Piano Lessons Tulsa | How To Prepare For Amazing Lessons


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What I want to talk about in this edition of the Curtis music Academy Podcast is the importance of being prepared for your lesson that so we have a lot of instructors in a lot of students 150 something to be exact so it takes a lot of preparation for the type of piano lessons Tulsa that we offer till like I’ve talked about before we do things very very differently here at Christmas captain so at critics music Academy we focus each and every one of our piano lessons Tulsa on this specific student themselves so we don’t have some sort of universal curriculum that we use for all of our student but rather we focus on each and every student individually because we recognize that each and every different student has their own different goals through to make sure that we are working to meet each student specific goals.

We can’t apply the same method towards every single lesson or every single student will learn the exact same thing and that is not how it works especially not a music Academy we have students that range from age 3 to age 80 that’s a really wide age range and quite obviously you cannot teach a three-year-old the same things you can teach 80 three-year-old so it is really important that we focus each and every 1 of our piano lessons Tulsa on this visit accidents themselves so that is something that we’re definitely do every single week but the downside to that there are almost no downsides to teaching piano lessons Tulsa for the good of the student.

But the only 1 that I can think of is that it does make it a lot more work for our instructors so means of the in shockers have to put in a time of moral work than most music of chapters because they’re teaching so many students per week and really important that they are preparing for each and every 1 of them so they don’t they don’t get to just prepare for 1 and get off that easy rather they how to prepare for you now at 25 lessened individually and make sure that each and every 1 of them is equally as prepared as the other so that’s something that we definitely do hear a lot differently at Curtis Music Academy but it certainly highlights the importance of being prepared and a been a chapter is not prepared for the lesson it ships so we want to make sure that each every one of our instructors is putting in the time and the effort that is required.

So there’s a couple different ways that you can prepare for a music lesson I no one branch structures Stephen he is a specific day of the week and he perfect prepares for each and every 1 of his piano lessons Tulsa on that date so Monday mornings and know that he spends about 3 hours prepping all of his piano lessons Tulsa for the week and Stephen has about 15 students at this moment 1516 students so it does take a lot of preparation for me does take him a couple of hours so what he does is he goes through each of his students looks back at what they learned last week and then good looks forward to see what they want to work on in the coming weeks so it takes both looking back and looking forward to craft a successful lesson and that is something that we look for for sure here 1st thing that you looking back in time and see what you taught them before and that you’re moving forward in thing what they wanna learn in the future.

How you can make their lesson even better so I want to make sure that we do encourage music Academy it’s make sure that each and every 1 of the piano lessons Tulsa is better than the last so that it’s something that we’re definitely prioritized as a music Academy is that we would make sure each and every lesson again is better than last 1 they had if it’s not then the instructor needs to change something that they sugar is not been prepared for the lesson another way that you can prepare for the lesson if most of your students are in the book and I say this as a piano books those really only applies the piano instructors and the piano students because we don’t have a guitar book at the moment we’d just use sheets that run makes to teach the guitar so I don’t exactly have a book for that but we have piano books that most of our piastens are most if not all of opio scenes are out of a book of some sort.

So we have the same brand of books but they’re all in different levels based on the student’s individual skill level so for instance if you are a piano instructor and you have a ton of piano students who are all learning out of books what’s to them and only them are learning and of book 1 because they’re beginners but I think is probably Andrea for example she has most of her scenes Her out of the same book and book 1 so 1 thing that she could do to prepare for her lesson is To go back through the book South for example should go back to the book one and start playing through it that looking at the song making sure she’s got a really good clasp of what those songs are about that something really important she could do because if most christians are learning at the same book that the really easy way to prepare.

But again it does require looking at all of the songs because I imagine them all of this into a different playing level so we have students who are really really young and that record is a whole different type of preparation that I have not talked about yet but Younger students are a whole different breed exclude it so for example Andrea teaches a tough 2 three-year-old 33 year olds actually so that’s 3 students are under the age of 4 that do not know had actually played the piano so that is has presented a definite challenge for her as she’s trying to navigate this and navigate the mindset and attention span of a young young children.

This takes a surprising amount of preparation. You would think that a young student’s lesson wouldn’t really matter that much and you wouldn’t have to prepare but at Curtis music Academy we take piano lessons Tulsa very seriously in terms of what we’re preparing for. So we prepare for them just like any other lesson but they do require a lot more work for example younger soon’s require that you mix up the activities every 2 to 3 minutes so you can not just sit down at the piano except from the play.

It is really important at Curtis Music Academy that we prepare for that accordingly, that we prepare to jump around and do 100 things in one lesson just to keep their brains activated and make so they’re still having fun. This requires prepping games this requires musical games just a fun games and if you’re not super familiar with young children this would require a lot of work but you probably would not be just to set something to keep in mind when looking at younger students it’s really important that we are actively being active with them and that we’re spending putting in the effort to make sure that we are able to have a fun lesson.