Tulsa Guitar Lessons | Tulsa Zoo Recital

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One of our previous performance opportunities at Curtis Music Academy was in a location that not a lot of people would have anticipated. Our students that take tulsa guitar lessons had a reason as to why we had the location at the Tulsa Zoo, which is a strange place for a recital. And the reason that we decided that we would have our performance opportunity at a recital at a zoo is because we have many kids. And we thought the kids would love taking a trip to the zoo for some fun. So that’s why we decided to have it at the Tulsa Zoo.

So even though it seems like a strange place for a recital, we had many families that thoroughly enjoyed having time with their kids to spend at the zoo, so they weren’t able to attend the zoo. They could walk around, they could have an enjoyable experience with their family before or after the zoo. And the cool thing about it was we did not charge a single family, a penny to attend the zoo and to spend time there. And we really wanted to just share our appreciation for our students and celebrate all of their successes. And that is why we decided that we would do it at the Tulsa Zoo to celebrate the hard work. And even though it was technically geared towards some of our kids taking lessons, we also had a adult recital as well. And the adult recital was the exact same thing. We just enjoyed having a fun time celebrating the successes and the hard work of our students and they were able to play a song or two in front of an audience to show and express their hard work to others. So the day that we had the recital, my dad and I arrived around 10 o’clock to start setting up the speakers, the keyboard and all of the essential oils for the recital. And the awesome thing was that we were able to get everything set up pretty quickly. And that way people didn’t have to be

arriving at the recital while we are still getting everything ready, we had all of the equipment well before the recital began. And so then we had an entire sound system that was set up and it was not blasting music, but it was playing some really fun, upbeat songs. So that as people arrived to the venue that people were in a good mood, people were excited for what was coming up. And so as we continued to progress and to get further along in the day, people were arriving and peeking their headin, even if it was quite a bit early, they just enjoyed being able to have the opportunity to see where they would be performing and then they would go check out the monkeys or the giraffes. They had a lot of fun just checking out and seeing what all otherwise to experience at the Tulsa Zoo. One of the cool things that the Tulsa Zoo has recently

incorporated is an entire new section, which is cool. So many families were excited to experience the zoo because it had some new attractions. And so through our music lessons and through the students that they have been taking lessons, they were able to experience something that was really neat to show them. And it was neat to express how much we appreciate all that our students that take Tulsa guitar lessons have done for us and for Curtis Music Academy. And so that was something that we enjoy doing. And then as the day began to progress, we had people starting to fill in the venue starting about 30 minutes before the event started. And we, like I said, had the music turned on some upbeat songs too.

Help everybody get in a good mood and be excited about what was coming up. And towards the starting time we actually had a few games for the kids, so we had an air tulsa guitar lessons contests where we put on some music and then there was a so low and then all of the kids would get up there and they would rock out and put on their best air guitar show. And that was really fun. We had candy for anybody who participated in the air guitar contests. And then we had a few games that were category based. And so we had a game that was about Christmas songs and if you could name Christmas songs that you had learned in your guitar lessons, then you would continue on to the next round. And so one person would say jingle bells, the next person would say deck the halls.

And then the next person would say have a Holly jolly Christmas and then they would continue on. So that’s one of the things that we did was a category based game and that was really fun. Again, we had candy and prizes for anybody who participated in the event and that was a lot of fun. It was exciting to see what we had come up with four games. And my wife, one of the administrative assistants at Curtis Music Academy came up with some phenomenal games for the students and that was great. It was really fun to see all of the things that she was able to come up with. And the kids really appreciated the fact that they were able to come in and have some fun and see games that others were excited about it. And so after the games, we went one by one through all of our students and they performed a song or two that they hadn’t been working a long time on.

And as they played these, we gave them a handwritten note, which thanked them for coming and we were able to express how awesome they did. And then we gave them prizes and candy or a gift card and that was really exciting because it showed that we cared not only for them taking lessons, but we also care about them sharing their hard work with others and to have that opportunity to share your hard work with others. It just is a very exciting thing for people to enjoy. And then after the kids got done playing, what ended up happening was we invited all of the students to come up to the front. Every single student that had performed from their Tulsa guitar lessons decided to come up to the front and what they did was we gave them flowers for them to give to their mom. And so the students didn’t get to keep the flowers.

The students actually gave the flowers to their mom because it was their mom that had taken them to the lessons that had scheduled the lessons and made sure that it was consistently in the schedule. And so that was something that we had many comments about. After the event. We had many people that came to us and expressed how much they appreciated that we were interested in providing an opportunity for even the moms to be celebrated. And that is the true and genuine focus at Curtis Music Academy. When you take Tulsa guitar lessons We want you to be celebrated. We want your mom to be celebrated. We want your brother to be celebrated because there’s so many things to be happy about. There’s so many things to look at and think, wow, this was an awesome opportunity for whoever to be excited about the growth that they are experiencing. And that’s what we want to focus on. We don’t want to focus on your mistakes. We don’t want to focus on what you could improve on. We want to focus on what you did phenomenally, and we’re going to feed that growth throughout the course of your Tulsa guitar lessons. So I hope that that was enjoyable to hear. How Curtis Music Academy loves to throws recitals.