The best Guitar Lessons in Tulsa | Reaching Private Schools

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How to gain access to specific students in private schools. So there are many private schools in any given city. We at Curtis Music Academy teach the best guitar lessons in Tulsa, Oklahoma and there are at least 20 to 30 private schools in the Tulsa Metro area. And the thing about private schools is it’s a locked in sort of group and the parents love to talk to each other. The parents are always talking to other parents about different activities, about sports within the school, about the curriculum within the school. And private schools allow the parents to feel well connected to each other. So to crack into a private school, basically you just got to get your foot in the door. You just have to be able to provide an experience to starting out just one family. You just have to get your foot in the door. And so if you find out where your students attend school, it’s absolutely vital that you receive this information. So in Tulsa there’s a private school called Marquette and Marquette is a phenomenal private school here in Tosa and very first family that I taught that went to Marquette.

I found out that they attended this school and then I did a lot of research to find out more about this private school and how I could reach other students within that school and sure enough, it didn’t take too long. As of right now, I think we have 10 different families that attend this private school, so by reaching one student, by reaching one family that attends this private school through word of mouth, through research, basically allowing others to see that you teach somebody else in that school. It really is a important factor to realize that people are looking for the best guitar lessons in Tulsa and that’s something that you will constantly need to research and find. The other thing is that private schools are not the only exclusive area that you should be putting your attention to. Private schools are also a great resource because just in the same vein as private schools, if people attend public schools, even though in my opinion and my personal experience of attending a public school, parents aren’t quite as

in connection with each other as a private school at a private school or the parents know the students, that parents know the parents’ names and everybody knows each other. Whereas a public school, a family might know only the student name, but they don’t necessarily know the parents’ names. So even in a public school, it’s important to understand where your students are taking lessons from and if they’re taking lessons with your competition, then you need to research how you can effectively reach that demographic and reach those students. Once you get the foot in the door, once you get your first student that attends a specific city, cool. That’s how you can really start to focus your attention and reach more in that school. So it’s always something that we ask our students if they are a new student with us and they’re taking their first lesson or their first month of lessons, we want to make sure that we know where they go to school just so that we can also do a better job about reaching a different demographic of students. So that’s very important but schools are not the only way that you can put your attention into reaching other students in the Tulsa area.

Another area that you may want to look at is different neighborhoods and this gets a little bit tricky because unless you are planning to set out flyers and go door to door, which is not a bad idea, but if you are interested in reaching a specific neighborhood and getting your word out there is very important. And at Curtis Music Academy we not only have a great word of mouth referral program in which people are just constantly willing to express their joy for attending the best guitar lessons in Tulsa at Curtis Music Academy. But we also have a great online presence in which if you search on Google “the best Guitar lessons in Tulsa”, we will be up there and we have many reviews and that’s something that is something that we try to constantly improve on through marketing and through receiving amazing students throughout the Tulsa area.

So I encourage you, if you are interested in teaching the best guitar lessons in Tulsa, try to look at your company or your Music Academy through the lens of somebody that’s looking to take lessons. What are they observing when they search on Google? What are they observing when they are asking different people around town about where to take music lessons, what are people saying about your industry? And this is important. And so you can even go undercover if you have to. Just to go to a kid’s event and ask a bunch of parents, “Hey, I’m looking to take music lessons. Where’s a good place that you’ve heard of?” And see what people say. You may find out that people have frustrations with some of the music schools in your area and you didn’t even know that there was frustrations with a specific music school.

One thing that happens is you will be able to receive the opinions of people and they don’t even realize that you are somebody that teaches music lessons and so that’s something that you could certainly attempt to do throughout your research as a music teacher. Now, as I said, private schools are a great place to focus and find students and one of the things that can continue to help you reach those students is by reaching out to the teachers at the school. Find out if they have a music program.

Find out if the school has a choir program. Find out if the school has a band program. Because all of these programs are things that the teachers, if they are hoping to get better at their program, if they want a better choir program, a better band program, if they know that their students take private lessons for guitar or for piano, it’s going to benefit their program because their students aren’t getting better at music. And so this is something that most teachers would be happy to promote for you without ever having to raise a penny because teachers want their program to be better and how much easier for them program to be better by you doing all the work in training their students. So as you are looking to break into the different markets in your city, consider reaching out to teachers to help you with your marketing.