do, that’s fun, right? So that’s how you can have more fun and how you can be more confident when you’re performing. Now again, this, these are just tips for anything, you know, confidence when performing. In a race, maybe you’re running, maybe you’re in a track meet, maybe your sports event, maybe you’re playing football, whether you’re in music or the arts, maybe you’re in business, performing in business, you know, whatever it is. Remember that you’ll have competence through repetition. Thirdly, confidence is having trust in your ability or the abilities of someone else. And thirdly, whenever you have confidence, because you’re competent, you have way more fun than most people. So have fun. Be confident.