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Did you know there are many additional advantages to receiving the top piano lessons Tulsa? Did you realize that piano is recognized as the gateway to music by many experts? That’s right besides just personal enjoyment while slapping the keys, learning to play the piano will provide you many key benefits in your life. There is a long list of musicians whose path has crossed with piano lessons at some point. These are some of the most successful names in music over the course of their careers. An additional benefit to playing piano is that is proven fact that piano music is directly linked to brain development.

To make sure that we are providing nothing but the absolute top piano lessons Tulsa we teach based on our four core values. These core values our patients passion musical growth mentorship. Threes we dedicate ourselves to these values is because not only are we wanting to produce the best musicians possible, we want to mentor our students into outstanding people. It is our commitment to your personal growth the helps us create quality musicians at a consistent rate. Our coaches are going to consistently preach these core values to help you improve your patients passion musical growth and provide you mentorship.

If you’re receiving piano lessons from us you’re also receiving many different benefits the you’re going to soon realize. It is never too late when the piano, as it is often a skill that is pick up later in life. Many people after receiving piano lessons in their youth and deeming them boring often regret this later in life. That leads many people to come back to us to continue mastering a skill that was left off at a basic level. You would be shocked at how many people have become successful pianist after receiving lessons at a very young age and pushing away.

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Are you not interested in the top piano lessons Tulsa because your word the you’re too old to learn how to play piano? Are you worried that you would be the oldest in your class? Little fun fact as it relates pianos as it is commonly one of the most popular instruments provide lessons to for youth. That being said the piano is often times viewed as a dull instrument by many young people. This leads many people to come back to us later in life with the desire to learn how to play the piano. As they have grown older their appreciation for the instrument has grown as well. We have many customers who support why in gray hair!

Would you be interested in receiving top piano lessons Tulsa for just one dollar? All you have to do to get your very first lesson for the low price of one dollar is visit our website curtismusicacademy.com and felt form located bottom of each and every page. We put this form on every single page to make sure the you know the we are offering one of the best values in the area. This is a risk free way to learn an instrument is the right fit for you. This will give you access to the highest level musical lessons offered in Tulsa to give you an idea if it is the right fit for you. Remember we offer lessons for several different instruments and do not be discouraged if you decide that pianos are not your thing.

In addition to being the Top Piano Lessons Tulsa our company also is top for several different instrumental lessons. Our diversity in musical education helps us provide excellence in each one. It is proven fact that learning multiple instruments helps increase your learning and understanding of all music. That is why we encourage our students. One instrument once they have mastered it. We want to guide our students to opening up in branching out into other instruments. No other music lessons are going to provide you the opportunity to learn not only piano, but also guitars, vocals, and brass instruments. Shoot even if you’re interested in mastering a woodwind instrument we got you covered!

Did you know that piano lessons offer many different benefits the you are doubly not aware of? Like the fact that listening to the piano boost brain development for all humans. If you have young children playing the piano is going to help your child develop at a faster rate than other children. Particularly infants listening to Beethoven and Bock has been linked higher test scores later in life. Parts of the brain that is music helps develop, are often related to key skills to engineers and architects.

To receive music lessons under the guidance of Ron Curtis, a to you graduate with many different recognitions for his growth in music development all you have to do to get started is filling out form our website. You can visit this play by logging onto music website right now. You can find the form the bottom of the page, or on the home front page. If you’d rather just reach out in schedule your appointment immediately right the second you can give us a call at (918) 361-7641.