Tulsa Guitar Lessons | Challenges As A Beginning Guitarist

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As a guitar instructor, many times I have looked back and thought about back when I was beginning to take Tulsa guitar lessons as a beginning student and as I do this, it helps me to think about some of the challenges and difficulties that are presented to beginners and that way I can address situations from my own perspective as I have be in a beginning student from the beginning


One of those challenges is tuning a guitar, although it is completely irrelevant of your guitar skill. Tuning your guitar is an important task to be able to do because tuning your guitar allows you to play the guitar and have it sound Nice. If you are an amazing guitarist but your guitar is out of tune, then that is a problem because your guitar will not sound good. 


However, if your guitar is in tune, then you will likely practice more than you would if it was out of tune. So being able to tune your guitar is important for your success as a guitarist. Another thing that I think back to as I remember what it was like to be a beginning guitar student taking Tulsa guitar lessons for the first time. The challenges about understanding notes on the guitar can be a little bit tricky because the fret board looks really strange and being able to understand which notes have sharps and flats, whereas some notes don’t. 


That can be a challenge because on the piano there’s really no question you go from e to f, you go from B to c and there no arguing with why that is, but then on the guitar we have to explain that one fret going to the another. It’s a sharp and sometimes it is not, which is very interesting. 


So if you are a beginning guitar student, I recommend that you take a look at a piano, look at that keyboard and try to learn your notes by looking at a keyboard or a piano. That way those notes will help you as you start learning about the fret board and the notes that are on the fret board. 


Furthermore, one of the challenges that can happen with anyone at any age, even bodybuilders can have difficulty with it, is the amount of strength that you need to push down your fingers before you have calluses. And this is something that can absolutely cause beginning guitar students to quit taking Tulsa guitar lessons rather than sticking through it and persevering through the beginning stages of learning the guitar. The problem is is that a lot of students don’t realize that when you don’t have calluses, your fingers are going to hurt real bad. 


But once you get calluses, there’s no more pain. You don’t hurt anytime that you pick up the guitar and push your fingers against the strings anymore. A lot of beginners assume playing the guitar just hurts all the time. And one thing that we have to do as guitar instructors is explain to our students that this is temporary and the more you practice, the quicker that pain will no longer be existed. So that pain that you’re experiencing by putting your fingers on the strings, this is very short lived throughout the course of taking Tulsa guitar lessons and practicing. You may realize that your fingers get worn out pretty easily. You may only be able to practice for a couple of minutes and then your fingers are sore so then you move on and give your fingers a break. 


One thing that you can do to make that a lot easier on you while still working towards building those calluses is play for a certain amount of time, 10 minutes, five minutes, and when your fingers can no longer press down on the strings, then you can take a break, come back to it and play through those exercises again and then play those chords again and have a good time coming back and forth between the guitar and resting. It’s a really good way to experience solid practice even while your fingers are still hurting and still being sore.


Another difficulty would be strumming or using your dominant hand as the picking hand or the strumming hand in the immediate situation of your Tulsa guitar lessons. Many people have questions about why your dominant hand is used for the rhythm, while your weaker hand is used for chords and individual notes, and that’s because your dominant hand is going to be more steady, which is where the rhythm comes from. So if your dominant hand is more steady than it would make sense for you to have the steadiness come from that hand. 


Strumming can be a little bit of a challenge for, for some people, especially if this specific student has never had Tulsa guitar lessons previously because drummers will have the best opportunity to transfer their previous knowledge to the guitar while other instruments like piano or any wind instrument, you’re also going to be better off having played another instrument so that you can transfer that rhythm factor to the guitar. But I would say that drummers are the most likely to be able to transfer that too. The guitar and lastly, changing your strings on the guitar can be a very intimidating task. But what you can do is talk to your guitar teacher and if you’re taking Tulsa guitar lessons, your teacher can help you too. Play the guitar. And also help you change your strings. Yes. 


So if you are able to get your guitar strings changed through your instructors help, it will help you not only feel more accomplished, but also changing guitar strings helps you as a musician because the strings will feel better on your fingers than old dirty, rusty strings. So change your guitar strings if you haven’t already. And Ask your guitar teacher and Tulsa to help you.