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If you’re in the market for a new piano in Tulsa, Oklahoma, there are a few things that you should be on the lookout for when you are taking a look at a used piano. There are many different places that sell pianos that have phenomenal pianos for sale, especially a wholesale piano that is brand new. It’s very likely to be a wonderful piece of art. However, there are many youth pianos that you can get for a bargain for very cheap if you know what you’re looking for and you know what you can be expecting from a used Yanna. Deanna was are built to last for many years as the owner of Curtis music Academy.


 I personally have two pianos that were built in the early 19 hundreds one was built in 1908 and still works. Another piano was built in 1918 instill works, I will admit. However, they are not our best pianos. They are perhaps the worst of all the pianos that I own and that is why they are at my house, not at our studio, but it still goes to show you that there are pianos that can be built and last for many years. If you buy a brand new piano, you can be sure that that purchase will be an investment for a lifetime, assuming you’re taking care of it. With that being said, if you are in the market for a used piano, there is still a very good chance that you could find a wonderful piano that is 50 years old or even 60 years old.


 It just depends on what you are looking for and what you know to look for. If you go to a online search and look for used pianos, whether it is from a piano instructor or someone that teaches piano lessons Tulsa, you will find a plethora of used pianos for sale. In fact, there are many places that even have people trying to just get rid of their piano because they don’t want to deal with it or have to move it or hire people to move it. So because of that you can find people that are giving away relatively good or inexpensive pianos for free. This is a very good market for buyers that are looking for pianos. If you are looking to sell a piano, the market is a little bit difficult because not many people want to move a piano to their new location. A lot of times people are looking for keyboards or digital pianos for this specific reason. 


If they don’t have a lot of room they can choose a keyboard, take up less space, which is unfortunate because acoustic pianos are fantastic and they are great. So with that being said, if you are looking for a piano, one of the things you want to look for is a loss in action on the teeth and the way you can determine this is by dragging your fingers on the top of the piano very lightly. And notice whether there is a lot or a little movement from the keys. I’m sure there are different articles and different things that you can look for that would describe how to look for a loss of motion in the piano piece. This is something that can be fixed by a piano technician and typically it’s not anything that is outrageously expensive in the context of the piano world. 


If you think about the maintenance of a piano in general, a tunic is at least a hundred dollars for someone to come out in tune your piano, and that should be done fairly regularly. So if you’re talking about an entire operation on your piano, which is getting rid of the loss of action in comparison to intuiting, it’s really not that much more expensive, so it’s not the worst thing, but just understand that that is something to look for. Another thing to look for is whether all the petals work do, does the right pedal sustain all of the notes, do the mute from the strings, come off of the strings when you push the right damper pedal, and then the other two pedals. Typically if Eno has three pedals, the other two pedals genuinely are just not as important. If either of the other two pedals are broken or you can’t figure out where they should be going, that’s perfectly fine. 


There’s really not much use of the other pianos for those pedals. Now a very important thing to be looking for is if the piano has lost the pitch, and this is difficult for the amateur to understand because there’s a difference between being out of tune and losing the pitch. Piano could be in tune to the wrong pitch. And the reason this would typically happen is if a piano has not been tuned for many years, and then what happens is if you play C on the piano, the pitch that is sounding might actually be a, B, and B, and that is because the piano has lost an entire half step from the strings being allowed to be loosened over a period of many years. 


Because of this, any piano tuner will have to come out three or four times just to raise the pitch from B all the way back to C. and there’s a reason for this. If the piano tuner comes out and pulls the strings from the all the way to see in one city with every single string on the piano, the chances of one or two or many of those strings breaking is very high. It is a very high chance that some if not many strings break because they’re not used to that tension in piano lessons Tulsa. However, another reason that you wouldn’t want to do this all in one sitting just because even if every single string does not break, there’s still going to be tunings that are required after that because with such a drastic change in pitch, the strings will automatically begin to loosen after being too and so it’s not worth risking breaking the strings just to have a tutor come out multiple times anyway, so because of this you want to watch to see when you play for piano lessons Tulsa.


 See it is in fact seek. A way that you can do this is by downloading a tuner app, which is typically used to two guitars, but you can set it down and then play a note on the piano for piano lessons Tulsa and see if that note is the correct note that you’re playing. If the pitch is playing the correct though that will determine whether or not the piano will need multiple tunings or if it is an indication that the piano has not been properly maintained over the course of many years. So with that being said, there was many things to be looking for with your piano in piano lessons Tulsa. You should definitely consult your piano teacher in Tulsa because your piano teacher will help you to tell you things to look for. 


To a normal person, you might just look at the appearance of the appearance of the piano and if that is the only indication that you’re looking for, then it can be a difficult thing to try and figure out what you’re looking for. So looking to see if the pitch has dropped is one of the things you want to look for. I check out a new piano. I play a chromatic scale to make sure that every single key indeed works. And sometimes when a piano hasn’t been maintained or it’s on the mute, will not go into the correct position after playing the note. So even if the note strikes, if the hammer hits the strings on the piano, sometimes that note will just continue to play. And so you want to watch out for all of those things. That’s why I play a chromatic scale all the way up and down the piano for piano lessons Tulsa to make sure that it works and that it sounds fantastic so that you can be ready for your piano lessons Tulsa at your house with your brand new piano making an awesome experience. For sure.