Piano Lessons Tulsa | Various Approaches to Learning

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Two days past the cast of Curtis Music Academy in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we’ll be discussing why it is important for piano lessons Tulsa to have many different avenues for what you are learning. What I mean by that is many music lessons in schools.


We’ll go through an instructor, a student, and how to do one of the various approaches to music. And one of the approaches would be to beat sheet music, which is really important. It is absolutely a key element to learning the piano by learning to read sheet music.


However, there are many other avenues of learning the piano as well. And a lot of other people neglect the different approaches to learning to play an instrument. Whether you are looking to play the piano or the drums or the trumpet or the saxophone, all of these different instruments have different ways. You can learn how to play Platonist. The first, as I had mentioned, is absolutely to learn sheet music, sheet music will help you to understand what took play and how long to play it for. And therein lies the most basic understanding of sheet music.


When you light up many different notes with many different rhythms, you can create complex melodies where you can create simple melodies as well. A half note to tell her to speak during her piano lessons Tulsa. Well, a quarter note. It’s helped her when all of that information is processed in the moment to create a melody. However, a different approach to play the piano is to recognize that chord structures at the lead sheet, which is very similar to reading sheet music. You are just combining both backdrops of the information from reading sheet music to reading chords and incorporating both of those avenues. Again. With that being said, if you are interested in playing pop music or music that you hear on the radio, it is very beneficial to understand chord structures and the way that harmonies like each other.


One thing that you can do is. Construct patterns and different techniques or use it that way you play through any given song. It will help you memorize it. Kids are recognizing a pattern that is with the song themselves.


To give a good example of this would be a wonderful song by John Legend called All of which is a piano song, and you can go through and read this using in which five notes are being played when the left hand has a different rhythm, in the right hand at the rhythm is dotted quarter to followed by a dotted quarter note, followed by a quarter to add. You would recognize this in your piano lessons Tulsa


As you’re processing this information, if you are good at reading music, then that would be no problem. Five notes simultaneously is nothing outrageous to play at would for a well versed musician and playing a rhythm with dotted quarter note shouldn’t be too crazy. However, there’s still a lot of information that’s being explained.


Whereas if I were to tell you that there are only four records that are used in the introduction of the song, it’s an estimate record followed by a D-flat chord, followed by a flat chord and then followed by an E flat, or those four chords are repeated over and over in that introduction as well as the first verse. So with that being said, you have many different ways that you can learn a song. But the best thing about recognizing chords is that you can start to formulate patterns and understand that a lot of time. So it’s only used for chords. With that being said, if once you have learned the introduction or the verse to all of me in the midst of your piano lessons Tulsa, you can go on to the rest of the song and then pretty soon you will begin to realize that even when the chords change their pattern, even if it’s not going from F minor to D flat to a flat to E-flat when it starts to change the pattern of those chords.


It still uses the same for courts only in a different organization pattern. This is because music has come to be in the 21st century that we start to understand what sounds too good to be here. And what’s crazy is a lot of times the more complex a song is, the less desirable it is to listen to, the more simplistic. The song is, the more desirable and enjoyable it is to listen to.


However, that’s not to say that as a rule, because otherwise you would have all of these songs coming out that are just a few notes. And that’s not the case. There are many songs that have a tremendous amount of complexity to it that is still enjoyable.


So it’s certainly not a rule, it’s just a rule of thumb. If you want to create a song that is easy to listen to as you’re taking piano lessons Tulsa, then a simple song is also very enjoyable to listen to. Throughout the course of taking music lessons, as you go through and decide for yourself what it is that you would most enjoy. Would you most enjoy reading music and understanding it and out of rhythm and which note to play? That is a great approach for you. If you are more interested in playing songs that you would hear on YouTube or on the radio, there’s a lot of time understanding chord structures in harmony. It’s a great approach where you. 


There is no right way to learn the piano. If that is the fault of many music schools, they fall into their way and they begin to lose the interest of the students that they have been teaching for well over 10 years. In fact, Curtis Music Academy just had a student come into our doors yesterday because the current school that she is attending is very structured and there is no input from the students on what they should be playing.


They are not allowed to say just songs, especially not a song that would be heard on the radio. The only songs that they are allowed to play are by Mozart or Beethoven or Bach or someone that is from that time period. So with that being said, it’s very easy for a student that is not interested in classical music to get burned out of playing the piano, because the only way that they have learned throughout their course of taking piano lessons Tulsa is through classical music. We want an all encompassing approach so that when a student decides for themselves that they want to learn a song, they would be well equipped to play the song that it is that they are interested in playing. 


My sister took piano lessons Tulsa when she was in high school and she is eight years older than myself. So certainly she is a little bit more advanced in the piano at the time. And as I was watching her learn the piano, she was a phenomenal piano player. She was very good. And now, fifteen years later, she doesn’t play the piano at all.


She doesn’t remember how to do anything because she lost interest in playing the piano. She is trying to go back and formulate chords and understand how it is that courts can work together. However, she is having a very difficult time remembering all of the things that she had learned. Even though she was a phenomenal piano player when she was taking piano lessons Tulsa, she was playing for at least by Beethoven, which is a very recognizable song. And that is just one of the things that people have done to detriment music in general for the lower learning experience of students going in and having a great experience for the students from start to finish so that they can.