Pumpkin Painting Contest for Classical Guitar Lessons in Tulsa
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Hello again, welcome to another article at Curtis Music Academy. We’re here to discuss music and life and about working and being a student at Curtis Music Academy. It’s really an honor and a privilege. We teach guitar lessons, piano lessons, and vocal lessons. Today’s podcasts is about classical guitar lessons in Tulsa. So today, I would love to talk to you about our culture and our family style. So at Curtis Music Academy, we go out of our way, we go the extra mile so that our students feel at home. So we do this in a variety of ways.

We actually, even from the top down, Ron and Kelly, who actually are the owners of Curtis Music Academy, chose to actually have the studio in a beautiful two story home in downtown Tulsa rather than just in a strip mall location. And their whole purpose of that is they just want their students to feel like this is a home while they are taking classical guitar lessons in Tulsa. This is a place where you actually belong. And we’re not just saying that is actually like a real sentiment that we feel. And so even from that point, just our location, it’s very intentional. And beyond that, we actually go out of our way to make people feel at home.

We greet them at the door as best as we can. Now, that doesn’t always happen because we might be teaching another classical guitar lesson. And so sometimes there’s that overlap. But usually we like to greet our students at the door to just say, like, hey, welcome. You know, we’re like, Kyle you’re here. We offer our students coffee, tea and water while they’re taking their classical guitar lessons in Tulsa so that they can just feel relaxed and just feel like a warm, friendly environment. So all of these things play into one of our core values with great people by names.

We just make people feel totally welcomed. So one of the cool things we’ve done recently is Mikhaila, one of our instructors. She had an idea to do a pumpkin painting contest. And so that was one of the things we discussed at our Thursday night meetings. Everybody thought it was a great idea to have all the students who wanted to participate. They would paint a pumpkin and they would submit it. And the winner of the pumpkin painting contest would actually receive a free month of classical guitar lessons in Tulsa. So super fun. And basically, also anyone who entered it got a little candy after their classical guitar lessons in Tulsa, because we have some really young students or we have adult students.

And so it’s just kind of like a fun little thing, like everybody thank you for participating and that kind of thing. So the cool thing is we actually received a lot of pumpkins, so I’m just going to kind of go through the range of pumpkins that we received and also let you know who the winner was of the pumpkin painting contest. So we got a baby yoda pumpkin. We’re playing a baby guitar. We had this huge glittery cat with ears and whiskers that was really cute. We even had like an old pumpkin that was like literally five pumpkins it took to make him really awesome. Now, that one was submitted by an adult student. And so she is very crafty and really awesome at that kind of stuff anyway.

Fun during Classical Guitar Lessons in Tulsa
This content was created for Curtis Music Academy

In other news, you could definitely tell she just did a fantastic job. And then we just had some really great ones. Kids were just painting on their pumpkins. They’re really young. One of my personal favorites was actually one of my students and he painted one of them like it’s actually kind of a cool backstory. So he just transitioned from the primer reading book, which is like a piano book into level one. So it’s a huge transition when taking classical guitar lessons in Tulsa. We all celebrated. It was really cool. And the very first song that he was learning in that second book, he actually put the first line of it on a pumpkin. It was really cool. So that is definitely an honorable mention in this one, because I thought, how perfect is that?

It was the song Firefly, which is a classic piano song. We had one of our students actually carve a pumpkin, which is totally amazing and takes a lot of work to do that. I’ve done it a few times in my life as well. We even had something like a softball, like a giant softball painted and it looks really accurate. So a lot of really great creativity. And we actually took some pictures of all the pumpkins. It was really a fun event and we were able to name the winner of the pumpkin painting contest. We had some different criteria. And so there was like all of the instructors around the table on a Thursday night, it was Kyle in the Kayla, Hailey, me running Kelly after the classical guitar lessons in Tulsa.

And we were all there just discussing the different criteria. So we had to vote for our top three for creativity during creative guitar lessons And so first place got three points. Second place got two points. Third place got one point basically. And so then the second criteria was time and effort again, which had first place was three points. Second place was two points. Third place was one point. And so we did all that. We had all these lists of different pumpkins that made that, you know, all the different points kind of reminded me of like fantasy football or something. We’re drafting our pumpkins. And so then we actually had like.

The top three based on those and on that point, we all decided to vote one more time out of the top three.
So we did the same thing during classical guitar lessons in Tulsa. We did the creativity and then the time and effort. And so then we narrowed it down to one pumpkin and was actually a pumpkin painted by one of our guitar students. And she actually got this gourd, I guess, and painted it brown and made it look like an actual guitar. And it was really cool because she made it look like her guitar, which is a really unique guitar with some crescent moons and really beautiful little additions.

So she was the winner and she’s going to receive a free month of classical guitar lessons in Tulsa. And it’s just so exciting. And I’m so glad she won. I think she’s going to be thrilled. So this is just one of the many ways that we make people feel like family and just like really the little things add up. And so this is just a fun way to bring people together and throughout these holiday months. Thank you for tuning in to this podcasts on classical guitar lessons. We’ll see you next time for more information about classical guitar lessons.