Tulsa Guitar Lessons | Instructor Hours

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Today in this podcast, I’m going to talk about the importance of our instructors and keeping track of all of their hours. So as the administrative assistant here at Curtis music Academy, that is one of my jobs is keeping track of everyone’s hours and this being some on the keeping track of the hours that they have worked, but the hours that they’re available and work. So we have a lot of students that, you know, we’re running over a hundred students at the moment. And so our instructors are very, very busy and like I’ve mentioned before, most of them have school and maybe other jobs until they’re all really busy doing other things with life.


 But we want to make sure that we give them enough students so that they make money and that we are able to hold the capacity of students that we have and that we need to continue holding.So it’s really important that I keep track of everyone’s hours in their availability. So one of the ways that I do that is I make this sheet, it’s actually on a whiteboard right now. It’s right in front of me. Every time I sit down in the office, but it’s a pig dry whiteboard full of everyone’s availability. So I go from left to right and I can see when every single one of the instructors is available to teach the students. 


That way when I’m scheduling a first $1 lesson for a student, I can see wins. Instructors might be available so that what we had them do was we had them give us their, their schedule, whether that’d be class schedule, other work schedule, anytime that they’re available. That way I know specifically when each of the instructor is available and I can plan that accordingly and send the instructors student if they’re available during that time because if not, if I don’t have their schedule in front of me that it’s really hard for me to know when they’re available to teach Tulsa guitar lessons and when I’m, when I can schedule them.


So I don’t want to schedule a lesson with Olivia on Wednesdays at four 30 because she’s actually not available then. So I want to make sure that I’m able to pinpoint exactly when each instructor is available. That way I can schedule them Tulsa guitar lessons is as they need them. So it depends on what it’s for as well. So like I mentioned, we’ve got three piano instructors listed on this board and one guitar instructor plus run. So when I’m scheduling the lesson, if it’s for piano and they, I actually usually ask them when they’re available. So when the student is available, whether it’s morning or afternoon in what day of week works best for them. Normally they’ll give me a pretty specific time. 


They’ll say, Erica, I would love to take lessons at let’s say five 30 on Mondays. So I have to look at this sheet that I’ve got here and see when our students are avail or when our chapters are available, I should say.So on the  whiteboard appear, it looks like none of our instructors are actually available at five 30 for piano. However, if they want to take a guitar student with Steven, he’s available from 1:00 PM to 7:00 PM so I could schedule him for five 30. So it all just depends on the instructor schedule and when I can schedule people to take their first $1 lesson and even just Tulsa guitar lessons and rescheduling and stuff. 


So I’ve had a lot of students call recently who were sick and they say they need to reschedule their Tulsa guitar lessons. So it’s my job to take a look at their schedule and ask them what days work best and then match that up with the instructor schedule so that we can all have the same schedule and be on track and make sure that everyone has a time that works for them. So I don’t want to schedule something for Hailey when she should be at home relaxing because she never gets a night off. So wanna make sure that I’m being respectful of everyone’s time with scheduling Tulsa guitar lessons and don’t make them feel like they’re pressured to come in even when they’ve already been in and done taught, you know, 20 lessons per week. 


I want to make sure that I don’t overwhelm them and able to out the lessons based on when the instructors are available. So this is one of the ways that I do that, just through instructor availability and keeping track of this when scheduling anyone’s first $1 lesson or any lesson than to be rescheduled. And another thing that I do in regard to instructor’s time is I take everyone’s time sheets at the end of every two weeks. So we do pay every two weeks and I keep track of everyone towers and I make sure that they’re all in this system and that they get paid the correct around.


And then Ron goes through and double checks them, make sure I got all my numbers correct, did all the math right and submits the payroll. So we make sure that everyone gets the hours, it gets credit for their hours, whether it’s a driving lesson or a regular lesson, things like that change the pay. So I want to make sure we’re doing that. Plus the additional bonus that we get for attending all of our team meetings want to make sure that I keep track of everyone’s team meeting attendance to make sure that they’re getting their credit for attending or lack of credited. They don’t attend. Soon.


 It’s really important that we attend our team meetings, especially when it comes to PE, things of that nature. So it’s really big deal for me to be able to keep up with all of our instructors schedule and make sure that I’m scheduling people appropriately.That way everyone can have the number of lessons that they desire without interrupting their schedule and that I’m able to cause a bloom when they are available and not when they’re not available. So it’s really important that we have really flexible schedules so that our students feel like they can call us and rescheduled anytime that they need to. 


We want to make sure that we’re really flexible because it doesn’t quite matter as much if we’re as flexible with their instructors, but we’re going to be incredibly flexible with our students because their labs are really busy and we want to keep them as a student. So I know when I was taking lessons, sometimes in other music schools, they’re not as flexible with your hours, you have a specific time to come in. And I think Curtis music Academy, we do a really good job making sure that everyone is getting the hours that they really need and able to have a time that works for everyone involved, not just the instructor and not a student, but for everyone. So I think that’s just really important here at Curtis music Academy and it makes sure that we keep all of our students happy and satisfied and that they keep taking lessons with us.