Tulsa Guitar Lessons | Getting New Students

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Plus thing that I want to talk about today is how we get and retain students. So this week it looks like we’re coming up on having a 100 students at Curtis Music Academy. I mean 100 students are right now 99 two units are taking private lessons here at Curtis Music Academy, whether that be guitar lessons, vocal lessons, piano lessons. We now have almost a hundred and if we close one more lesson today that we have scheduled, then we will make it to a hundred students, which is just phenomenal and something that we are really priding ourselves on because that is a ton of students for being a relatively small, relatively new music academy. So we’ve only been a real music academy for about a year and a half to two years now. 


So for us to have this many students so quickly, it begs a question as to how we get and retain students. So one of the primary ways that we get students is through recommendations. So our students who have been with us for awhile now love courtesy music academy so much that they are referring us to their friends and family members. And we’re getting a lot of students coming to us from just that. Just people saying, hey, we take lessons at Curtis Music Academy and we love it. So here you should come try to, and one of the things that is most attractive about Curtis Music Academy to people who have never really heard of us before but are interested in taking music lessons.


 whether that be guitar lessons, vocal lessons, or piano lessons. One of the things that I think is most attractive to them about us is that we provide the first lesson for just $1. So you’ve heard us talk a lot about that first $1 lesson that we offer to new students, but it really is something that is just phenomenal and really separates us from everyone else. All the other music academies in town and around the, around the state of Oklahoma. Really. So as you know, we provide a lesson for just $1 and we like to advertise that a lot because it’s something that really does get people in the door. And if you’ve ever heard of a purple cow or purple Giraffe, I’m honestly not entirely certain what the phrases, but it’s something that just draws people in. It helps you be noticed and it gets people in the door and once they are in the door, that’s when they are more likely to either make a purchase.


 if that a store or sign on to take lessons full time month by month here at Curtis Music Academy. So I think that our one dye lesson really does stand to benefit us in a ton of ways because it really gets people in the door. And that is probably the hardest and most intimidating part about signing up for music lessons is that you’re not sure what you are getting. So you come in and most of the time you have to commit to a full month before you’re able to take your first lesson. So you have to pay for the full month whether or not you’d like it. And I think that’s just a barrier to entry for most people where they don’t want to spend that much money if they’re not even sure that they’re going to like it or like the person who’s teaching them. 


So I think the $1 lesson for us is a big winning move and it helps, helps us get people in the door because once they’re in the door, it’s almost guaranteed that they’re going to like us and have a good time in their lesson and then want to sign on for more. So that’s how we really make sense of the deal. And it might sound like we’re losing money by offering people lessons for just the dollar, but it really is a way for us to attract new students. And if those students stay for six months, a year, or even some up to two years or so, it was absolutely worth that. Just $1 to get them in the door. So I know a lot of stores do this with promotions where I might seem like they’re losing money because let’s say at Wendy’s they’re giving out free frosties or something. 


You’re like, how could that be? They’re losing a bunch of money, but their goal is that by promoting something that is free or for us just $1, you’ll go in there and you’ll want to buy something else with it and that then brings people in the door to purchase something else. Whereas if there wasn’t a promotion, you’re likely to not stop in and buy something. Same thing goes for Tulsa guitar lessons. It really helps break the ice almost and it gives you a way to enter without it being so intimidating and nerve wracking when you’re coming in to take your first lesson. 


And that is exactly why we offer it for just $1. So that is another way how we make ends meet and how we get our students in the door is through offering Tulsa guitar lessons for just $1 and through referrals. And another way that we get students in the door is through our advertisements. So we do a lot of work on Google, making sure that we get to the top of the list, if that makes sense. So if you were to type in Tulsa guitar lessons, we want to make sure that we’re popping up on Google towards the top of the list so that we are noticed when you’re searching it because nowadays most people search for things online in the same applies for guitar lessons. 


So if someone has a child who wants to take Tulsa guitar lessons, likely the first thing that they’re gonna do is just Google Google who has, who teaches Tulsa guitar lessons in Tulsa. And the way that we can reach them is through being towards the top of the list. Then it gives them something to click on. They’re seeing our name and that’s how we get the word out there. But get into the top of Google, as I have learned, is imperatively an incredibly difficult task. And it’s not, it’s not easy and it takes a lot of work, but it definitely is worth it because that’s how we get, that’s how we’re seen by people in the community and in the toes area. So now I’m going to switch to how we retain students. 


So you’ll say, Erica, I can’t believe you’re at a hundred students. How do you keep that many, keep them all happy? Well, here’s the thing. We genuinely provide fantastic music lessons, whether that be Tulsa guitar lessons or vocal lessons or piano lessons. We do a very good job and we put a ton of effort into making sure that we’re doing the right thing and teaching them to the best of our ability. So that’s where building up a team of people who share the same values and principles and desires and passions that you have. And that’s one of the things that Ron has done incredibly well in creating Curtis Music Academy, is that he has truly built up a team that thinks the same way that he does. So we don’t have to worry about someone teaching a bad lesson or not being a good instructor. 


Because we’ve picked out the best of the best instructors, truly. So we know that they’re going to teach to the absolute best of their ability and provide our students with a fantastic lesson, whether it’s their first or their 50th Lawson with us. So that is how we keep students is simply by giving them a fantastic lesson from the beginning to the end whenever they decide. And, and that’s what keeps them happy. And that’s what keeps them coming back. To take more Tulsa guitar lessons with us here at Curtis Music Academy.