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In this edition of the Curtis music Academy podcast, we’re going to be discussing how having a comfortable space is vital to the success of not only your instructing ability, but also the success of your students. And so without further ado, my name is Steven. I am a music instructor at the Curtis music Academy and have been for a year. I’ve enjoyed every single minute of my Curtis Academy career thus far and have learned many, many numerous things on teaching students, communicating, topics, subjects, anything from organizing and managing my own time as well as self-improvement and growing as an instructor.

And then also systemizing, finding quicker ways to do things and more efficient ways to operate and have better maximize time, for my piano lessons Tulsa, maximize time at home and enjoy more of the benefits of those systems and a time and effort. So it’s also been a joy to teach kids from different backgrounds as well as different age groups. And I think that is something that that’s huge and is a key point that which we will discuss in another podcast. But I’ve gotten to teach from any, any age from five years old to 50 years old. And there are many differences when it comes to that in piano lessons Tulsa.

And so we are discussing comfortable spaces and how it’s a vital to the success of yourself as an instructor and your students. Not to mention, I’ve also been a musician for going on 12 years now and am extremely blessed to have been able to play for so long at such a young age, starting at 12 years old. My father gave me a guitar so that I could play it and become great at it. He wanted someone to play guitar in our family. So one Christmas he did, he brought a guitar in from work and said somebody will learn how to play this instrument. And I raised my hand and I read and I said I will. And he gave me guitar.

And from that point on I played for about an hour a day in my room and the rest is history. I have gotten to play on stages like American idol. I’ve gotten to play on TV, on the news channel six and I’ve gotten to, you know, have my own concerts, write my own songs, perform my own songs, travel, travel the U S through with music and ministry. And it’s been a blast. I’ve enjoyed every single minute of it and I don’t regret anything. And so thankfully there’s always something we can learn.

And so today we’re going to be learning about how vital it is to have a comfortable space as a studio or as your students come to you as your parents come to you and as you instruct those students and parents, it’s important to their success that you are providing a comfortable space for anyone who enters into piano lessons Tulsa. My first point is going to be how it’s our studio at Curtis music Academy is in a home and the benefits of that in piano lessons Tulsa. My second point is how we have a comfortable couch and how comfortable furniture is very effective in the success for students. Thirdly, how we’ve got beverages which will help the environment and the atmosphere, how be more successful and upbeat atmosphere and a comfortable atmosphere for our students and instructors in piano lessons Tulsa.

So without further ado, my first point are Curtis music Academy studio is in a home. You heard me, right? There is no stationary carpet or business office smells at our studio. You will only see a big blue door with a rounded top and a brick building that may look similar to something like your home. It’s a one of a kind space where everyone feels welcomed and very comfortable and suitable. It’s important to have a comfortable space such as a home because whenever students approach an office building, their guard goes up and many parents and students become guarded with that type of environment.

However, the opposite is true whenever they are in an establishment that can relate to, for instance, you wouldn’t go back home to a studio or an office building as your home. You would go to a house and so it’s actually a very effective tactic to have a house as our music studio because when students come for their first time, or maybe they’re, whether they’re, it’s their 15th time or even the last time, they feel comfortable coming and they feel comfortable leaving because it’s something that they experience in their own lives every day when they leave their homes and they come back to their homes.

And so there’s a sense of warmth and care and love whenever they see a home because it’s a symbol of love or a symbol of comfort for most people. Secondly, we have a comfortable couch and having comfortable furniture is actually very, very important to the success of your instructors, to the comfort of your parents, of those students at hand for your students. It’s important that you have comfortable furniture because if you don’t have comfortable furniture, people will not want to stay in your studio for very long and then soon they will not want to stay there at all. So it’s very important that you add comfortable furniture to your establishment or your music studio. Another tip is to get comfortable chairs to sit in for your students in their piano lessons Tulsa.

You don’t want them to sit on wooden chairs or wooden benches unless they are playing the keys or the piano which has a wooden bench on 90% if not 95 to 99.9% of pianos in the U S lastly, we’ve got beverages. It’s important to us to have beverages because it’s important for us to provide a comfortable and homely like environment for our teachers and students as they come for their piano lessons Tulsa. And so we’ve got tea, water or coffee and seasonal. We also add hot chocolate, maybe even Apple cider or milk and cookies to our menu. Whenever we are hosting students, we always upon arrival of a student ask if they would like water, tea or coffee for the before their lesson so that they feel comfortable and well taken care of.

And a lot of times, especially in cold weather, people want to drink something warm. So we provide a warm and cold water here or water machine so that they can make hot drinks like tea, coffee, and hot chocolate before their piano lessons Tulsa. And we also offer in the summer really cool things like lemonade probably here soon. If not, I will suggest it through Ron and Kelly, but I would assume it would be a good opportunity to provide lemonade for students in the summer because lemonade is a summer drink. So without further ado, it’s important and vital to your students and parents success, that you have a comfortable space and that it is a conducive environment to learning and growing as an instructor and student.