Christmas Gifts and Bartlesville’s Best Music Lessons

At Curtis Music Academy, we offer many different instrumental lessons. We offer piano lessons, we offer vocal lessons and a variety of other lessons as well. And in this particular podcast, I would like to discuss something I was thinking about today. But before we dive in, if you’d like to sign up for the best music lessons in Bartlesville, you can click here and we’ll reach out to help answer any questions that you might have for us. What do you get for Christmas that loves music? So I’m actually doing some research here. It’s very distinguished. I am Googling some questions and seeing the results. Now, of course, one thing that you could get from somebody who’s interested in music is Bartlesville’s best music lessons at Curtis Music Academy. 

How cool would that be? You could get them a month of lessons or just whatever however it works out, but that would be a fun idea as well. But I thought it was pretty interesting, some of these different results that I got for what? To get musicians guitar picks, obviously. And I see some interesting coasters that are music related. There’s just all kinds of music stuff. I think a fun one would be a ukulele because any musician who knows anything about music could easily pick up a ukulele and learn four chords very easily. That might be a really fun one. There’s even some ukuleles that are shaped like coconuts, which is really awesome. Another really cool idea could be a record player. 

They’re relatively inexpensive going to the right place, especially at Bartlesville’s best music lessons. You can get one for around fifty dollars or so and some records because the quality of sound is so good coming from a record player. Maybe other people can’t distinguish the difference between a CD player and a record player, but I definitely can. And scientifically, there is a difference with the sound that is produced between the two of them. So that’s pretty cool. So there’s all kinds of music games that you could get somebody, even wine glasses that are music oriented. I even see a man’s tie with music items on it. This particular one has records on it. So that would be kind of a gag gift, but would be really kind of fun as well, especially if you take Bartlesville’s best music lessons.

You could also get earplugs that filter acoustics to prevent ear damage. So that’s something that comes up, you could get them a device to listen and play their favorite music, whether it’s in an echo dot or things like that. A flash drive shaped like a mixtape. Oh, that is so my era. That would be fun. Shower speaker would be really fun. Another idea is that you could buy them sheet music or a membership to a website that offers sheet music. This is another item that could be extremely helpful during Bartlesville’s best music lessons. So that would be really fun and relatively inexpensive as well. 

Music Lessons During Christmas Time

Like and I know my sister has asked for some sheet music and I might go to the music store and get her a Disney book or something like that, which would be kind of fun to use during Bartlesville’s best music lessons. Or I might just go online and download some different things and some songs for her. And that might be kind of a fun idea. Another really cool gift idea would be a guitar that actually is a travel guitar, and it literally folds in half. It is stunning to see and I’ve seen this happen and when you want to play it, it folds right back out and it’s in tune. It’s really incredible. Somebody was really a genius who created that one. So that would be a really fun one. 

You know, there’s lots of customizable things and, you know, tuners and different things, accessories, which would be really fun as well. These things can be used during Bartlesville’s best music lessons. One gift that would be really cool is something that I have. It’s a small recording device and it can record up to eight different tracks and you can in some ways mix it in. So it’s kind of like a simplified version of either a semi pro recording device that you can get on your apple or things like logic, but it’s really fun to do so. I have recorded myself, you know, with three part harmony and it sounds so good or I’ve recorded several different instruments playing at the same time and it’s all me doing it. So it’s just a lot of fun. 

And those were around like three hundred dollars when I bought them. So it was really fun. I use it when I teach during Bartlesville’s best music lessons. A really good deal, especially if you’re just wanting to do stuff personally and not necessarily professionally. So that would be another great idea. So if you are a musician and you’re thinking about creative things to give to others, one cool thing would be to write a song about somebody. So that could look like a number of different things, whether it’s lyrics or whether it’s just the music side of it or. Even if you give them, you know, a song that you’ve written and you dedicate it to them, that can be really special as well. So just very personal, very creative. 

So I know I’ve thrown a lot at you guys today, and it’s just kind of like it could be anything, it could be an actual instrument or it could be a shot glass with a treble clef on it. So there are just so many options out there for music lovers taking Bartlesville’s best music lessons. That would be really fun, especially if you just want to go to the music store and look around there. There’s just countless little gift items that would be fun for people of all ages, for children and for teens, for adults, for any type of genre that you’re looking at or what genre is your favorite, whether it’s classical or rock or jazz or anything in between. So I hope this helps you guys as we are getting closer to the holidays. Thank you so much for listening to this podcast about Bartlesville’s best music lesson. And we will see you at the next podcast.