Piano Lessons Tulsa | Being in a Relaxing Studio

This content was created for Curtis Music Academy

It’s really calming to have all that natural light. I think States have also shown that natural light plays a really big role in terms of what you’re absorbing and relaxation, all things like that. All the fun stuff. Things like natural. I really helped with all that, so we want to make sure that our base has lots of natural light. The unfortunate thing is that with the way that this house was set up, the second studio room does not get all that natural light unfortunately, but does get a little bit, but a supplement that we have warm lamps. So we have two lamps in there, maybe just one lamp, big floor lamp puts up one a light, but we would make sure that the light bulbs in there are not the super bright blue ones, but the calm yellow ones that are more like lamp light, those are definitely a ton cozier in terms of retaining and they’re also very similar to natural sunlight.


So something like that is a small step that we’ve made to be certain that we’re doing everything that we can to make it a calm and enjoyable space. But in that first day, like I said, there’s a lot of natural light. We also have a rugged there. So there’s something special about having a rug in a space, especially a nice rug. I think that it makes the space feel like home because you don’t have rugs made things like opposite and stuff like that. But in a home you have rugs, UK, comfy area rugs that cover the cold wood floor and that’s just a small detail and I think we’ve really done to help it make, make it feel like home somewhere that’s really comfortable because at home you don’t have to put up your guard and you don’t have to be something that you’re not.


 When you’re at home you can be called and relax and focus on things that really matter. So we try to make cars. Did you ask to feel as much like home as possible? It’s obviously can’t make it home. We try your best and it really does help that we at a studio house and awesome sort of cold, sterile, should say studio building. So that’s one of the things that we’ve done is just tried to make our studio feel like home, which is like a place that you want to be in piano lessons Tulsa. It’s a really, really important and I think that we’ve done in the studio rooms and both of them as we’ve put art on the walls. That’s another thing that is really lacking in certain places where it feels cold and sterile. You don’t exactly what I’m talking about. If you’ve ever been a place and you think, Oh man, the vibe material is really weird. It feels strange.


 I know when I took piano lessons Tulsa at a different studio for a little bit of time, they didn’t have anything on the walls. The walls were concrete. They were, you know, they were cinderblocks and they were gray and there was nothing on the walls except for like posters, things like that. Blink one 82 poster that we referenced in the Curtis music Academy, different sheet, things like that were just all over the walls and that is not a comfortable space for piano lessons Tulsa. I can guarantee you the students there are not soaking in all the information that they could and I felt like I had to be on edge while I was there. You know, like I was not able to actually relax and things of that nature because of the fact that it was just dark and sterile in there. So a critical music Academy, we have tried very hard to make sure that all of our rooms are very well lit. Not only what they have, but there’s sunlight and that there’s things, a wall that want, that we purposefully chose to put on the wall. 


You know, we’ve been really intentional with the way that we’ve designed this space and set it up for piano lessons Tulsa. So we want to make sure that when we’re doing things like this that we are always, you know, we’re always being intentional about what we put on the wall. So that’s what we have art, both the prestige of your room and for seeing purposes in a second studio room. We actually have a love seat couch. So that’s pretty awesome because it, when students come in with their parents, we are able to, you know, put them in and do that. So the parents are able to come in there and sit on the couch while their student takes the lesson. 


And I think it just shows that we put in the effort and the intention to make sure that we have a space for the parents. They don’t feel like they have to sit out in the waiting room and wait for their student. Wouldn’t make sure that they feel welcome and comfortable to come inside because especially if it’s a new student and they’ve never been to a place before, I think it really means a lot for a parent if they considered watching that, if it’s just for one time just to make sure that everything is going well and it helped calm the student’s nerves even potentially. 


So it’s a pretty big deal that we’re really flexible with that and make sure that we’re always courteous and making sure that the parent always feels comfortable because it is their student in piano lessons Tulsa. We want them to trust us with their students. So we do that through making sure we’ve got a space for them. It’s really simple, but I think it goes a long way and it tells a lot about, you know, why we do what we do here at Curtis music Academy. So that’s just a couple of different things that we haven’t done to show that we really care about our students and that we want to make sure that they’ve got a comfortable space today. Clawson’s it because it has really, it makes all the difference in the world winter taking any type of lesson for piano lessons Tulsa. So this is what we do differently here at Curtis music Academy.