Our Amazing Students During Rock Guitar Lessons in Tulsa
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Well hello there, this is Curtis Music Academy. In this article today, we will be discussing rock guitar lessons in Tulsa and amazing things about music. We offer services at Curtis Music Academy, which include piano lessons, rock guitar lessons in Tulsa, vocal lessons, and even drum, brass, and woodwind lessons. If that’s what you’re looking for, I encourage you to schedule that lesson for just $1 by clicking here. But on we go, and I don’t think we’ve ever done a podcast on some of our really amazing students and what they’re like and what they’re doing in music. But today, I would just like to feature without any names some of our key students. So one of the really cool philosophies that we have at Curtis Music Academy is that we are literally here to promote you and to promote your journey. It’s not about us. We are not the star in the situation.

We’re actually a coach. And our goal is that you will reach our level, if not beyond. This especially applies to rock guitar lessons in Tulsa. And so, first of all, I believe that that’s a great leadership technique as well. And it can be applied to anything like you don’t want to have a teacher that is jealous of your abilities and wants to keep you below what they were able to accomplish back in the day, basically. Or you don’t want a teacher that is so wrapped up in their glory days that they just are kind of having an attitude towards you. And, you know, it’s just not a good situation. And so we intentionally put our students first and we want to help them reach their goals, whatever that may be. So we have some really amazing students at Curtis Music Academy taking rock guitar lessons in Tulsa.

We have one person who has literally recorded some different albums. His first album was a classical piano album. It’s really awesome. And the cool thing is he’s recorded them on actual records. And so I am personally in love with records. I think the sound quality is a lot better. I know that people might say yes, people might say no, but I can definitely tell the difference. And so even at the studio, sometimes we play records from time to time and sometimes we play his records. It’s just so fun. He just came out with another album, a jazz album, which I guess he had been working on with his instructor at Curtis Music Academy during rock guitar lessons in Tulsa. And it was just super fun, totally a different genre and idea than the classical record and just a lot of fun.

He was able to pull in some other instruments and some other key players in his jazz album as well. We have another student who is recording things, and their goal is to just have some CDs out, I believe their instructor is Hailey. I haven’t heard about them recently, but I know that in the past she has talked about that and how she’s a vocal student who also takes rock guitar lessons in Tulsa. And that is her ultimate goal is to record some albums as well. We actually just had a one dollar rock guitar lesson, I guess, yesterday, and this person is actually trying out for a band and just wanted to brush up on some vocal warm ups. And so she had McKayla as one of our vocal instructors as well, and she had to listen with Mikhaila.

Totally Awesome Rock Guitar Lessons in Tulsa
This content was created for Curtis Music Academy

And the cool thing is, like as she was singing in the room, I was just working on some things in the next room in Hailey, one of our instructors came in and said, oh, my goodness, this person is awesome. I was like, yeah, I agreed. And then one of our other instructors, Kyle, also came in and said, Wow, that person sounds really good, especially in her rock guitar lessons in Tulsa. And so it was just kind of funny confirmation because this person came in to take a rock guitar lesson because she is going for a tryout in a band. And even behind the scenes, people were taking note of her and just seeing how awesome she was. So it was definitely a confidence boost. And so I was able to mention that to her as she was leaving. But just a really cool opportunity.

We also have other students who are very notable in their craft. And so I have a student who is. Going on to some really challenging music, we’ve been taking rock guitar lessons in Tulsa for several months and he’s just going to new places on the piano. We’re actually going to start some different genres of music, which is really fine. And so he’s really at the point where he could be playing in a band or playing some solo things like in the background of, you know, a party or just a live event, which I think is really cool. Not that that’s really his goal, but he’s definitely reached that level. I have another student and I believe she’s like 11 or 12, I think, in junior high, and she’s just doing awesome as well.

She comes from a family. I think her older siblings play some instruments and she is actually just crushing her rock guitar lessons in Tulsa. And she’s just finished level two. She’s moving on to level three. And I had a great chance to talk with her mom about some ideas about moving forward, because I think that this young lady wants to be a serious piano player. And so we were able to kind of navigate through some stuff and kind of put her on the go all the way to make that happen. So I think she’s just so excited about it and so excited to reach a new level. And I’m excited to see where it all takes her, whether she plays at certain events in school or she’s able to compete.

And I think that’s the kind of stuff that she would like to get into. So it is really a joy and an honor to get to teach all these different types of students. That’s one of the beauties of Curtis. The Music Academy is where we literally welcome everybody, whether you’re just a beginner or you’re taking rock guitar lessons in Tulsa for several years or you’re recording albums or you like semi-professionals. And so we just are here to make your goals happen. So we never take it lightly. Like, I had a couple students that come in and they want to learn a Beethoven. So we’re just the beginning stages of learning the piano and learning how to read sheet music.

But that is the goal. And within several months, we’re going to see some major fruit from all their efforts being put in. I have another notable student who is just crushing it, and he’s just moving along steadily through the rock guitar lesson books and learning how to read sheet music. But on the side, he loves music theory and he’s able to act like a 10 year old do chord inversions in scales and arpeggios and all of this kind of stuff, major and minor scales and all of this over online platforms because of coronavirus. So he’s another one that I just feel like in a few years he’s going to be incredible on the piano. So that is really our heart is just to help people enjoy music and to reach their goals. Thank you for tuning in to this podcast about rock guitar lessons in Tulsa. We will see you at the next podcast.